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Meissa Nashira

Meissa Nashira is a player character played by META_mahn.

Meissa Aevus Nashira
Species & Gender: Elysian (Caelisolan) Female
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Special Operations Fire Team 501
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō

Physical Description

Standing in at 5’8”, 92 pounds, short disheveled hair, unkempt owl wings, and perpetually bored, slightly tanned face and light brown eyes, Meissa isn’t much to look at. With a single red hairclip holding her hair from flopping all the way down into her eyes, loose dark T-Shirt and pants, she barely looks like she belongs in the Star Army. If it wasn’t for the badge she wears, and her rugged combat boots, she wouldn’t even look anywhere near qualified to be even a footman, or, at the least, some military punk.

Beneath the uniform, however, Meissa tells a different story. Her physical form, although slim, is quite a lean figure on inspection. Her health is in exceptional state, due to the bitter herbal tea she drinks at almost every meal. In every physical evaluation, she has proven herself to be far above the average. Her voice loves to vary in between tones.

She prefers not to have any body modifications, except for an implant at her wrist that is basically a smartwatch, except it’s also her door key, wallet, everything.

The bra size she wears is 34B. However, her real bra size is somewhere between 32B and 32C, leaning towards the larger end. She always wears sports bras.

Her BWH is: 33-28-34

She can fly for upwards to an hour due to both the natural features of her slightly more developed wings, as well as her physical training granting her the endurance and strength to fly. It is, however, quite exhausting for her.


[Please refer to "Training With Ghost" for a much more expanded backstory and personality, things I couldn't exactly say here or in the history section.]

Quote from Meissa Nashira
“Hi. I’m Meissa. Yes, you heard that right. Not Melissa like how every other idiot thinks my name is. Mei-ssa. Extra emphasis on the missing L.”

On the surface, Meissa seems about the same as how she looks. Sassy, cynical, hot-headed bundle of emotion at times, somewhat disorganized mess, Meissa seems so out of place compared to the other recruits alongside of her. However, she does have a few merits that show. For one, she has a surprising attention to detail when maintaining her equipment and her workout routine. As is common with Elysians and their art, Meissa also has her form of artistic expression in the form of her Martial Art, Pankration. Frequently during downtime, she can be spotted practicing Pankration in the gym.

Quote from Meissa Nashira
“If I challenge you to a duel of wits and I punch you, if you didn’t expect it coming, I won.”

What may be considered “dirty tactics” to many are off-limits to Meissa. To her, winning the fight is more important than senses of honor. She follows the same idea many practitioners of her art do, but to the highest degree possible. She sees combat as her special form of artistic expression, albeit slightly sadistic. As a result, she relishes in fighting, be it either a fair fight, or a total curbstomp. Either way, she gets to practice her “art.”

She likes ice cream.


Meissa Nashira was born in YE 16.

Quote from Meissa Nashira
“I’m from a long line of legendary warriors! No, just kidding. We’re not legendary.”

Born in at the eve of the Third Elysian War to a long line of Elysian pugilists and immigrants to Yamatai, dating all the way back before the first Yamatai War, Meissa has always felt a natural tendency for fighting. As a young hatchling she practiced Pankration and sharpened her fighting style with her father, eventually surpassing his skill, although he was getting old by then. Her family, identifying more as Yamatai than Elysian and relatively annoyed by the Elysian treatment of Plebians, chose inaction in the war. As such, they saved themselves from being branded as defectors from Elysia, and as a result, were able to advance to Caelisolans when the time came.

She joined the military at the age of 19, and proved herself quite quickly, if only held back because of her attitude. She was deployed onboard the YSS Kaiyō as a demolitions technician.

Over the course of a few missions, Meissa quickly rose in rank, going up one rank each mission she was on. When the Kaiyo's infantry was confronted with a L'Kor Battleship, Meissa was the one to take command when Mitsuko went down. This was her first experience with tactics.

When the Mishhuvurthyar attacked the Kaiyo and Eden was infested by a Ghost Mishhu, going down because of that, Meissa took command of the Infantry, securing them a victory in the power armor bay against swarms of Parasites, some NMX Reapers and unarmored NMX, and a single Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar, although that was largely the Princess Aiko's doing. On this mission she earned her Red Tessen and Joto Hei rank.

She became what was informally the Infantry's on-field commander, managing battle tactics and formations. This proved useful against the IYS Kaiyo's boarding team when she utilized the removal of inertial dampeners during an engine overdrive to earn the Infantry an edge against their foe, and became the trusted commander when Eden went down to a trap by the IYS Eden and Saki.

Training With Ghosts (Expanded Backstory)


Social Connections

Meissa Nashira is connected to:

Skills Learned


Part of basic training by the Star Army. In her Special Forces training she also learned basic cryptography. Languages: Yamataigo, Seraphim, Trade

Fighting (Martial Arts and Weapons)

Trained from a young age by her father in Pankration, Meissa has since become a great fighter. Although she, with some annoyance, uses her skills in the Star Army, she is quite a capable agent nevertheless. Coupled with the Star Army gun proficiency, she displays an ability to handle guns very well.

Technology Operations

Part of her Special Forces training, she has learned a smidge more than her normal Star Army peers.


She mostly homeschooled for most of her mathematics. In her spare time after joining the Star Army, however, she began to learn the higher mathematics.


A welcome side effect from her training in Pankration, she is capable of many above-average feats of physical prowess. Cheats a lot using wings. She feels the most comfortable in closed hallways, where with her physical prowess, she can turn the walls into flanking routes.


Part of her Special Forces training. The part where it looked like she actually paid attention in.


Something her father saw suit to add in her training. While being able to do typical rogue things (break open locks, sneak quietly, violently stab someone in the back, giggle over their death-wait what?) she has also learned the art of using her owl wings to their full advantage and fly silently.


Meissa managed to pick this skill up on the job. Over the course of her job, she had been in three situations where the responsibility of command fell to her as their commanders were downed in the field. After joining SOFT, and many rigorous tactical excercises in her own spare time, she managed to polish up her leadership skills.


Inventory & Finance

Meissa Nashira has the following items:

12050 KS

4/16 YE 38 Paycheck - 12,050 KS

Power Armor

Found here for space saving reasons.

Note to self: Once the sword JP finishes change all left waists to Zesuaium Xiphos.

OOC Information

In the case META_mahn becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameMeissa Nashira
Character OwnerMETA_mahn
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankJôtô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry

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