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Star Army of Nepleslia Uniform (YE 28)

Designed in YE 28, the uniform worn by members of the Star Army of Nepleslia is a simple green pull-over shirt or sweater (depending on the environment) with shoulder-pads, based on the traditional green flak jackets worn by the Army of Uesureya and the Star Army of Yamatai. The shoulder-pads have rank bars attached to them, and the sleeves have the Nepleslian Star Army logo (shown below) on the right sleeve and optionally, unit patch on the right sleeve. Each shirt also has a name-tag on it, like the traditional flak jackets did. The uniform is worn with a utility, duty, or pistol belt and a pistol, as well as a green beret with a flash on it and khaki cargo pants.



In the wake of its cry for independence, the officials of Nepleslia were quick to form their military, and a uniform to symbolize the strong people of that military. Utilizing a green color, the unique implementation of a beret, and a simple style allowed the Nepleslian 28-Standard to achieve its goal of giving the standing people of Nepleslia an army of symbolic heroes, the Marines. During its two year growth-spurt, the Nepleslian Empire used this uniform in every service concerning its military.

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