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YE 30 NSMC Standard Uniform

The YE 30 Standard Marine uniform is the uniform used by the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps.

Uniform Guide

The mean green uniforms of the Marines didn't change much from their YE 28 predecessors. The material and certain parts of the uniform were thickened for lasting wear, but the original design was kept for two reasons. One, was that most officials felt that a new design was not needed, and two, that the uniform stand as long and undying testament to the sacrifices of the men and women to make Nepleslia grow.

Full Body Examples


Enlisted soldiers wear a green beret with a brown leather base, made to fit all sizes. Berets are used to tell which fleet marines belong to, which can be seen from the small red patch on the beret.

Upper Body

Pull Over

A green pullover, made for male and female bodyshapes. Pullovers will carry the most identification a marine will need. Note the pointed cut of the hem, which is derived from the Traditional Flak Vest.

Rank Bars

A statement of a marines rank in the Corps, rank bars must be present on a marine's uniform at all times. For a list of ranks, look here.

Name Plate

Personal identification of a marines last name, must be worn at all times when in full uniform. Names will appear in large, bold, capital letters on the plate.

Military Insignia

The emblem of the NMSC is sewn in on all green pullovers since mid-YE 33. It consists of a circle with the Nepleslian flag colors and a gold-lined black star centered on it. (Previously, this was a green circle with a white border and a black star. The older version is still seen on many uniforms).

Photo of the NSMC patch

Ship Patch

This insignia represents a soldier's current starship; they are sewn on by the marines themselves.


Secures the pullover and a marines pants, disciplinary use is approved. Comes in black or dark brown and should match the boots and gloves.

Lower Body

Cargo Pants

Khaki cargos, made of thick material and made to sizes to fit the fattest Nepleslian marine (which is not a large range.)

Knee-high Boots

Steel-toed Boots, made to custom fit any Nepleslian marine. These come in brown (occasionally black on very old uniforms) and should match the belt and gloves.


Certain occupations wear an armband on their green tunic.


Marine (and Navy) medics and doctors wear a white armband with a red cross on their left arm.

Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 5th


Tech sentries, engineers and other members of the engineering corps are authorized to wear a steel gray armband with the black outline of a gear containing a green background and a crossed wrench and screwdriver. First used in YE 36.

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