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Ken Levine

Ken is a very well-to-do and fun-loving Yamataian pilot, serving in the Star Army of Yamatai. Ken is a very fun and thoughtful Player Character played by 5tar. His orders thread can be found here.

Ken Noh Levine
Levine, Ken
Species Yamataian
Gender Male
Age Twenty-four
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank: Nitô Hei
Occupation Star Army Pilot
Current Placement 21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds
Weight: 170 lbs, or 76.5 kg
Height: 5’ 11”, or 180.34 cm

Theme Song: "The Sun - Maroon 5"

Physical Description

Ken is tall with a slim but not lithe build, with a warm skin tone. He has a trim, sculpted physique with little fat or excessive muscle bulges that does not give him as much girth as others who have had as much physical training as he has but fits well with his frame. He is nicely proportioned with large hands and feet and strong calves and ankles. Ken has a strong neck that extends into distinct and handsome facial features. He has an oval face with a pretty much permanent five-o-clock shadow which he keeps trimmed up, with an angular chin and jaw and strong but not overly prominent cheekbones. He has expressive blue eyes and low eyebrows that curve upwards a bit when he smiles with a playful boyish smile. Ken's hair is dark chocolate brown and cut short into a fauxhawk style. Even Ken's hair compliments his boyish nature, as the longer hair that forms a point sways to the side slightly in an unruly, almost romantic way, instead of standing straight up.

Psychological Characteristics

Ken's takes his experiences and surroundings into himself. He can have extreme compassion and feel the pain of others. If something is wrong in the world that affects him, it affects him deeply, he takes it to heart and will feel extreme feelings regarding the matter. When he is happy, he is extremely happy and when he is sad, he is extremely depressed.

Ken grew up trusting his gut feelings finding out that most times out of most they usually correct. Ken's downfall is his sensitivity and his inability to reject another person. He really does not like rejection and will try to treat others the way he wants to be treated. So rarely will he say no to a person for fear of hurting their feelings. He will help another person with their problems and like to do so because making others feel good in turn makes him feel good. However because of his personality Ken's kind of his own self-undoing. Ken's inner conflicts usually comes with his extremes of temperament and conflicting emotions and his non-nonchalant ways trying to calm everything down.

The kind of women Ken's been found with are the ones who stir his emotions. He has such an unrealistic ideal of romance that he ends up falling out of love when he realizes that his partner can't meet his own needs or join him in a engulfing romance. When things become real, is when Ken starts to slip away. Which makes Ken into a bit of a lover boy, always in a romance as he searches for someone to match his zest for life. This man lives in the world of dreams and he needs a woman to keep him grounded. He always seems to chose the wrong woman, or a woman he can't have. He needs a woman who can guide him, but very subtly.


Imaginative, sensitive, adventitious, compassionate, kind, selfless, intuitive, sympathetic, adaptable, accepting, devoted, hardworking and always full of new things to do.


Escapist, idealistic, can be secretive, vague, somewhat weak-willed, self-pitying and from time to time lazy.

Behaviorial Quirks

  • Usually not seen without a ear-bud in his ear, Ken loves music.
  • If he doesn't have anything to listen to Ken will spontaneously start making music with what's around him, or start singing.
  • Is ambidextrous. However; he writes and draws with his left hand but prefers his right hand for most of other activities.

Likes and Dislikes


All music, guitars, singing, mysteries, anything discarded to stay discarded, getting lost in new places, women, adventure, sunsets over a planet's surface, waterfalls, poetry, people, inspirational quotes, candles, incense, freedom to drift along from moment to moment, his own uninterrupted personal privacy and foods of all kinds, but mostly a meaty Nepleslian stew or a hearty home cooked meal.


Bright, noisy, crowded, popular places. Dirty, ugly, garish objects. Being criticized, know-it-alls.


