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'Deviance' Shotgun Gatling

Designer: Lorath Self Defense Force Manufacturer: Lorath Self Defense Force, Lorath Matriarchy, United Manufacturing Cooperative (Suggested) Price: 5,000 HS

Individual Component Costs

Barrel Assembly: 500 HS Drive Assembly: 1000 HS Battery Assembly: 1000 HS Ammo Belt: 100 HS Ammunition Box/Backpack: 100 HS Visual Sight Interface Device: 2500 HS Ammunition Conversion Kit: 5000 HS

Nomenclature Information

Name: 'Deviance' Shotgun Gatling Type: Gatling-type chemical-propelled shotgun Model: LSDF-SA-SG-G-01-301) Role: Anti-Personnel, Anti-Light Armor Length: 1 Meter. Mass: Gatling unit โ€“ 60lbs, Ammunition Pack โ€“ 20lbs unloaded, 97lbs loaded.

Discharge Information

Ammo Type: Solid Munitions, Lorath 16 Gauge / 16.83mm

Firing Mechanism: When the trigger is half-depressed, the four barrels of the weapon begin to spin. When the trigger is fully depressed Ammunition is fed into the weapon's firing chamber through the topside of the weapon. Once chambered, the round is subjected to an electric discharge which travels through the base of the conventional firing pin of the round and into the shell's propellant charge. The charge is ignited which propels the shell's load down the weapon's barrel. Once discharge is complete, the shell is rapidly ejected out of the bottom of the weapon. At the same time, another barrel is cycled into place.

Caliber: 16 Gauge / 16.83mm.

:!: Ranges listed are applicable in 1g of gravity
:!: Ranges listed are applicable to standard 16 Gauge fragmentation Shell

Effective Range 45 Meters Maximum Range: 75 Meters Minimum Range: 0

Muzzle Velocity: 1350 fps with conventional powder charge, 2400 fps utilizing high-pressure charge.

Barrel Count:* Four

Muzzle Blast: The muzzle blast of the weapon consists of a three inch diameter spherical flash, accompanied by a deep yet loud sound caused by gas-expansion.

Firing Mode(s): Semi-Automatic, Four Round Burst, Adjustable Automatic2)

Recoil: When firing the weapon utilizing a conventional powder charge, the recoil is quite difficult for a Nepleslian or Yamataian shooter to manage while firing in an automatic setting, however, Fyunnen Lorath, properly augmented cyborgs, and other stronger-than-average shooters would find the recoil heavy yet manageable.

When firing the weapon utilizing high-pressure propellant, the recoil is largely unable to be controlled except for by heavily augmented cyborgs, power armor clad shooters, and vehicle mountings.

Maximum Rate Of Fire: 4000 RPM

Damage Rating: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel With Standard 00 Fragmentation Round 16 Gauge Ammunition, Other Ammunitions May Vary.

Ammo Description

Name: LSDF/UMC 16 Gauge 00 Durandium Alloy-Coated Lead Shot Round Visual Description: Each shell is cylindrical, constructed from ridged plastic polymers, and measures 2.75 inches in length. Ammunition is stored in a backpack container. Alternative sources of ammunition feed are possible. Ammo: 2000 rounds for standard backpack ammunition carrier. Damage Description: Fragment penetration damage, kinetic impact damage.

Ammunition Alternative

Alternatively, the weapon can be loaded with Lorath designed 16 Gauge / 16.83mm ammunition.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, built into firing mode selector switch Fire mode selector: Yes, a switch built in near the trigger of the unit Weapon Sight: Electronic sight, cybernetic or eye-peice interface Attachment Hard points: Carry strap attachment points, forward and rear. Weight Reduction System To reduce the strain of carrying the unit while deployed, the firing unit and backpack ammunition carrier include a low-power gravitic field generator which reduces the weight of the weapon by 75%. Bacterial Power Cell: The weapon's feed mechanism is powered by a bacterial power cell which is rated at 1,000 hours of continuous operation, and twenty years in proper storage.

Primary Features

Barrel Assembly

The barrel assembly of the Deviance is shorter than that of its other gatling weapon counterparts utilized by the Lorath Matriarchy. A half meter has been trimmed off of the weapon's overall length by reducing the barrel length, this has been done mostly due to the fact of the weapon being a shotgun and not a rifle, thus not requiring the additional time to acquire spin while traveling down barrel. Weight reducing features have been incorporated in the barrel design, while at the same time lining the interior of the barrel with a thin film of nerimium to reduce barrel fatigue.

Weight Reduction System

Incorporated into the weapon are two low-power gravitic field generator units, these units, located in the backpack and firing assembly are designed to reduce the unit's weight by 75%. This system also prevents stray scalar emissions from igniting the backpack magazine. However, directed scalar can easily overcome the low gravitic field strength.

Bacterial Power Cell

The Deviance utilizes the old standard of Lorath power supply, the Bacterial Charge Pack. The unit is designed to deliver power to the firing assembly of the Deviance, and to provide power to the gravitic manipulation units found in the weapon.

Firing Assembly

The firing assembly is primarily dominated by the proper mechanisms to feed ammunition into the chamber of the weapon. Along with the feed system, the key components of the firing assembly are the ignition capacitor which detonates the charge of each shell, the expended shell ejection system, trigger assembly, chamber, and the barrel rotation drive. Additional less-noteworthy components are included in the firing assembly which handle mundane compensations and fine functions of the weapon.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Maintenance in the field consists of properly lubricating the weapon, checking for obstructions in the mechanical components of the weapon, and cleaning the weapon after each use through the use of an included cleaning kit.

Replaceable Parts and components: Barrel components and bacterial power pack are easily replaceable. Both components can be unscrewed from the primary assembly, replacements can easily be screwed in.

Advised Service Procedure: In the event of weapon malfunction, it is recommended to contact a proper maintenance representative. This includes a LSDF quartermaster, UMC engineering associate, or certified gunsmith.

Conversion Option

A conversion kit can be purchased which can convert the 16 Gauge version of the Deviance to utilize 12, 14, 10, 9, or 8 Gauge ammunition. This conversion mostly involves the re-calibration of the feed mechanism, a switching of barrels, and adjustment to the cambering system of the unit. This conversion requires the manufacturer's supplied kit.

Visual Description

The weapon consists of a smooth-metal cased unit which contains the weapon's firing and feed assemblies. This casing is roughly cylindrical and is approximately two feet in diameter. A pair of handles protrude from the cylinder, a topside handle located on the forward end of the cylinder which is meant to carry the unit, and a side handle which includes the firing trigger. Four barrels extend from the forward end of the unit. The four barrels are held in place by two metal sheets which encircle the rear and forward portions of the barrels. In the middle of the four barrels are two sets of support bars which prevent the barrels from buckling while in use.

Lorath Self Defense Force-Solid Ammunition-Shotgun-Gatling-Model 01-Year 30
Can be adjusted between 700 through 4000 rounds per-minute

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