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YSS Relief Personnel

This page lists the crew of the YSS Relief.

Crew Roster

Command Team

Medical Team

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes
Shoi Michaelson, Jennifer Medical Officer NPC
Shoi Kohosei Sakamoto Nobu Science Officer NPC
Santô Juni Saito Mitsuko Medic NPC
Nitô Hei Sukui Alerce Medic NPC Relief-1-4
Nitô Hei Sukui Irminsul Medic NPC Relief-2-4

Support Team

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes
Ittô Heisho Zheng Tao Technician NPC
Ittô Hei Sukui Holly Technician NPC
Santô Hei Sukui Jievaras Cook NPC
Santô Hei Sukui Sitka Cook NPC

Security Team

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes
Ittô Hei Sukui Sugi Infantry NPC Relief-1-Actual
Ittô Hei Sukui Houn Infantry NPC Relief-2-Actual
Nitô Hei Sukui Kukui Infantry NPC Relief-1-2
Nitô Hei Sukui Willow Infantry NPC Relief-1-3
Nitô Hei Sukui Totara Infantry NPC Relief-2-2
Nitô Hei Sukui Maple Infantry NPC Relief-2-3
Santô Hei Sukui Magnolia Infantry NPC Relief-1-5
Santô Hei Sukui Hazel Infantry NPC Relief-1-6
Santô Hei Sukui Olive Infantry NPC Relief-1-7
Santô Hei Sukui Birch Infantry NPC Relief-1-8
Santô Hei Sukui Gingko Infantry NPC Relief-1-9
Santô Hei Sukui Nikau Infantry NPC Relief-2-5
Santô Hei Sukui Yew Infantry NPC Relief-2-6
Santô Hei Sukui Tawa Infantry NPC Relief-2-7
Santô Hei Sukui Ash Infantry NPC Relief-2-8
Santô Hei Sukui Karaka Infantry NPC Relief-2-9

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