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Datajack Siη0η Zero Nine 09-0841-1253

Datajack Siη0η Zero Nine 09-0841-1253 was a player character played by FrostJaeger.

Datajack Siη0η Zero Nine 09-0841-1253
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Freespacer, Type 3 Height: 5'3“ (1.61 m)
Gender: Female Weight: 97 lbs. (44 kg)
Age: 141) Complexion: NEET White (FBE6D0)
Date of birth: February YE 24 Measurements: 32A-24-32 80A-61-81
Organization: Black Vipers LogoThe Black Vipers Hair color: Virtual Teal (5AECE8)
Rank: Intern Hair type: Short, Layered
Occupation: Hacker Eye color: Virtual Teal (5AECE8)
Current Placement: The Taipan Pilot Ranking: AA2)
Username: =ΩSiη0ηΩ= Theme: Database

Physical Characteristics

Siη0η, while slightly dainty when compared to other Type Threes (at 155 centimeters and 37 kilos), has a moderately-slender frame whose features, pale-white in hue (due to abnormally low amounts of sun exposure), though seemingly delicate, more then compensate in terms of quantity (and quality); her partially-rounded eyes (Eurasian in origin, similar to the rest of the Freespacer's looks) are a quiet, serene shade of teal, thereby complementing her subdued and cool-headed persona - outside of combat, that is…

Siη0η's hair, unusually enough, is a tranquil shade of teal (the same, in fact, as her eyes) that is kept (relatively) short; it's layered and somewhat unkempt, giving her a rather tomboyish mien. Her ears are normal in terms of size and sensitivity; lastly, this Freespacer's virtual avatar is - for reasons unknown - an exact replica of her physical appearance…


  • Left Arm/Shoulder: Completely cybernetic; constructed out of durandium. Grants no enhancement to strength. Uncovered; colored dark grey.
  • Internal Organs: Siη0η's heart, lungs, digestive system, and rib cage have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents due to injuries sustained during the notorious Freespacer Genocide; in addition, she's been implanted with a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.
  • Eyes: Both are cybernetic; features variable zoom (up to 15x), infra-red/ultraviolet vision modes, and numerous software packages. Irises glow when active and thus are easily noticeable in low-light conditions.
  • Neural Interface Port: Located behind left ear; grants high-volume data transfer capabilities to Siη0η's Mind-Machine Interface.

Psychological Characteristics


Shy and highly anti-social, Datajack Siη0η 09-0841-1253 is a young, withdrawn Type Three intimately familiar with the realm of technology - for it is in the comforting electronic embrace of the digital realm that she is able to flee from the harsh, cruel truths of reality. Wildy energetic and - more disturbingly - wildly violent in the land of the code yet clumsy and scared in the land of the living, Siη0η is the exemplification of the NEET: a spirited, indefatigable master of the virtual world - and a frail, vulnerable amateur in the real world.

Siη0η's technophilia and (seemingly) split on-and-offline personalities, though, are mere echoes of the hellish events that have claimed the lives of everyone she's ever loved and shattered her soul forever.

Events that, as the lines between the digital and the material blur, will come to haunt Siη0η as she plays the most challenging game of her life.

The game of running from the one thing that terrifies her more then anything else: waking up - even though she knows that sooner or later, all good things, including dreams, must end, lest they become nightmares…

Preferences and Goals

  • Likes: Cyberspace, infiltrating information networks, firearms, music (techno), fighting, trolling others, programming, lollipops
  • Dislikes: "Airheads", socializing, physical exertion, sleeping, “noobs,” boredom, wearing pants
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Goals: Erasing the Yamatai Star Empire from existence; becoming the top combatant of the Aggrodome



  • Crew of the Aquarius Corsair (Deceased)3)


The ballad of the…colorful lass that would be known later on as Datajack Siη0η Zero Nine 09-0841-1253 began, like most others, in a relatively ordinary fashion; for Siη0η (at this point known only as “Zero Nine,” short for 09-0841-1253), this was in the form of “birth” in YE 24 from one of the multitudes of cloning vats present within the bowels of the mothership Aquarius Corsair. Immediately afterwards, of course, the infantile Zero was transferred to an incubation vat; a few months later, the still-infantile Freespacer was implanted with the cybernetics common to all of her kin - an event that, while routine at the time, would have drastic repercussions in the years to come.

