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Suppressive Drugs

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Designed by the Lorath Matriarchy at a rather early stage of their reach into space, this grouping of drugs have been designed to curb natural urges expressed by the humanoid brain and body to promote the better functioning of individuals in prolonged space deployment.


Technical Information

Based on Lorath nanomachine technology, the 'Suppressive' drug group uses these nanomachines to suppress natural urges and responses. The suppressive drug group functions by administering nanomachines to an individual, prior to administration these nanomachines are programmed to move to specific portions of the subject's body where they then take action. Much of the function of the suppressive nanomachine drug group is based on the function of traditional chemical drugs which have become obsolete with the advent of modern nanomachine technology.

Psychological Suppression

In cases of inhibiting psychological urges and responses, nanomachines move to appropriate portions of the subject's nervous system, where they then act upon neural-transmitters and receivers, blocking or manipulating them to produce a desired result, while adjusting their effect to reduce negative side effects1). Upon manipulation of the targeted electrical and chemical nerve functions, the nanomachines carry on their function until being broken down by exposure to the subject's immune system.

Physiological Suppression

In cases of inhibiting physiological urges and responses, nanomachines move to appropriate tissues, organs, and cell structures where they then take directed action. Suppression of physiological urges and responses involves nanomachines interacting with key functions of tissues and altering their behavior to correspond with an intended goal reaction. Such as in cases of intestinal distress, a suppressive drug dose would act on Ph levels and enzyme production to alleviate symptoms. Through this function, the suppressive drug group does not only suppress the psychological impact of naturally occurring or induced reactions/urges, but also alleviates the physiological impact. Nanomachines dedicated to physiological suppression are usually programmed to provide leeway for essential organ behaviors, thus allowing for required life functions without obstruction by the administered drug.

Applications & Availability

  • Appetite suppression
  • Libido suppression
  • Pain suppression
  • Control of depression and mania
  • Reflex suppression
  • Adrenal response suppression
  • Alleviation of insomnia
  • Digestive tract control
  • Cardiovascular-pulmonary regulation
  • Autonomic system control
  • Sensory reflex suppression
  • Immune response suppression
  • Additional functions can be programmed by health-care professionals


Many varieties of the suppressive drug group are available to the public without prescription and come pre-programmed for common tasks2). However, varieties which may pose a health risk must be prescribed by a health care professional.

  • Cost Per Dose: 10 HS

User Note

It is advised that suppressive drugs intended for suppression of autonomic behaviors and complex brain behaviors be used sparingly to prevent physiological damage or psychological unbalance. Users are not to continue use of these drugs for more than two weeks at a time. In the event of abnormal side effects such as stupor, depression, digestive upset, respiratory upset, fainting, irrational behavior or thoughts, and unusual bleeding, the user is encouraged to consult a health care professional.

Such as depression, stupor, etc
Such as digestive control, appetite suppression, libido suppression etc.

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