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UCS Akaramu

The Akaramu was a Zahl-class Cruiser Type 02 currently in service of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces, and commanded by Commodore Sato Amaya.

Akaramu in Role-Play

The Akaramu was primarily a JP based plot, and is +18, meaning we only take persons who are 18 years of age or older.

The Akaramu plot started on or around April 30, 2008, and lasted until March 24, 2009, approximately 11 months.

Posting and so On

If someone takes too long to post, then the GM has a responsibility to move things along so the plot doesn't die out, regardless of what her individual circumstances were and whether or not a player explained his/her absence beforehand, unless agreed to pause the RP. Typical posting times should be something like:

GMs should visit and post at least once every 24 hours.

Key Players should visit and post at least once every 48 hours 3 days or less

Minor Players: 5 days or less.

Any player character over the limits should probably be PMed by the GM. Players that don't post at all in a week or more can be warned. Any player character that hasn't posted in 2 weeks or more should probably be removed from the plot. If it's due to some incapacitating injury or whatever, they can always come back and rejoin with their character from earlier.

Requirements for Joining

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be able to handle mature content which may, or may not include the following. Violence, Sexual Situations, Mature Language and Content.
  • Likes to have fun, and get along with people.

Akaramu History

Commodore Shichou Yuriko recently acquired the use of the Akaramu from the Lorath Matriarchy for use within the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces.

Mission One

The first Mission of the Akaramu entailed a dangerous mission to secure toe United Outer Colonies borders from marauding pirates…. Pirates that had been plaguing the trade lanes of the UOC for many weeks. It was when the Akaramu was sent forth to in the very least brunt these attacks they had their first encounter. A small group of trading vessels had been under attack, their crew's either captured, or massacred. The Akaramu arrived on scene, and rendered what aid they could,but in the end one vessel got away.

After a day of fruitless searching, Lorath Supply Convoy was under attack, and the Akaramu rendered aid to which they were grateful, in turn one of the convoy's powered armor units had attached itself to a fleeing pirate vessel, effectively giving the Akaramu a trail of bread crumbs to follow. This proved to be a venerable gold mine as they were lead to a heavily guarded, and fortified system a group of pirates used as their base of operations. In the end however, a bloody battle ensued in orbit around a desert planet, and upon its surface between forces sent by the Lorath to aid the Peacekeeper ship. Many lives were lost, on both sides. In the end, after the grueling fighting had ceased, the Akaramu, and her allies proved to be victorious. With the mission done, the crew returned home, and their commander was required elsewhere…

Mission 1.5

It was after a restful stay upon a luxury liner, the crew returned to their ship refreshed. However, things did not appear as they seemed, almost immediately they were detained by Blackcoats, and escorted to their Commodore's Office. She was, however, not there. In her stead sat the Harbor Master, Fleet Admiral Tomori Rina. She did not come bearing good news… It would seem prior to the crew's return, their commander Shichou Yuriko had been assassinated by unknown assailants using extremely harmful toxins. The Fleet Admiral was not pleased, and instead ordered the ship be placed under her fleet's command, as well as the crew. They were however assigned a new Commodore, Handpicked by the Fleet Admiral herself, one Amaya Sato, who is however still a rather enigmatic figure as none of them have yet to meet her…

Crew Manifest


Captain played by Soresu, YIM: FluidJin

Intel Specialist played by 5tar, YIM: Bril5742liance

Pilot, Command and Combat Specialist played by Lilly, YIM: Shadryel

Communications, Weapons Specialist played by Tiffany, YIM: Jo_Midori


Techie & Chief engineer played by Gamerofthegame, YIM: Gamerofthegame

Armor Wing Leader, Master Armorer played by Tiffany, YIM: Jo_Midori

Weapon's Operation. played by Soresu, YIM: FluidJin

Former Personnel


The Akaramu uses both the standard on board compliment that accompanies the Zahl-class Cruiser Type 02, and those of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces making for a diverse arsenal.

Small Arms Storage

There are several small arms storage rooms aboard the vessel. Pistols, rifles, and smaller crew served weapons are stored in these rooms. The weapons themselves are located inside of lockers that are sealed with a nerve impulse recognition lock. These locks operate on the principle of each individual’s brain wave pattern being different than any other individual’s; the mechanism is used by placing the user’s palm against a panel that reads nerve impulse patterns through the skin. These palm scan panels also perform a scan of the user’s palm print, pulse, blood pressure, and DNA.

If a high blood pressure is detected in a non-combat status situation, the lock mechanism will trigger a computer prompt for a PIN which can be input through a number pad located next to the lock.

Per Small Arms Storage

  • 10: “Hand Cannon” .50 Cal Revolvers.
  • 10: FMS-1 Quad-barrel Linear Shot AKA ' Stalwart Special'
  • 400: Rounds of FMJ .50 Cal Ammunition.
  • 50: Rounds of explosive .50 Cal Ammunition.
  • 100: Rounds of fragmentation .50 Cal Ammunition.
  • 50 Rounds of high velocity .50 Cal Ammunition.
  • 40: Quick loaders for revolver ammunition.
  • 1500: “Needles” for “Stalwart Special”
  • 50: BR-E1a battery magazines for the E1

Post Refit

Heavy Armory

As the name implies, the Heavy Armory is where the stronger ordinance carried by the vessel are located, this armory is located on deck two. Lockers in this armory operate just the same as the small arms storage locks, but these lockers are also equipped with a simple lock mechanism that can be unlocked with the use of a key with simultaneous use of the scanner lock. The keys are carried by the first in command, second in command, and ship’s quartermaster. The armory’s entrance is protected by a heavy durandium hatch equipped with a hydraulic assist device that allows the hatch to be opened with greater ease. A ladder and lift is also placed inside of the heavy armory to allow for heavy ordinance to be moved between decks.

New Locking System

With the refit of the Zahl, the old lockers for heavy weapons and the vault door itself have been upgraded to include a new key mechanism. New keys have been distributed which incorporate hollow recesses, curves, and complex internal shaping to make keys far more difficult to duplicate. These keys are to be utilized by inserting the key into a special port in the locker or vault locking mechanism which contains a portion of Pico-Jelly. The pico-jelly in the locking mechanism fills in the recesses of the key and sends data into the locking mechanism to confirm if the key is a match to the proper key configured to the lock.

Weapon Compliment

Contained inside of the heavy armory are the following:

  • 20: RPAMS – Rocket Propelled Antimatter Missile System.
  • 50: Low yield antimatter Missiles. (Equivalent to a typical rocket launcher or bazooka charge)
  • 50: Fragmentation Explosive Rockets.
  • 50: Fragmentation Grenades (5 second fuse).
  • 200: Unfilled Antimatter Containment Missiles
  • 2: Neural lock secured antimatter taps designed to securely interlock with antimatter missiles.

Post Refit

Note: In the refitted variant of the Zahl, the Heavy Armory includes a nanite constructor system which grants the new armory the flexibility of being able to create ammunition and equipment on demand.

Medical Equipment

The Akaramu uses the on board medical facilities standard to the Zahl-class Cruiser Type 02, this includes first aid kits, pico-jelly dispensers, etc etc. Also used are the Peacekeeper Pocket Medikits and Peacekeeper Field First Aid Kits.

Vehicle Compliment

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