  • Get vengeance on the NMX
  • Make enough money to have a nice living after the war
  • See the end of the NMX attacks
    • Retire
      • Set up a farm somewhere peaceful
        • Get married, have some kids




Ken was born on a cold Yamataian day in YE 09 to his Human mother and Nepleslian father on Yamatai. His father was an ex-soldier and ex-pilot from before the days of the Nepleslian Star Empire. His father retired very young to the peaceful Yamataian homeworld, where he met his mother, a daughter to a semi-famous Noh performance couple. The two had Ken and were soon married. At first they tried to find regular work, but it was rough times for the couple as they tried to make their way in the world at first, like anyone really. During these years Ken was a normal kid growing up in the Yamataian countryside. His grandparents cultivated a healthy love for music in the child, and his father a love for planes. When Ken was little he would stay up until he got a bedtime story from his father about a fictional pilot Ken's father made up who would always fly in to save the day. Ken was a sweet kid, sometimes too sweet though— many a time his mother would get notes home about Ken kissing girls. But he'd always make it up the next day with a sorry note on his teacher's desk and his signature smile that seemed to always get him out of trouble.

Their luck was to change, as well as Ken's whole world, literally. Just as he was coming into his adolescence and on the cusp of his first teen years, his mother and father packed up and the three of them made their exodus to a new world of hope and opportunity. In YE 23, the planet Tatiana had begun Terra-forming and needed new colonists to set up and farm the lands. Ken's father had grown-up on his own father's farm, and with a generous offer of a large piece of land for them to set-up on, the whole Levine family was to start their new legacy. Around this time Ken's brother was born; Jake.

At first Ken was against farm life, though his father was well used to it, Ken had grown up in the relaxing atmosphere of the Empire's home-world. This caused the two to fight a lot at first. This didn't last long however, and soon Ken was adjusted and found charm in the hardworking life of tending to the farm. His teen years were a long winding road of self-discovery. Just as long was the trail of broken hearts he left wherever he seemed to go. He was a hopeless romantic, winning over girls with his boyish smile and guitar. He was in a band for a while, but Jimmy quit and Jody got married, it really never got as far as he hoped. But what became his most favourite pastime was flying the crop dusters over their fields; he would fly that thing as much as his father would let him.

In YE 28 the new NH-22C Yamataian bodies were created and offered to the public. In a effort to unify the family Ken's father had suggested they all undergo the process. So that year was the year that the 18 year-old Ken did his first body switch. At this point Ken was starting to feel that young wanderlust, desiring for something new somewhere out there in the world. His father who knew the same feeling didn't fight with Ken when he revealed his feelings; instead his father gave his son a large sum of their family savings and helped him pack his things. By the next year YE 29, Ken was off on a Fifth Expeditionary Fleet colony ship heading for the Jiyuu System. He wanted something new, to start somewhere far off in a whole new world of adventure. But that year was a bit of a struggle, it was hard to find work on a new colony. But his skills in flying quickly came in handy. Ken became a farmhand for one of the families setting up on the planet, flying their dusters and shuttle into town or close-by systems whenever there was a new shipment. Partying his free time away whenever he wasn't working, living life up and enjoying the fine life of his youth with new romances and various adventures.

He did that for a long time in his young adult years, flying became his biggest asset. But Ken wished he was flying somewhere with more meaning, like the stories his dad used to tell him. In his second year on Jiyuu System was a whole new strange string of events, at one point the fleet that flew them there to set up the colony was rebelling against the Empire, and before you know it— the United Outer Colonies were born. Now Ken didn't really have anything against the change, it was another new horizon, and he liked that. He was one of the guys out in the street on the day of their independence revelling in drinks and the songs of a new born nation, they called their-selves Jiyuuians. He, like everyone else— was lost in their brand new naive thought to the dangers just outside their borders. No one was expecting what came next; it was too fast— too soon.

Half way through YE 31 everything was bound to be undone. The pirates which started to pick on the UOC was nothing compared to the NMX, they came in clouds of infinite ships and struck harder and faster than any other force Ken had ever heard about. There was so much terror and uncertainty, nothing felt secure anymore. Like a lot of UOC citizens at the time he volunteered for the military. In a few months he was rushed through combat flight school and was off on the front lines flying aid shuttles. He was assigned to a ship in the reactionary fleets called the UCS Templar, at first he was strictly a medical craft pilot. But everything changed on his second deployment in the depth of the invasion. Ken was shot down and crash landed on the outskirts of a UOC base where civilians were desperately lost in the chaos around them, Ken found himself fighting alongside the base defenders despite injuries to protect the civilians. But so many were lost that day to the NMX, it was really a sad day. In the last few moments of that small colony Ken had secured a shuttle and made away with as many people as he could, the small vessel was so stuffed they could fit no one else. But one mother with her child begged and pleaded for them to take her child, Ken couldn't turn her down, he took the boy and put him into his lap and flew off to get them to safety.

