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Cyrene Veles

General Information
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Cyborg1) Height: 5'8“
Gender: Female Weight: 174 Ibs
Age: 20 Measurements: 36-24-37 (86-63-89)
Employer: SMoDIoN IPG(Origin Industries) Bra Size: 34B
Occupation: Operator (Doctor) Eyes: Blue
Rank: Sergeant\Initiate Hair: Brown
Current Assignment: Infiltrator, Project THOUGHT alias “Irene Celes”

Cyrene Veles is a player character played by Exhack. She is primarily used a guest character in various parts of the SARP as an infiltrator serving the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, in the guise of the Nepleslian doctor Irene Celes.


Family / Creators

  • Father, Greatly Respected: Ryan Veles, 65
  • 19 Siblings, Uncaring: Deceased


  • Greatly Respected: Mitchell Flins
  • Respected Grudgingly2): Nelew Enev Rana
  • Respected, Liked: Lenz Neis
  • Protected, Liked: Athrylis Adair
  • Admired, Liked: Hatu Mueso Chiaki
  • Admired, Liked: Alaster Langford
  • Disliked: Mikael Chandler

Origin Employees


  • Childhood Friend3): Tarvus Margura, Artist, 20, Whereabouts Unknown

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8” Mass: 174 Ibs Measurements: 36-24-37 Bra Size: 34B

Build and Skin Colour: Cyrene has slim and athletic build, with decent muscle tone spread over her body, while keeping distinctly feminine proportions. While very active, her cybernetic body is unable to change based on lifestyle, so her frame has remained fairly compact. Her skin is very fair flesh colored tone, relatively unblemished or marked, with the exception of a series of deep dimly glowing lines that seem to extend over portions of her body.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: A rather pretty and youthful face, with slender, but pleasantly rounded features, well shaped cheekbones, and an almost elegantly sculpted jawline. Her sharp yet delicate, dark blue cybernetic eyes emit a faint dull glow from the rim around the iris.

Hair Colour and Style: Cyrene has a short head of silken dark hazel hair, rather rough cut and kept untied at mid-neck length. Just enough to cover her ears, and highlight the slender features of her face.

Distinguishing Features

Overview: Cyrene Veles has been subjected to nearly complete cyberisation, with only her brain and parts of the nervous system still intact.

  • Cybernetic Eyes: High performance cybernetic eyes with almost perfect concealment, except for a faint glow around the iris. They grant her 12x high-resolution telescopic zoom, low light vision and rapid movement tracking.
  • Reinforced Bones: Cyrene's entire skeletal structure has been replaced with an ultralight Durandium and carbon nanotube structure. Special care has been taken to reinforce the legs, skull and spinal column. While it can prevent fractures and increases the overall power of her hand to hand blows, it places an increased amount of strain on the body in case of physical trauma. Fractures will require surgery or medical nanolathe treatment.
  • Synthetic Organs: The entire digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular systems have been replaced with synthetic equivalents. These outperform their organic counterparts in most respects, but were selected simply because they were more durable and reliable.
  • Enhanced Muscles: With her musculature has been entirely replaced with an electroactive polymer, Cyrene is capable of performing inhuman feats of strength and speed. Her abilities are usually kept in check, as unrestricted usage puts an enormous strain on her body. Typically, her strength is kept at about the average strength for a Nepleslian, although she is capable to drive her physical abilities up to levels typical of NH-27 and Mishhu combat subtypes at the cost of burning through capacitors.
  • Shock Absorption: Cyrene's entire body has been fitted with a series of shock absorbers made of kinetic dispersing foams and pneumatic chambers localized inside of her skeleton, which allows her to survive falls from a large height provided she is able to land on either her hands or feet. The pneumatic chambers also allow for faster and more powerful twitch responses, boosting her overall jumping and striking power in hand to hand combat.
  • Cyberbrain Augmentations: Cybernetic neural implants designed to improve the overall responsiveness of her body also grand the ability to record memories in the manner of NH-series androids and use specialized skill software designed by the IPG. At all times, she is capable of maintaining a number of AR (augmented reality) tags on her environment and can attach digital notes to locations and memories that have been copied as digital data, which will display when the tagged area is in her field of vision.
  • Mind-Machine Interface: Wireless access implants allow her to access wireless-capable computers in the vicinity for information, or trigger specific functions in nearby devices (such as opening doors). She is able to hack unguarded systems, although this function opens up a HUD in her field of vision, leaving potential blindspots when activated. Her interface has been equipped with a limiter, to prevent potentially lethal feedback, or being accessed by hackers, but disables her higher hacking functions when active. More obvious wired lines set into the palms of her hands and the base of the neck allow for wired interfacing with analogue systems.
  • EMP Shielding: While not fully capable of neutralizing the effects of an EMP assault, Cyrene will never blackout due to EMP blasts. Typically, she'll experience a light wavering of vision and slight loss of coordination, with duration based on the yield of the blast.
  • Artificial Blood/Marrow: Given the complexity of her enhancements, and obvious need to keep repair costs down, Cyrene's bone marrow was replaced with universal assemblers, that release an appropriate number of medical nanites, that also serve as a sort of artificial blood. These cellular constructs keep her systems from needing much more than a routine inspection most of the time. If she has been severely damaged and lost her mobility, her blood can repair her systems back to a minimum level of functioning.
  • Pneumatic Ejection Knife Storage Unit: A set of retractable and/or ejectable knives can be stored in each arm in and around the small recess between the radius and ulna. Using a pneumatic launcher, blades stored in the forearm can be launched up to 15 feet, at will or by a specific motion, typically jerking the hands in any direction with open palms facing the target. The launcher can store up 3 stiletto daggers, or a single wider trench or combat knife. Knives exit out of a minute slit between the wrist and palm of the hand.

