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Star Army Helmet, Type 34

The Type 34 Helmet is a lighter, modular counterpart to the Star Army of Yamatai's Type 30 Helmet designed for specialized units, including SAINT Operatives and Black Spiral fireteam members.

The helmet is based off the standard Black Spiral Warrior Dress helmet with two modular front pieces mounted to different parts of the helmet.

It weighs 1.8 kilograms with visor and chinbar. It offers no environmental protection beyond surface protection from the elements.

Connectable Ballistic Visor

The first one is a connectable transparent Steenplast visor, sweeping across the wearer's entire field of view. The system integrates with with either the Black Spiral Warrior Dress AIES unit or the Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet.

The visor connects to the front-integrated equipment mount, and can be folded up or down. It replaces the built-in visor to provide a HUD system wirelessly powered by the device it is connected to.

It is an input device through its monitoring of the eyes through helmet-mounted microcameras, but other inputs are made telepathically or through the connected device.

Its battery life is as long as the connected device's.

Ballistic Chinbar

The second one is the Ballistic Chinbar, a connecting Steenplast piece that locks into points on the sides and back of the helmet. The bar clicks into place with the visor and covers the lower part of the face with tougher ballistic protection than the visor does.

Other components

The helmet includes the same visual and audial syncing (sound-powered microphone, tiny cameras that track the eyes) to work with the AIES or Type 34 MFB. The 4-point chin strap system uses Steenplast fiber and have pads for neck support and chin support. Pads also are inside the helmet, which is made of heavier pieces of Steenplast and ballistic panels.

Damage Resistance, Capacity

Visor: Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel, 2 SP Chinbar: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel, 3 SP Helmet: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel, 5 SP

Armor protection

Visor: A single shot from a Zen Armaments 'Little Killer' would destroy it, but it would not damage the user. A 10 mm pistol round would mar it, but would not ruin the visor. A second round in the same spot would destroy the visor without harming the user.

Chinbar: Several shots from a Little Killer, or a single standard shot from an Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, would blast through the chinbar, but would not harm the user. Multiple 10 mm pistol rounds in the same spot would blast through the chinbar, but would not harm the user. A couple rifle rounds would pierce the bar.

Helmet: A couple shots from a Type 33 NSP would destroy the helmet, as would several rifle rounds, but no harm would come to the user.

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