The incident haunted Ken for a long time, even though he was rewarded for his valiant efforts with a rank promotion and a position on the UCS Templar's “Guardians Wing.” He couldn't shake the ghost of that woman. Her son was taken into proper care and adopted into a new family, but not without first thanking Ken for saving his life, and gave to Ken his most prized possession; a small male UOC Peacekeeper action figure. Ken flew missions for the “Guardians Wing,” but as YE 32 came to an end he found himself farther and farther away from being able to get back at the NMX for taking that woman and the many lives they had stolen. His unit was put on a patrol of a very secure place and that only made Ken feel like he wasn't doing enough. He put in a request to transfer but was denied. The UOC began only defending, there was no strikes back to the beasts that took their families. Ken then did what he had done many times before; he packed his things, resigned and moved again. This time though… he was coming home.

In the YE 33 New Year, Ken arrived back in Yamataian space. It was a bitter sweet reunion with his family who he had found out left the farm when their home planet was also invaded by the NMX, instead now living on Yamatai, lucky enough to move into his grandparents place left to them in their will. But he didn't stay long; he had a strong fire built up inside himself. He needed to get back at the NMX; he needed to feel some sort of closure in all this chaos of war. He wanted to get a chance at the monsters from the front lines. So off he was, signing up to the Star Army of Yamatai as a pilot, looking for that chance— to get vengeance, to be that hero to swoop in and save the day.

Service Record

Peacekeeper Recruit

Peacekeeper Third Class

Peacekeeper Second Class

Nitô Hei

Service Awards


Communication: Ken character is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Ken is fluent in Nepleslian and Yamataian. He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Fighting: Ken received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. He is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons he is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor.

Technology Operation: Ken is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.

Mathematics: Ken received way beyond basic mathematics training, including up to algebra and trigonometry. Vectors and advanced physics.

Entertainment: Ken came from a very talented line of traditional Noh performers. Even though his culture was lost upon him for a long time, Ken kept his musical appreciation and shown great talent in guitar and singing. He also knows how to dance pretty well, however his traditional stuff is pretty rusty.

Vehicles: Ken knows how to drive pretty well, he is better behind the wheel of a truck then a car. He knows how to operate most heavy farm equipment. Ken also knows how to fly just about any kind of shuttle, and is very talented in their operation. Growing up in a cockpit he finds himself comfortable with the handling and piloting of most flying machines. He of course can handle himself in stressful environments and has been trained in combat piloting.

Medical: As an ex-peacekeeper Ken knows how to diagnose and treat minor conditions, apply first aid and emergency care (CPR, etc), and perform field surgery in dire emergency situations.

Humanities: Again as a ex-peacekeeper Ken is familiar with the provisions of the Peacekeeper Charter of YE 30 and is familiar with the basic skills of negotiating, first contact, and psychology.


Personal possessions

  • KS Card
  • All white acoustic guitar
  • 12 pack of condoms
  • Personal music device
  • Expensive ear-bud headphones.
  • Pair of canvas high-top tennis sneakers, black with white laces
  • Some civilian clothes
  • Black leather jacket with his old patches on it
    • UOC “Guardians Wing” unit patch
    • “UCS Templar” ship patch
  • (4) BR-E1a battery magazine
  • Black leather leg drop holster
  • His dad's Pre-Nepleslian Empire tags
  • A child's UOC Peacekeeper action figure

Standard Issue Items


Ken is a paid soldier serving the Star Army of Yamatai. He is a Nitô Hei, making 332 KS a month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Money
1900 KS -1100 Personal Item Expenses

OOC Notes/Comments:
Character Data
Character NameKen Levine
Character Owner5tar
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankNitô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Pilot
SAOY Assignment21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds

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