Psychological Characteristics


A rather introverted and quiet person, Cyrene Veles is the product of a less than empathetic father and extensive cyberisation and mental conditioning. She craves to have even basic camaraderie, a concept that was completely foreign to her for years, and tends to show a sort of unusual attachment to her comrades and friends. Although she is quick to attach herself to people who show even a veneer of kindness, this character is in itself shallow and dettached, as she has accepted the possibility of killing any person she has ever met over the course of her life, with the exception of the cruel and brutal man who has raised her since birth. While there was a time while she was naive, much of this was removed through mental conditioning and extensive simulations when it was found that she was too readily taking to her fellow initiates during a period of training between infiltration missions. This has left her character colder and more profoundly detached from others, while worsening her neurosis.

In the field, Cyrene is a quick, decisive and unquestioning. Her attacks are rapid and brutal, but always aim for the most efficient and less costly means of execution or disarmament, while rarely showing any regard for her own safety. Despite what would appear to be berserker-like tendencies, she does prefer finesse over an overt frontal attack, and enjoys relying on a body that can fine turn all of her actions simply by precise manipulation of her internal communications. Her lack of self-preservation instincts derive from a high degree of masochism and full knowledge of the extremely durable properties of her body.

In private, Cyrene does come off as something of an aloof wallflower, tending to hang around the crowd than be at the center of the attention, and only really engage herself when something catches her fragmented and occasionally eccentric interests. She allows herself a few hobbies here and there, and prefers the solitude of the arts over large meetings with unknown people.

Likes: Physical (Skin) Contact, Pain, Warmth, Reading, Carving Various Statues and Figurines Dislikes: Being Reprimanded, Pain, Cold Goals: Serve the Empire, Gain her father's recognition, Remember what it's like to be human again.


Pre RP

Project Jarilo

Born in YE 11, Cyrene is the last surviving genetically modified clone of Vice Admiral Veles, in a personally funded program. Dubbed “Project Jarilo”, it involved nineteen other clones, each endowed with largely randomized genetic variations, mostly limited to physical characteristics. Aside from being female, Cyrene was largely similar to her genetic “father”. The clones were raised in a secret facility on the far outskirts of Funky City, and given an extremely strict upbringing, with most time being spent either studying or in combat simulations.

By YE 26, each of his “children” had become perfectly adequate for his needs, each of them disciplined, highly skilled and obedient. Veles had now found himself with numerous heirs, but the need for only one. His remarkable solution came from his own idea to thin out the herd and cull the weak from the Veles household. The heir would have to be strong, remorseless and cruel, and to that extent, exactly like himself. Thus, each of the 20 children were set loose on the forests of Rok'Veru, given a machete and an old Zen Arms .45 and told to be the last one standing. The resulting battle dragged on for nearly a month, and ended with the quick and brutal executions of every child, except Cyrene. Though initially deceived by her peers, she managed to hunt down and kill each one, largely by stealth, improvisation, judicious use of traps and the environment and the occasional display of marksmanship. The experience was grueling, painful and particularly ravaging to Cyrene's mind.

