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LSDF “Hik'id” Plasma Assault Rifle

Designer: Lorath Self Defense Force Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy (Suggested) Price: 3500KS Individual Component Costs: Trigger and Grip Assembly: 700KS Focusing Barrel: 1000KS Frame: 300KS Plasma Accelerator and Containment Assembly: 1500KS

Nomenclature Information

Name: “Hik'id” (“Regret”) Light Plasma Rifle Type: Plasma Assault Rifle Model: LM-E-AR-P-01-30 Role: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Light Armor Length: 28 Inches / 71.12 Centimeters. Mass: 9 Lbs / 4.08 Kg.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Accelerated Plasma

Firing Mechanism: When switched out of safe-mode, H2O is moved from a holding container to an accelerator chamber, where microwaves and laser beams are utilized to convert the liquid into a plasma. Power for this process is drawn from a detachable power-cell. After the rapid acceleration process, the plasma is then available to be moved to the firing chamber. When the trigger of the weapon is pulled, plasma is moved from the accelerator chamber to the firing chamber, when in the firing chamber, additional microwaves are applied to maintain the material's heat. A controlled subspace and magnetic pulse is then applied to the firing chamber, forcing the plasma out of the chamber. The plasma is then routed through a confinement barrel which focuses the plasma into a coherent beam/packet. As the beam/packet leaves the barrel, a magnetic field is extended from the barrel to add to the beam's (or packet's) coherence, and to protect the user from ambient heat.

Beam/packet Diameter: 25mm, gradually increasing in width by one millimeter every twenty-five meters.

:!: Ranges listed are applicable in 1g of gravity in standard Yamatai-like atmosphere

Effective Range (Pulse): 300 Meters Maximum Range (Pulse): 500 Meters Effective Range (Stream): 50 Meters Maximum Range (Stream Fire): 100 Meters Minimum Range: 5 Meters to ensure user safety

Muzzle Velocity: 1c

Muzzle Blast: The weapon's discharge is often a blue with strong hues of orange and purple when fired in atmosphere.

Firing Mode(s): Semi-Auto packet, .25 Second Stream Burst, User Selectable Stream Duration, Continuous Stream (Up to sixty seconds of sustained fire).

Firing Modes II: Armored user, and unarmored user.

  • Explanation: The Hik'id's plasma stream in a full-power setting unfortunately puts out far too much heat for an unarmored user to utilize. Due to the heat of the weapon on a full power setting, the weapon includes a dual setting in regard to power output. In unarmored application, the power of the weapon is reduced heavily to protect the user from burns. In full-power, the weapon's power output is greatly increased, and is intended to be utilized by armored individuals which will not be harmed by the heat wash from the weapon.

Recoil: Light-Medium recoil due to magnetic forces.

Rate of Fire: Sixty seconds of beam duration or packet discharges without external power and matter supply.

Damage Description: Incineration, molecular disruption, and kinetic force damage.

Damage Ratings:

  • Armored: Tier 5 or Tier 6, Medium Anti-Armor or Heavy Anti-Armor (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)
  • Unarmored: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel

Ammo Description

Name: Self-Pressurizing Matter Container Visual Description: A box shaped containment unit with a multiple connection compatibility port designed to be connected to a source of matter. Charge: Sixty seconds of sustained fire. Added Function: Designed to accept a matter feed from an external source, such as water hoses, hemosynthetic material, or even a screw-on bottle.

Name: LM-RRC-AR-P-01 Rapid-Release Capacitor. Visual Description: A box shaped battery pack with a connection port on the side designed to accept the connection of additional battery packs. Charge: Sixty seconds of sustained fire. Added Function: Designed to accept additional power sources to be fed into the capacitor. Additional power sources could include a power feed from a planetary power grid, a KZ issue battery pack, and even a bacterial power cell.

Name: QNC Power Cell. (Cheap hafnium) Visual Description: The QNC power cell is a metallic cased unit which can be plugged into the LM-RRC-AR-P-01.1) Produced Charge: This unit is capable of producing enough power to provide proper operational power for five minutes of sustained fire, and thirty minutes of overall duration. Limitation: Due to the amount of energy which must be released, the fuel for this small power cell must be replenished after discharge duration reaches thirty minutes. This limitation has been caused by the cheap quality of the hafnium utilized to produce this mass produced power cell.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, built into the firing mode selector. Fire mode selector: Yes, the firing mode selector is located on the trigger assembly of the weapon, and is intended to be operated by the user's thumb. Weapon Sight: None, but can be equipped with various optics and sights. Attachment Hard points:

  • Left and right side rails on the lower forward section of the weapon.
  • Left and right side rails on the upper forward section of the weapon.
  • Left and right side rails located on the upper section above the trigger assembly.
  • Topside rail intended for sight and optics attachments.
  • Rear-Trigger Assembly stock attachment hard points.

Fire Duration Dials: Located beneath the accelerator chamber, this selector is designed to allow the user to designate the duration of weapon discharges for the selected firing mode.

Standard Issue “M'Cel” Grenade Launcher Compatibility: This rifle is fully compatible with the “M'Cel” multi-caliber grenade launcher system.

Synthetic Rubber Grips: This rifle includes long-lasting weather resistant moisture wicking synthetic rubber grips. These grips can optionally be stamped with the emblem of the Lorath Matriarchy, Star Army of Yamatai, or alternative organization markings.

Various Ammunition Magazine Compatibility: This rifle is designed to be able to accept various power sources and matter sources, thus allowing for the rifle to be outfitted with non-standard power and matter supplies.

Unscrewable and Replaceable Barrel: The barrel of the rifle is designed to be able to be disengaged from the frame and replaced quickly. A pair of retaining pins must be removed from the top and bottom of the weapon which will allow for the magnetic accelerator barrel to slide out and be replaced with another.

Standard Issue Sights Package: Included with each issued rifle are reflex 'Red Dot' sights, and iron sights.

EM Shielding: Due to the delicate nature of the components of the weapon's electronics systems, this rifle includes EM shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference caused by external influences.

Gravitational Field Regulator: The interior of this rifle is protected by a gravitational field regulator which prevents scalar damage, and interdiction effects from interfering with the weapon's function.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: To maintain the weapon in the field, it is suggested that the weapon be cleaned of dust and debris, barrel replaced after 300 hours of usage, and kept dry if possible.

Replaceable Parts and components: All components are replaceable and replacement parts can be readily ordered from the manufacture through most communication networks.

Visual Description


The plasma assault rifle has been designed by the Lorath Matriarchy and Lorath Self Defense Force to be fielded by infantry and some power-armor forces. Due to the nature of the Lorath, the rifle was accepted with remorse and regret, thus the rifle was dubbed with the title “Soh'mit Dy'c” or “Cursed Tool”. Despite the regrettable need to utilize such a weapon, soldiers who are issued the rifle treat the weapon with the same respect they treat their melee weapons which they still wear even as they field their rifles.

OOC Notes

Elaboration skipped due to art contained in QNC article

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