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Akemi's Stations

Koga Akemi's ports are Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport known for entertainment, their great food, and pleasurable atmospheres. They are home to several different Nations' businesses other than Akemi's own, which is a burger joint and brothel named Akemi's. Akemi also has a family friendly burger place to eat at named Koga's Palace and these are located on his stations as well. These stations were built in late YE 39 throughout the Kikyo Sector.

More about Akemi's Stations

The space ports bought by Akemi here from Geshrinari Shipyards in YE 39 were bought alongside a number of ships and items, but the space ports were what Koga Akemi especially wanted. A place for his restaurants, his band, KOgama, to play, and for all of his friends to hang out and enjoy themselves.1)

Akemi's Stations' History

After Akemi bought the ports, he messaged Emrys Industries and other contacts to see what he could do to make the ports top-notch.

AwesomeCorp was a great choice to handle the interior design as their AttraDes or The Department of Attractive Design.

In a communication, To: Emrys Industries From: Koga Akemi, Akemi bought several hundred tactical suits, pistols, environ suits, jumpsuits, robots, sunglasses, and more equipment.

Ragnarok established that they would help guard Akemi's for monetary compensation at a meeting with Cyrus Marshal at an Akemi's.

Akemi asked Aashi, an Iromakuanhe,in person before sending a message to ask her contacts in the Iromakuanhe system to protect his ports, set up their businesses in his ports, sell their food and products from the Commonwealth, and enjoy his creations.

These forces all protect the ports alongside a small group of ships and star fighters Akemi owns.

Akemi also spoke to Trinary Star Shipping and worked out a great deal with them to get deliveries to his ports, one of which, the one in deep Westerly space, Tomodachi, will get shipments of starship equipment and materials in order to be what Akemi considers a full service station.

Akemi has been armed with ships and guns after a letter, To: Zen Armaments From; Koga Akemi, was sent to Zen Armaments.


Below are the locations of the three space ports.

Sanran 産卵

A bit East of the space between Null and Void and Gold Coast in independent space. Two deluxe Douryo Androids care for this port that look like two red heads of near twin status, though one has straight red hair, Sadra, and the other's hair is curly, named Sasha. Both have emerald eyes and are very stern and terse! They are protected by a EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" named Clark.

Because the Lorath left this universe, it is named after egg-laying.

Tengoku 天国

This one is near the ominous green nebula between some of the Nepleslian worlds and systems that are in the ex-Lorath territory, but not in DIoN space, though DIoN loves Akemi. Gaelan Sanders, the Premier of Nepleslia, got a pre-release of Akemi's most recent KOgama single to give to a friend of his family just the other day. Two deluxe Douryo Androids care for this station and are identical chalk-white haired, turquoise-eyed and sienna-skinned named Lei and Lea that are helpful! They are protected by a EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" named Lenny.

Its name means heaven or sky as it is very high North, under Iruotl.

Nigiyaka 賑やか

Near the UX-4. The first to be built.

Its name means bustling, busy, or crowded as Akemi expects this to be a very popular location. Two deluxe Douryo Androids, named Oppi and Alli, care for this port and chalk-white skinned and blue haired matching women with pixie cuts and are very excitable, happy androids. They are protected by a EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" named Helen (masculine version of the name).

Tomodachi 友達

More than hundreds of LY from Yamatai. This station is not built yet. It will not have the full amenities of the other ports because of its distance from Yamatai, though Trinary Shipping will make once monthly trips to deploy supplies for the far-flung port. It also is shipping the initial shipment of goods to the port after Geshrinari Shipyards delivers the Amatsu station. This station will also get a larger shipment and only once every month. It will include starship parts, materials, metals, alloys, polymers, and the like to repair and service ships quite easily at one of the twelve docking bays.

This space port literally means friend or pal, which Akemi hopes to make a lot of out in the Deep West.


There are many budding facilities on the ports, though the Tomodachi port will have significantly less Kikyo Sector businesses.


Below are the different recreational facilities on the spaceports.




The kiosks range are mostly Iromakuanhe ones..

Misc Facilities

Here are some of the miscellaneous facilities:

Functional Facilties

There are functional facilities such as:

  • Hospital 6)


Ragnarok provides a two hundred person supply of people and supplies to protect all of the stations internally. This includes boarding actions, rowdy behavior, fighting, murder, and etcetera.

Between the three stations, this is the small group of ships that provide space support for the port: 20 Ge-V1-1a - Hoshou Fighter. It will grow with time.

Akemi is also getting a trickling of Saiga Psychogenetics Model 31 Ō-yoroi, “Hatamoto” from Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories for defense; he gets two Saiga Psychogenetics Model 31 Ō-yoroi, “Hatamoto” a month from them through their communication, To: Saiga Psychogenetics From: Koga Akemi.

Akemi asked for 410 Civilian Erla VANDR and 400 Iromakuanhe to pilot them for more space defense. He is calling the Iromakuanhe that work as defense throughout the sector for him a bunch of nicknames to see what will stick.

They can be found below:

There are 100 Terrene Assault Transport that were bought from Zen Armaments.


Between the three stations, this is the small group of ships that transport people:

Akemi himself makes the day to day decision of who he would like to be escorted in one of his pleasure crafts from their locale to any of his Kikyo Sector locations. This is because he likes to have the VIP dock at specific docks 7) so that he may take them directly to the upper hotel pylons 8) or to the ring's decks 45-50 which are he places all of his favorite businesses, or to the top of the core which is an enormous water, amusement, or other sort of park dedicated to enjoyment depending on the location.

The Amatsu itself has tram tracks and sliding walkways as well as the ability to take a shuttle from one dock to another if speed is absolutely necessary.

Akemi has set up a deal with Trinary Star Shipping to bring his necessary initial installation and then monthly or bi-monthly shipments of varying cargo to his locations. Currently the Western port Tomodachi receives materials for building and starship equipment from the Kikyo Sector to the area in order for this space port to be able to be a ship repair and servicing facility as well as being a veritable pleasure dome.

The restauranteur, entrepreneur, and pop star will provide free transport to his Westerly Tomodachi location once a month to the port and tri-monthly from it via a space yacht.

Equipment and Vehicles

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Akemi when at a port will always want to make new VIP and non-VIP friends and will always want to meet those coming through the station. Please contact Ametheliana to have a good time with Akemi at a space port.
That serve typical Nepleslian, Yamataian, and Iromakuanhe drink
Soda bars located throughout many main hallways that are alcoved into the wall
Mobile vendors with frozen treat push carts as well as walk in and sit down stores
Franchise locations
This comes standard w/ Amatsu
of which there are twelve
see Amatsu wiki for more information on schematics
through RP
10) , 12)
Note: Black with red accents
Akemi carries this with him

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