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Compressed Packet Rifle

Designer: Lorath Matriarchy Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy (Suggested) Price: 7500 KS. Individual Component Costs: Primary Rifle Assembly: 3000 KS Power Capacitor System: 1000 KS Matter and Antimatter Production, Containment, and Acceleration System: 3500

Nomenclature Information

Name: Compressed Packet Rifle, or known as CP Rifle. Type: Accelerated Plasma and Antimatter Projection Rifle Model: LM-E-CPR-P/AM-01-30 Role: Power Armor Service Weapon, Vehicle Weapon. Anti-Armor, Anti-Starship Length: 3.5 Meters, 4 Meters with butt-stock assembly. Mass: 136 Kg.

Discharge Information

Function Details

Projection type: Compressed plasma or antimatter beams and packets

Firing Mechanism: Antimatter and plasma are stored in reserve tanks or generated from an attached power source. Plasma particles or antimatter particles are then routed from their holding chambers, accelerated, heated, and then charged with a subspace field. The subspace charged particles are then accelerated down a magnetic confinement barrel through the use of subspace and magnetic fields. When near the end of the barrel, increased EM stress is added to the released beam or packet and confinement is increased. After confinement is increased using the increased EM focusing system, a gravitic projection is established which compresses beams to a tighter confinement, or compresses packets and establishes increased cohesion. After the beam or packet has left the weapon, a graviton projection is established which maintains beam or packet cohesion.

Discharge Details

Beam Diameter: 2 Inches / 5.08 Cm Beam Arc: 0.

Packet Diameter: 3.5 Inches / 8.89 Cm



Effective Range 50 Meters in atmosphere, 400,000 Kilometers in vacuum Maximum Range: 75 Meters in atmosphere, 600,000 Kilometers in vacuum Minimum Range: 0.


Effective Range 15 Kilometers in atmosphere, 75 kilometers in vacuum Maximum Range: 20 Kilometers in atmosphere, 100 in vacuum Minimum Range: 0

Discharge Specifics

Muzzle Velocity: 1c

Muzzle Blast: When firing antimatter beams and packets, the discharge is often a bright bluish white in coloration, when firing plasma, the beam or packet is often an orange and purple mix of color.

Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic Packet, Continuous beam, Four second beam.

Recoil: Unable to be operated by human sized mecha or individual, recoil is moderate when operated by the WINTER series

Rate of Fire: One packet per 1/5th second, Fifteen seconds continuous fire, ten four second bursts per minute.

Damage Description:

Antimatter Impact Information: Matter/Antimatter reaction in target area, release of intense x-ray radiation which may produce sizable explosions when in atmosphere. Unfortunately due to the combined system, the antimatter beam can not inflict the same damage as a concentrated antimatter explosion or a positron beam due to the lack of dedicated beam confinement equipment.

Plasma Impact Information: Due to subspace acceleration, plasma impact locations undergo molecular disruption, this disruption causes molecular bonds to break down resulting in structural weakening. Additional damage is caused by intense heating effects. After impact, plasma plumes from the impact area in an area relative to the diameter of the beam and the amount of plasma discharged.

Plasma Damage Rating: Tier 5 or Tier 6, Medium Anti-Armor or Heavy Anti-Armor (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) Antimatter Damage Rating: Tier 7 or Tier 8, Light Anti-Mecha or Medium Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)

Ammo Description

Name: Antimatter / Plasma Container Note: Rifle accommodates two ammunition containers at once Visual Description: Each container is a cylinder which is twelve inches in height, three inches in width. When filled with antimatter, an indicator light becomes blue, when filled with plasma, the indicator light is yellow. When empty, the indicator light becomes red. The indicator light is placed on the rear of the cannister facing the user, a LED display is also included near the indicator light. Charge: 20

Name: External Fuel Generator & Capacitor Pack. Visual Description: The external fuel generator and capacitor pack, or EFG-CP, is designed to be situated on the upper arm/shoulder reigon of a primary arm on the AMX-101 Winter unit, or installed in a suitable vehicle. This unit is a 3 meter wide and half meter thick dark grey metallic disk. Produced Charge: This unit is capable of producing enough material to provide 100 packet discharges a minute. Recharge: Ten minutes are required to recharge the generator

Name: QNC Power Cell. Visual Description: The QNC power cell is a metallic cased unit which can be attached onto the upper shoulder of the AMX-Series machines.1) Produced Charge: This unit is capable of producing enough power to provide proper operational power for 200 packet discharges per minute. Limitation: Due to the amount of energy which must be released, the fuel for this small power cell must be replenished after 1000 discharges.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, built into the AMX-101 unit. Fire mode selector: Yes, built into the AMX-101 unit, and a selection dial on the top of the weapon. Weapon Sight: Yes, 1000x Optical Zoom, 20 Gigapixel digital optics. Attachment Hard points: Yes, butt-stock attachment point, external power cell connection point, AMX-101 and Lorath vehicle compatible connection points.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Magnetic, subspace, and graviton generation units are to be replaced when unit returns to dock. Removed units are to be inspected for defect before being returned into circulation. All containment cannisters and equipment are to be inspected for potential flaws or breaches. Replaceable Parts and components: Magnetic, subspace, and graviton generation units are replaceable by removing the barrel module and removing each emitter system with proper tools found aboard starships, at military installations, and front-line engineering group deployments. All other parts are capable of being replaced with similar components through the use of basic hand-tools.

Visual Description

Elaboration skipped due to art contained in QNC article

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