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Rogyr "Iron Giant" Dorkley

Rogyr “Iron Giant” Dorkley is an NPC controlled by GM Semjax who appears in the The Black Vipers plot.

Rogyr “Iron Giant” Dorkley
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Organization: None
Occupation: Pirate
Rank: Captain
Current Placement:

Character Description

Rogyr is a Seven Foot large Nepleslian with black hair that is tied back into a ponytail and lengthed to the middle of his back. He has a slightly graying beard that goes around his mouth and up to connect with his sideburns and is very bushy. He is in shape and has a slightly imposing muscular figure with long legs and a buff chest and muscular arms. He has red eyes and rough skin that is a dark brown color.

Rogyr is a very stern but decently kind captain. He believes that his group is a family and that his group needs to stick to a moral code of brothers and sisters as to not betray each other. He deals punishments harshly but considers it tough love, and is hard on everyone except his daughter, much to her chagrin. Despite this he has the old Nepleslian Blood inside of him and the NSMC military training beat into him and won't hesitate to have it shown when people show disrespect to either him or Abigayl.

History and Relationship Notes

  • Was in the Star Army of Yamatai for 14 years before joining up in the Star Army of Nepleslia for two years, and finally transferring to the Nepleslian Marine Corp for 6 years making it to the rank of Major before retiring and leading a life of pirating.
  • Married his wife at the age of 19, wifes name was Jun Hosikawa, a Medic of the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • Wife Died in childbirth giving birth to his daughter, Abigayl Dorkley.
  • Abigayl joined her father on his pirating expiditions.
  • Good friends with Kyle Berkley and Jane Berkley.
  • Attained the ship The Taipan soon after retiring with Kyle and Jane, and Abigayl
  • Stole his Military Uniform from the NSMC after retiring.

Episode 00

While his daughter was down on the planet Moranth, he had noticed a distress signal that caught his interest. He engaged in a conversation of wits, and interest with whom would become the next crew member; Daman Tilak. After much discussion, the captain took the ship to the stranded Iroma's ship. Where he sent two of his men over to help Daman to his ship. Rogyr didn't hesitate in showing him around the ship in quite a jovial fashion, he was extremely respectful, and Daman was respectful back. It was the beginning of a decent partnership and as such Rogyr welcomed Daman to the ship and sent him off to get set up on the ship.

Episode 01

After everyone was set into The Taipan, Rogyr decided the first set of targets that the group should attempt to pirate, The Juniper, The Frisk, and The Barrel. All three were small cargo ships with minimal security, so he figured it would be a great chance to get the groups feet wet. So he sent his ships AI system to wake up the people in the crew quarters and gather them in the Star Chart room, and left from the bridge to go there.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Nepleslian, Lorath, and Yamataian
  • Combat: He has a ton of combat experience having served in the NSMC for 22 years and having many combat based experiences he's learned all the military based benefits of well trained and experienced Nepleslian Marine.
  • Leadership: Rogyr was an officer in the Nepleslian Military, having reached the rank of Major in the NSMC before retiring he had his share of leadership experience mastering the art of it through experience.
  • Starship Operations: Rogyr has enough skill to successfully do the job of any station on a ship involving piloting and navigating, having trained and experienced each one.
  • Survival and Military: Once more, through his years of service in the NSMC he has learned everything that any typical marine would learn and has mastered it through experience.
  • Fighting and Physical: Rogyr has learned to fight and harness physical capabilities of a well trained, experienced, and consistently healthy Marine that kept up training throughout the years.
  • Strategy (Tactics & Discipline): Rogyr spent 22 years learning the in and outs of strategy and military disciplines. He has learned and experienced so much in 22 years that he could be considered a well known Strategist.
  • Technology Operations: Years of service and experience and learning has made him very savvy with the electronics of the ship able to operate any station involving them.


Weaponry & Survival


  • 10 Pairs of Pants
  • 10 Shirts of varying colors
  • 10 Pair of Boots
  • 1 Black Trenchcoat
  • 10 Pairs of Underwear
  • 10 Pairs of Socks
  • 5 Undershirts
    • 1 Rank Patch - Major
    • 2 Green Tunics with Brown Shoulders
    • 1 Nameplate
    • 2 Green Beret with Patch
    • 1 NSMC Patch
    • 1 Pistol Belt
    • 2 pairs of Gloves

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