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Dick Mariner

Dick Mariner is a player character played by BionicSamurai.

Dick Mariner
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 175cm (5'9“)
Weight: 84kg (185lbs)
Organization: IPG
Occupation: Hellions
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 175cm (5'9”)
  • Mass: 84kg (185lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Dick has a medium athletic build that he keeps up for kickboxing and light, tan coloured skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Dick has roundish brown eyes that often have a mixture of anger and sadness when he is not trying to smile. His face is lean with a squarish jaw, a roman nose, and a high brow.

Ears: Dick has typical Human ears that are rounded and flat to the sides of his head with attached lobes.

Hair Color and Style: Dick has thin, light brown hair that he keeps at 2.5cm (2“) long and combed over on top and tapered down the sides.

Distinguishing Features: Dick has a scar where his left eyebrow was split in a bar fight. He also keeps a clean shave on work days, but lets the stubble grow during days off.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dick is an intense and passionate person behind a face of calm, calculating, responsibility. He takes care of his customers and makes sure that when a new prescription is filled, they know what to expect and how best to handle it. His attention to detail also allows him to pick out certain signs of problems, giving him a chance to recommend a check up when side effects should be looked into.

The young pharmacist, however, through the loss of some family, has a rather firm belief in a special corner of Hell reserved for “Cats” and “Squids”. These loses have also taken him to a point of self-loathing where he may need a fight for a real cause in order to save himself.

  • Likes: Chemistry, toxicology, MMA, the NNN girl, “with cheese”, “with bacon”, “with cheese and bacon”, whisky, dark ales, blues
  • Dislikes: Nekos, NMX, shoplifters, being called weak, being useless, most green food, any music or videos that are sweet enough to cause type II diabetes
  • Goals: To be part of the solution to a citizen's ills, and those that afflict the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia



  • Leonard Mariner (Father - Deceased)
  • Vera Mariner (Mother - Deceased)
  • James Mariner (Younger Brother - Deceased)
  • Brandon Mariner (Youngest Brother - Missing)
  • Kayla Mariner (Sister - NSMC Engineer)


Dick grew up on Planet Nepleslia under the rule of the Yamatai Star Empire as the eldest in his family in a relatively decent environment. He was rather intelligent for a boy his age and this had a habit of getting him bullied at school. When his military man of a father found out about the bullying however, he gave the boy a lecture on fighting for himself and proceeded to instruct him in self-defence whenever the time presented itself.

The defence training was only the tip of the iceberg in regards to how tough and demanding Leonard was with his children; but when he died in the The Battle of Nepleslia, his family felt it hard. Dick especially felt abandoned without closure as to whether or not he could ever live up to his father's expectations.

For his 18th birthday, Dick went out and partied as hard as he could, until he couldn't go any further. When he got home everyone was in bed, but he got called out to the patio by a gruff military sounding voice; one of Leonard's old comrades had come by to wish him a happy birthday with a cigar and a bottle of whisky. Once the bottle was polished off, the old vet handed him a wooden box with an engraved pistol and a small card detailing how proud his father was of him - a gift he could enter college with his chin a little higher.

When Planet Nepleslia declared its independence, Dick's younger brother, James, enlisted in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia as soon as he could, eventually ending up in the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps. The young man's tour of duty did not last long however, as he ended up one of the casualties in the conflict between the Nepleslian Reds and the Greens. A year later, Brandon signed up somewhat rashly; but he made it in and was assigned to the defence of Rok'Veru.

During the next NMX invasion the family lost contact with each other. Dick did his best to survive while hiding; but in the end he was only reunited with his sister, Kayla; their mother had been killed in a building collapse and their brother had been listed as missing once communications came back up. The college student stopped going to the kickboxing classes he had started at the beginning of his post-secondary career; but his little sister, already fifteen, started hitting the gym more after moving in with him.

