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EM-G8 Gravity Boot

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-G8-1a Gravity boot allows walking on any surface zero-gravity safer, it became available in YE 33.

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-G6-1a Type: EVA Boot Class: Protection Organizations using this product: Emrys Industries, Available for purchase Price: 350 KS Grav Boots

About the EM-G8

The EM-G8 is designed to allow the wearer to walk on any surface in a zero gravity environment. Unlike magnetic boots which require a ferrous substance to cling to; the EM-G8 uses gravity. The EM-G8 generates a low strength focused gravity field from the three emitters in the soles. These create a .25g field that reaches out to 1cm, at 2cm the field is .06g. The field causes the boot to cling to the closest surface. They are powered by a pair of power cells in the sides of each boot, or an external connection.

The gravity emitters automatically cut off in the presence of gravity. A tiny laser range detector keeps the emitters off until within effective range.

The EM-G8 can operate for 30 minutes continuously on just the batteries. When connected to a suit such as the EM-G7 Emrys Environ suit the boots can operate as long as the power supply is active. There is an led display which shows the power status on each boot.

The EM-G8 can be worn over regular Socks, or over the footing of an EM-G7, or EM-G1. The user must not be wearing shoes when putting on the EM-G8.

The upper portion of the boot splits open down the middle to the side to allow the foot to be inserted and withdrawn.

Available in white, black, and blue

Available in general sizes, gel lined for padding and thermal protection.

Using the EM-G8

To put on the boot, insert foot, press the upper halvse together, secure with latch. Once latched the boot is active. To remove reverse the process.

To adjust, move slider from the middle to expand or contract the gel, lock in position.

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