The Battle of Nepleslia

Veles applauded his daughter's victory and took the partially traumatized girl back to Nepleslia. Cyrene's education resumed, and intensified. Not only was she now his definite successor, but she had exceeded his expectations for her, and thus, raised the bar for herself. Though, not even a month after her return to Nepleslia, the planet came under Mishuu attack, and Cyrene soon found herself attempting to bring the apparently decrepit Veles to a shelter. She succeeded, moving through a fleeing mob and arrived at the shelter, but only moments after getting him to safety, she was sheared in half at the waist by an errant Scalar blast and almost killed.

The resulting damage to her nervous system was thus, that only her head and spinal column could be recovered. Veles, rather distrustful of ST technology, and preferring to make a greater asset of his daughter, decided to have her converted to an almost full conversion cyborg, not entirely unlike himself. When Cyrene awoke, the first thing she saw was a progress bar representing her mind's synchronization with her new body, and the dull sheen of a cybernetics lab. Unfortunately for her, this latest turn of events in her life had robbed her of the last vestiges of her humanity, and largely, her sanity.

The Breaking of a Cyborg

The cyborg spent the next 6 months in a rehabilitation hospital for other, to familiarize herself to the new cybernetic body she was now in. Though she was fully compliant in her rehabilitation, Cyrene was found to be in an almost vegetative state, or to some extent, had shut out the world around her. Though this would change, after meeting a young artist called Tarvus Margura.

At first, her interactions with the youth were silent, as he was in shock and still recovering from losing both his arms from collateral damage. He was devastated, and wouldn't allow himself to do anything, thinking he wouldn't ever have the chance to become a proper artist after. A quiet and solemn Cyrene did not know what to do, but contented herself to participate along with him in his rehabilitation sessions.

The pair grew close, and Cyrene soon found herself with her first friend. Every other being she had dealt with was always something else. A mentor, a superior, or another rival, but she had never had the chance to simply enjoy the presence of another human being. They both profited from the relationship, Cyrene having her first taste of real social interaction, and Tarvus consoling himself with the fate of the young girl that was much worse off than him. It was during this time that she picked up something of an interest in the arts, learning to carve wood and stone, but she still lacked the precise dexterity for graphic arts. Perhaps for the best, Cyrene had to leave after her 6 months time, and never had the opportunity to see him again.

The young Veles returned to her father, and resumed her lessons under the tutelage of one of the most feared men in Nepleslia, taking on minor tasks for him as requested. Now, old enough to enlist, Cyrene was shipped off to the IPG's operator training course.

IPG Operators

Mission 1

Cyrene participated in a raid on a Red sympathizer's home on the Nepleslian homeworld, killing several ID-SOL bodyguards and shielding her fellow initiate Athrylis Adair from gunfire while taking on some damages. While originally intended to be an infiltration mission, the actions of one Nelew Enev Rana caused their cover to be blown, resulting in a protracted gunfight. In the end, the Initiates were each punished for the indiscretions, and Cyrene was no exception.

At the end of the following assignment, she underwent extensive mental conditioning and combat simulations until she was determined to be operating at peak capacity for her body, and was released back into service.

Origin Industries


Under the alias of 'Irene Celes', Cyrene joined the Origin Industries vessel SS Raider (v2), acting as the ship's doctor and medical technician. A complete identity had been falsified for her by the IPG, allowing this operator to join the ship through her false (but not entirely fictitious) qualifications.


Fighting/Physical: As a trained and conditioned fighter, Cyrene is able to adequately use a wide variety of weapons in both ranged and melee combat. She has largely focused on using small arms, rifles and knives, and knows the more or less ideal times to use them. As a marksman, she is capable of hitting a man sized target at 20 meters with a sidearm, or about 60 meters with a rifle or carbine while on the move.

