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Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series

The Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series is a line of anti-power armor melee weapons and hull-cutting tools intended for usage with the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor. The series has many weapon variants, which are specially produced for a variety of close-quarters applications. Developed by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 39, construction of the series was inspired principally by the Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Saber-Rifle. All of the variants mechanically function in a similar manner to the aforementioned weapon's sword function. The entire series is slated to enter mass production for the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 40 after the completion of a trial run.

Nomenclature Information

  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Zaibatsu
  • Name: Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series
  • Nomenclature: Ke-M2-W3901
  • Type: Aether
  • Role: Anti-Armor Melee Weapon and Hull Cutting Tool
  • Length: Variant Dependent
  • Mass: Variant Dependent

Discharge Information

  • Energy Discharge Appearance: When activated, aetheric energy forms a “coat” around the blade, giving it a visible shimmer. The coat of energy is transparent, allowing the zesuaium blade to be quite visible when the weapon is fully activated.
  • Duration of Operation: Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade series weapons can be constantly sustained as long as they are attached to a Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor. Once the blade becomes detached from the armor, the blade can independently maintain energy activation for an hour.

Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series Variants

Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series Damage Quickchart
Variant Damage
Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Katana Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6)
Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Wakizashi Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6)
Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Nodachi Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6)
Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Guntō Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6)
Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Xiphos Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6)
Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Chakram Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6)

Blade Mechanisms

  • Mechanism: Every variant of the Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series utilizes a zesuaium blade, which has monomolecular edges. When activated, the zesuaium becomes “coated” in an infinitely dense layer of aetheric energy, which radiates out from the blade itself.
  • Loading: As long as the weapon is connected to an active and functional Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor, the weapon will not require the user to carry out any loading or charging procedures. In the event that a weapon is disconnected from the armor, each variant has an independent battery, which can maintain the layer of aetheric energy around the blade for one hour.
  • Modes/Mode Selector: When inactivated, most variants of the Ke-M2-W3901 Aether Blade Series can be collapsed to a smaller size, allowing for ease of storage within the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor and safe handling for unarmored personnel. This is accomplished by a a series interlocking joints, which allows for a complete retraction of the monomolecular zesuaium blade. The blade can be unsheathed from its smaller storage size manually. However, the aetheric “coat” can only be activated via an AIES.

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