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The Taipan

The Taipan is the plot ship for the plot The Black Vipers ran by the game master, Semjax. The ships main focus is that of a pirate and slaving ship used to do nefarious deeds across the Nullsec and Lowsec areas of space. The ship is a Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft. The ship is named after an earth based lifeform known as a Snake, well known in the past to have been the most poisonous snake on the planet.

Information on the Taipan

The Black Vipers Creed

Black Vipers are one.. Black Vipers are a Family.. Forever Loyal to only each other.. Black Vipers are One Steal from anyone else.. But not from each other.. Murder whomever you please.. Don't fight amongst yourselves.. Enslave whom you like.. Don't sell out your brother or Sister.. Punishment is dealt severely.. Death awaits those whom betray.. Black Vipers Are One..

Information on The Taipan

Here you can find some Links that will give you more information on The Taipan such as upgrades and fittings and such.

OOC Notes

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