Movin’ onwards, the next two years for this Type Three were, as one can imagine at this early stage, still comfortably within the boundaries of typical, consisting of nothing more than the most basic of hypnopaediac programming; aye, it wasn't until two of said time-units had sailed on by - for it was then that the now-young (about 7 years, physically) child called Zero Nine rose from her drug-induced slumber (in YE 26)… and here's where the tale of this lass branches off from the majority of her kin, for she (unlike, say, a Type Two) didn't undergo any further hypnopaedia. Nay……instead, she received the blessing (or, depending on who ye ask, curse) of having to learn such things via experiencing them firsthand.

Fortunately, the spirit of Zero Nine wasn't sated by merely surviving the many, many challenges thrown at her while amidst the waters of the astral sea; nay, the only thing capable of satisfying the wild soul of that lass was the act of surpassing such challenges - the act of thriving - although socialization was (Maker knows why, considering her talents elsewhere) an extremely difficult concept for Zero Nine to grasp…but, anyhoo, enough o’ that.

Regardless of her peculiar awkwardness when interacting with others - a difficulty, curiously enough, that was non-existent for the Type Three when immersed within the Polysentience - Zero, now a budding adolescent at five years, soon found herself thrust upon society (in YE 29) with her joining the crew of the Corsair as a hacker, or datajack. As ye may guess, she excelled in such a field; her prior experience within the realms of cyberspace (especially that spent within the electronic battlefields of the Aggrodome) aiding her immensely; by the time of YE 30, the now teenaged, 6-year-old Zero – now honored with the designation Datajack Akira Zero Nine 09-0841-1253 – couldn’t have been happier: surrounded by friends and family with the job of her dreams, everything seemed perfect.

Perfect, that is, until the Yamatai Star Empire entered this Freespacer’s life in the final days of YE 30 via a certain Star Army of Yamatai fleet’s entrance into the Halna System.

With the recent takeover of the Black Moon’s criminal underground by the Guild of Cyberempathy, the Aquarius Corsair, along with its accompanying tenders, had docked at the aforementioned moon for the purposes of providing support – and thus were present for the senseless and abominable events that occurred afterwards.

Akira, for better or worse, was one of the few off-ship (dragged along on a dare by two very close friends, Aggrodome rivals and fellow Type Threes, Gearhead Hex Eight Four 84-7380-7859 and Puppetmaster Quicksilver One Zero 10-8792-1242, to the Ye Olde Den) when the attacks began; as was the case with many others, the former – out of curiosity – had, between sips of Nepleslian whiskey, tapped into one of the moon’s numerous external sensor feeds in order to observe the newcomers.

Mere words would be insufficient to describe the sheer amount of horror that ravaged through the Freespacer’s young, innocent spirit as she watched the Yamataian’s cold, uncaring aether beams vaporize the Aquarius Corsair - along with her friends. Her family. Her home.

Dumbstruck at what had occurred, Zero didn’t exactly have long to grieve - as only a few seconds separated the invader’s opening salvo and the next phase of their heinous scheme: the broadcasting of a chilling message (“The Halna System has been temporarily placed under military control. Any ship that attempts to leave this system will be destroyed.”)4), accompanied by legions upon legions of power-armor-clad enforcers.

Like the majority of their kin, Akira, Hex, and Quicksilver fled for their lives, seeking shelter within the labyrinths of the moon’s ancient mining shafts - only to run headlong into a SAoY squad that immediately attacked the trio, despite the earlier message’s claims to the contrary.