When Dick finally managed to get his Masters in Pharmaceuticals as part of YE 33's Graduate Class, Kayla enlisted leaving him alone as his internship turned into a full time job. This lead him to worry for his sister which then lead him to drink in ever increasing amounts - this resulted in a few bar brawls at the beginning of YE 34. After the last fight, Kayla bailed him out one final time and lectured him to either straighten up or sign up if he really needed the fight.

His sister's words played out in Dick's mind for days: when he would fill a prescription at work, when he would reach for a bottle to try and forget, when he would try to sleep at night. It finally bothered him enough that he made his way down to a SMDIoN recruitment office; but instead of going inside he paced with indecision. He preferred the work he did, giving the right drug to the right person in need; however he felt the need for a higher purpose as well.

When Dick had nearly figured himself out, though, he was approached by an IPG officer in plain clothes. The operative managed to talk the young pharmacist into following him to some offices in the back that had some sound proofing. Apparently they were watching him; waiting for that moment when the mind they were looking for was ready to fight for his country.

After signing up in the back room, Dick found a pharmacist posting at a corporate medical unit sent to him 'privately'. The location had him slightly put off, it was in the Malaise System. The young man accepted, though, and applied, landing him on the shivering ball of mud called Half Empty.

Dick now lives in a corporate provided apartment next to the other doctors and nurses of the company's medical staff.



Mr. Mariner has been trained in the use of civilian and military telecommunications equipment, including radio, FTL comms, and video communication terminals. He is also well versed in standard military radio operating procedures over the aforementioned equipment as well as use of hand signals for group manoeuvres. He can use Nepleslian fluently for these purposes, as well as in operational conversation, documentation, interpretation, and instruction/reading comprehension.

He also is working on his Yamataian, which he learned in elementary and secondary school; but never really used it after graduating.

Fighting and Physical

Due to his father's demands for self-defensive excellence, Dick learned a basic form of street fighting from age 8. He was also taught the proper methods of carrying, loading, firing, and maintaining a number of civilian pistols and rifles. This lead him to regular range practice and kickboxing classes when he entered college.

Due to the time he spent wallowing however, he ended up needing some serious refreshing during IPG training. This also taught him more personal tactics, as well as combat with a knife and anything else at hand. He has also picked kickboxing back up again as a way to stay in shape.


Mr. Mariner's father taught him about dumpster diving, small animal trapping, and water treatment as a child due to the urban nature of where they lived in Funky City. During IPG training however, he also learned more hunting and fishing skills, recognition of edible plants, navigation without electronics, shelter construction, building a fire without matches or accelerants, and surviving in a cold environment without a fire.


Mr. Mariner's time in college has taught him about Pharmacology and Toxicology, as well as some recognition of oxidizers and reducers in everyday use. His IPG training has added higher level Chemical Weapons to that knowledge and understanding.


Mr. Mariner can make a mean half-pounder that makes a juicy mess and bites back. It is a generations old family recipe he learned from his mother that may well have existed before the first colony on Rok'Veru was founded.

Maintenance and Repair

Mr. Mariner knows well how to care for and clean of most pistols and rifles. He is also no stranger to oil and filter changes on most civilian vehicles, so long as the driver's manual is around.


Mr. Mariner knows enough mathematics for dosages, reaction equation balancing, explosive yield, and chemical dispersion radii in air and water.

Medical and Science

Mr. Mariner has a derivative understanding of medicine from his pharmacology degree, and has studied up on medicinal plants in his own time.

Technology Operation

Mr. Mariner's ability with computers only extends to note creation and storage, net surfing, sending and receiving messages, and playing puzzle games. However, he once found out that a DataJockey, when thrown properly, can be used to take someone down from a short distance without killing them.


Mr. Mariner can drive most small wheeled vehicles and motorbikes.


Dick Mariner has the following items:

Non-Op Carry



Dick Mariner is currently a in the Intelligence and Pacification Group.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
1480 DA 4520 DA Stocking Up
Character Data
Character NameDick Mariner
Character OwnerBionicSamurai
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