Cyrene is a trained and disciplined knife and hand to hand fighter. With knife fighting, she is able to defend against targets with longer weapons, and attack in a flurry of rapid blows. Properly trained in Judo, she uses her superior speed to grapple and throw the enemy, and does know how to properly employ her enhanced strength.

(Physical) Cyrene is a well skilled acrobat and athlete, able to perform admirable feats of endurance and dexterity. She is able to leap surprising heights and position herself to land on her feet in case of an unforeseen fall. While capable of running very long distances in generally excellent times, this attribute is outshone by the almost tireless qualities of her body. Only when she has drained her cybernetic body heavily does Cyrene begin to feel the effects of fatigue.

(Power Armor) As an enlisted crewmember, Cyrene has passed the basic qualifications to pilot the power armors typically available to her, including the ELEMENT series PAs, and the newer X-Tech designs. Her general marksmanship is quite excellent, but her maneuvering lacks something to be desired.

Medical and Science: As well as first aid and basic surgical techniques, Cyrene has a decent knowledge of the various pharmaceuticals used in known space. She has the required skill to maintain and install various cybernetics.

Technology Operation/Communications: Cyrene is able to adequately use the computer and communications equipment commonly used by the SAoN, and some civilian corporations. She is fully fluent in Nepleslian and is able to read and speak Yamataian through use of an internal translation device.

Knowledge: Cyrene is well read on the laws and customs of the DIoN, recorded history and the customs of neighboring factions, such as Yamatai and Elysia. She is also fairly well read, and has a large repertoire of quotes from great works of fiction to quote from.

Art and Vocations: Though not quite a full on artisan, Cyrene typically enjoys carving or sculpting wood or stone. She tends to produce pleasing pieces of various sorts, though the subject matter varies. It should be noted she typically employs an unserated combat knife for her handiwork.

Tactic/Discipline: Cyrene is able to perform adequately in a squad situation, communicating and following orders as needed. Her tactics in combat tend to favor finesse, though she will use brute force or other less than inconspicuous methods when finesse fails. She tends to lack a certain regard for her own life in the field, largely due to full knowledge of the highly durable properties of her body.

Survival: Though she no longer needs the skill, Cyrene knows basic survival techniques, and understands the methodology behind guerrilla tactics in places with enough flora to allow such techniques. She is able to identify some comestible species on terrestrial planets.


Standard Issue: SMoDIoN IPG


Standard Wear
  • 2 IPG Uniform
  • 1 IPG Armband
  • 4 pair black briefs (men) black panty (female)
  • 2 pair black steel-toe SynAraS Combat Boots
  • 4 pair black Socks, 2 pair cotton, 2 pair wool
  • 2 sets of standard workout gear (Black synthetic fiber T-Shirt, black shorts)
Public Wear
  • 2 black double-breasted, knee-length trenchcoat, poplin with internal zip-up weapon pockets fit for M1 or XAR rifles
  • 2 black Pinstripe Italian-style dress jacket, silk
  • 2 white dress shirts, poplin (male) white blouse, poplin (female)
  • 2 black neckties (optional)
  • 2 pair Pinstripe black slacks or (if female) 2 black skirts
  • 2 black leather belts
  • 1 pair black leather wingtipped oxfords
  • 1 IPG Badge with belt clip
  • 1 shoulder holster
  • 1 black fitted SynAraS ballistics vest with durandium trauma plates




Standard Issue: Origin (alias Irene Celes)




  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe or Yukata, white or black, with OI logo.

Personal Items (alias Irene Celes)


  • 2x White blouses
  • 1x Gray turtleneck sweater
  • 2x Blue skirts with white frills
  • 1x Brown jacket
  • 1x Brown cabbie hat
  • 2x White bras
  • 3x White panties

Weapons and Equipment




As an IPG agent, Cyrene has a private account established by her agency whenever she is sent out on long-term infiltration missions or is required to remain in the field in populated areas for more than a few days at a time, allowing her virtually unlimited funds. As long as the expenditures are for the purchase of mission-essential items or maintaining her cover.

Character Data
Character NameCyrene Veles
Character OwnerExhack
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Full Conversion
Apprecieated her combat abilities more than anything, but disliked her for causing them to fail their first and only mission together
In the context of being the only one at the age of sixteen
Converted from ASX-102 YUNERON.

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