Unlike the majority of their kin, however, Akira and Hex survived, at the cost of Quicksilver’s life – for the Puppetmaster (never one to be caught without at least a few of her mechanical minions) sacrificed herself by distracting the armored figures, thus granting her friends (who’d most likely have been considered her lovers in other cultures) another chance at survival. Yet again too preoccupied to spare the time necessary to mourn the passing of their life-long compatriot, the two surviving Freespacers continued onward, deeper into the abyss and miraculously unhindered - unhindered until, as the pair made a break for the last remaining airlock between them and the perilous-yet-enticing refuge of the Pits, a certain sky blue-haired officer of the Imperial Army cruelly fired a snap-shot off at the duo (whom, mind ye, were obviously both unarmed and running for their very lives) with a weapon intended for use against starships: the dreaded Aether Beam-Saber Rifle.

Hex, fortunately, was “relatively” unharmed – only missing most of his right arm - but, aye…Akira wasn’t nearly as lucky – for that short blast had melted away almost the entirety of her body’s upper-left side; thankfully, the shock of those injuries was enough to knock the poor, poor lassie known as Datajack Akira Zero Nine 09-0841-1253 unconscious.

Staggering and barely conscious from pain, One Zero (carrying the injured form of his only remaining lover) navigated his way through the complex of tunnels and excavated areas surrounding the collapsed Zeta Shaft, finally stopping (having ventured far into uncharted regions) once he’d found the one thing that could keep his precious, precious Akira alive: a long-forgotten, barely-functional storage room. It wasn’t the room itself, of course, that could sustain the unconscious lass; nay, it was what the room contained: a battered, ancient stasis tube, which although unable to heal could most certainly stabilize.

With his breaths increasingly ragged thanks to a combination of shock, exhaustion, and infection, Hex One Zero patched up the stasis tube as best he could and tenderly placed his friend, rival, and lover into the aforementioned tube; with his thoughts increasingly clouded, he welded the door’s entrance shut in an attempt to ward off any marauding looters or enforcers; with his final breath, he leaned up against the side of the stasis tube, and closed his eyes, truly content – for he, Gearhead Hex Eight Four 84-7380-7859, had finally saved the one individual that he truly cared about.

I hear ye, I hear ye…time t’ get back on-topic. Let’s see…ah, aye…it was for seven long years that the lass slumbered, frozen in the depths of the void as the rest of the cosmos moved on without her. Only in the middle months of YE 37 was Zero Nine discovered; her would-be rescuers (really, just a group of semi-educated Reds) had been tracing a faint power tap that led to a stasis tube - which, by some whim of the Maker, happened to contain the badly-wounded (yet still-surviving) form of a ’Spacer. Feeling a moment of kinship with a fellow Neko-hater, the Reds (aided by a bit of heavy-lift machinery) relocated the unit to the closest equivalent of a hospital the Black Moon had; after a month or so of reconstructive surgery and cyberneticization plus another month spent recuperating from said procedures, Zero Nine had made a full recovery from that single, atrocious day…but ye couldn’t say the same about the lassie’s mental state.

When confronted with unimaginable trauma – the kind that shatters ye soul – people react in different ways.Some choose to bottle up their emotions.Some merely take up the bottle itself. Others act differently. And then, there are those that simply shut themselves down. Those like Zero Nine.

Zero, see, hadn’t spent the last seven years doing anything during her stay within the void. Though the stay had only felt like a brief, seven-minute rest for the still-young Type Three, the lass had dreamed during those seven minutes of a nemesis that, no matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she fought, was always a step faster. Stronger. Smarter. Better. When ye combine this with the fact that dreams can compress a lifetime into a second…well, it becomes obvious why the Freespacer’s first words upon waking were screams – and why Zero changed her name from Akira to her online name, Siη0η.

Now known as Datajack Siη0η Zero Nine 09-0841-1253, the lass, attempting to re-integrate into society, joined up with the mothership Sagittarius Inferno, again as a datajack – though it wasn’t long before the rumors began. The rumors of how Zero (now insanely anti-social, to the point of isolating herself within the Polysentience – specifically, within the PvP Aggrodome – for weeks on end) wasn’t an actual survivor of the Genocide, but instead a Yammie spy. The rumors that were only spread further by Siη0η’s lack of denial, due to her shy and terse personality. The rumors that followed her from the Sagittarius Inferno to another mothership, the Sigma’s Revenge. The rumors that ultimately led to the lass abandoning the closest thing to family she’d ever had since waking up.

