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FMS-1 Linear Rifle "Stalwart Special"


The man's name is Fusegu Mora to his friends, and Stalwart to his business partners. He's the head, and sole member of the corporate entity known as Stalwart Defense Industries. Something of a layer through which he protects himself from liability.

He's a dabbler. Using the small amounts of funding he picks up through salvage, he creates low-cost miracles that he then sells to other companies for manufacture. A rather reclusive fellow, he hangs around his tiny ship and works with his creations before he docks at a nearby station to eat, restock, and hit on women and men alike.

But this isn't about him, or about Stalwart Defense. This is about his first creation: the “Quad Barrel Linear Shot”, or as it was later dubbed, the “Stalwart Special”.

Basic Stats

  • Manufactured by the Lorath under the name “Stalwart Special”
  • Fires ceramic needles with high power and accuracy, and extremely long range
  • 2 needles per shot
  • 40 needle capacity
  • Requires battery - good for 400 shots (800 needles)
  • Integrated laser + light system
  • Auto-targeting system (Optional)
  • 1600 KS


Ceramic Needles

Rather than the traditional materials, this weapon utilizes ceramic needles that are cheap to manufacture. They are no less effective, however, than traditional equivalents.

Barrel system

The reason Stalwart called this weapon the “Quad Barrel Linear Shot” is twofold - one, the recoil is much like a shotgun, and two, he refers to the rails as “barrels”. The rails are thicker and shorter than those of previous models, appearing far more like the barrels of a shotgun than the standard rifle form factor other personal railguns come in. The two pairs are stacked on top of one another.


To reduce cost, the Linear Shot uses a battery to charge the rails. This battery is good for about 400 seperate shots (10 mags) before discharged. It is not rechargeable but replacements are usually sold with the mags.

Laser + Light

Dual laser for target and rangefinding integrated into the top barrels, and high-intensity lights integrated into the bottom.

Auto-targeting System

This system is a cluster of simple sensors that track a target for the user and transmit that information, through either cybernetics or telepathy. This system is Stalwart's personal innovation and the mass-produced version does not come with it standard.

Upgraded Version: FMS-1+

Due to the advancement of available technology to both the Lorath and Stalwart himself, the Special has recieved an upgrade, designated FMS-1+. The rails have been modified to use standardized Lorath needle ammunition; and the finnicky battery pack/ammo pack system, a side effect of the weapon's cobbled-up origins, has been replaced with a simple, quick-exchange refillable ammo pack. Ammo capacity has been increased by 50%, to 60 needles (30 shots). Other than these changes, the weapon remains the same.

The upgraded variant costs the same as the original did; the original is now no longer in production. An upgrade kit may be purchased for 250 KS to modify one's existing Special.

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