Heartbroken upon watching the destruction of her home, distraught over the death of her friends, and dejected at being wrongfully associated with the very ones she had sworn to destroy, Siη0η spent most of YE 37 wandering from transport to transport, from ship to ship; finally, her spirits (and cash reserves) at rock-bottom, the Freespacer set foot on Morant



Siη0η is fluent with the oral and written forms of Trade; additionally, she's familiar with basic radio operation and procedure.

Starship Operation

A product of spending the entirety of her childhood (and the vast majority of her adolescence) aboard a Mothership, Siη0η has gained a wealth of hands-on experience in managing a starship - as demonstrated by her proficiency with basic tasks such as navigation, astrometrics, and stellar cartography. She can even, if need be, function as a pilot - although the results of this would most likely include a fair amount of structural damage…


Like virtually every other Freespacer, Siη0η was implanted with Mindware at birth, thus granting her access to a plethora of related abilities, among them Polysentience access, a modest amount of digital storage, a drastically improved learning capacity, and - most importantly of all - the means to connect with (and hack into) almost any form of technology, regardless of type or origin.

Technology Operation

Siη0η, to put it extremely mildly, is a savant with computer systems - light-years ahead of the expert level in terms of competency - thanks to having studied under the tutelage of some of the finest hackers in existence, which, when combined with the several hundred hours she's spent honing her technique in the Dome, has culminated in a hacker with horrifically advanced skills - as illustrated by the disturbing ease at which she can hack practically any electronic network she encounters…even while engaged in combat.

Over the course of acquiring this skill-set, Siη0η has also become quite proficient in programming, particularly with the (relatively new) LA+ language - though her expertise in this area, while advanced, has yet to reach the level of mastery she's obtained in the art of electronic warfare.


Partially due to the necessity of analyzing vast quantities of data and partially due to the necessity of calculating rapidly-changing values such as DPS and hit percentages, Siη0η is knowledgeable of basic mathematical concepts such as algebra and trigonometry.


Countless hours of battle in the insanely competitive arenas of the PVP Aggrodome have trained Siη0η quite effectively in the ways of killing, as shown by her proficiency - and impressive marksmanship - with a wide array of small arms, in addition to a few basic hand-to-hand techniques. Although lacking in raw strength and stamina, thousands of rounds against practically every kind of opponent imaginable (and then some) have produced a Freespacer with absurd amounts of speed hidden away in her small, wiry frame and even-quicker reflexes - however these alone aren't what have enabled her survival against far superior opponents. Rather, it's the mind-boggling amounts of determination she has - for Siη0η knows that slaying the monsters who killed her family will take a long, long time…

As a side note, Siη0η (despite all of the above)has little to no knowledge of weapon maintenance - for in the land of the code, no such thing exists…

Vehicles (Mecha)

Another byproduct of her countless hours of battle in the insanely competitive arenas of the PVP Aggrodome, piloting mechanized vehicles is a skill of Siη0η's that over time has become highly pronounced; in addition, though it takes quite a bit of time to adjust to the variance between the digital and the real, Siη0η's talents in this area aren't something to underestimate, for her high-mobility, hit-and-run style (honed after gargantuan amounts of trial-and-error) is something that catches many by surprise - especially given that she typically combines said tactics with hacking attempts…

OOC Discussion

This character was originally created on 2015/10/11 17:05 by FrostJaeger and is not up for adoption or usage as a NPC.

Character Data
Character NameDatajack Siη0η Zero Nine 09-0841-1253
Character OwnerFrostJaeger
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Actual age/physical age: 7/17
Various ages at time of death in YE 30
Source; retrieved on 27 Nov 2015 at 12:58pm EST

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