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Devil's Fountain Gatling Weapon

Producer Information

Designer: Lorath Psionics House R&D Manufacturer: Lorath Psionics House R&D – Manufacture Division (Suggested) Price: Supplied free to Warrior house members, KS cost of 5000 otherwise.

Individual Component Costs

Barrel Assembly: 500 KS Drive Assembly: 1000 KS Fuel Assembly: 1000 KS Ammo Belt: 100 KS Ammunition Box/Backpack: 100 KS Visual Sight Interface Device: 2500 KS Ammunition Conversion Kit: 5000 KS

Nomenclature Information

Name: Multi-Role Ranged Gatling System (MRRGS) – Devil’s Fountain. Type: Multi-Munitions type weapon dependent upon conversion. Powder charge standard. Model: Standard unconverted model. Role: High powered long range support and assault weapon. Length: 4ft / 1.21 Meters Mass: Gatling unit – 60lbs, Ammunition Pack – 20lbs unloaded, 97lbs loaded.

Discharge Information

(All data following is based upon the standard model without conversions) Projection/ammo type: Solid ammunition (standard). Ammunition types can be various, including AP, high velocity, solid slug, hollow point, fragmentation, incendiary/tracer, and explosive. Firing Mechanism (standard): bullets are fed into the chamber by means of a link less belt, the firing pin is pulled back by a gear assembly driven by an electric motor. With each spent round the barrels then rotate. To release spent shell casings a mechanical “prod” of sorts shoves the spent round diagonally out from the chamber. Caliber: 5.56mm Standard. Effective Range 500 yards. Maximum Range: 1 mile. Minimum Range: None. Muzzle Velocity: 2550 Feet per second / 777 Meters per second. Muzzle Blast: continuous muzzle flash until firing ceases. A “raspberry” sort of sound is made while it fires. Firing Mode(s): Burst Fire / Full Auto selectable. Recoil: To human users the recoil would be heavy but manageable; to Lorath users the weapon will have moderate recoil.

Ammo Description

5.56mm and 7.62mm Visual Description: light weight alloy cased bullets stored in a large matte black metal back pack. Ammo: 2500 rounds.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, on/off switch. Fire mode selector: Yes, Burst and Full Auto Weapon Sight: Yes, Eye mounted visual aid device that corresponds with an infrared laser located in the center axis of the barrels. Attachment Hard points: None on standard model pre-conversion. Conversion points covered by access panels. Conversion kit compatibility: The Devil’s Fountain is designed to be completely customizable; all parts are easily removable with minimal effort.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Field maintenance is reliant upon keeping the weapon well lubricated to maintain its rounds per minute potential. Also power cells must be replaced when running low, or depleted. Replaceable Parts and components: all parts are interchangeable by a simple Removal of corresponding screws, bolts, and pins. A bacterial battery pack is required to operate the barrel rotation and ammo feed.

Additional Descriptions

Visual Description

Standard appearance of a mini-gun Gatling. Except for only three barrels and reduced size in the motor section. A backpack is included to hold ammunition and is connected by a link less belt.


Development of this weapon was nearly terminated when members of the Lorath warrior house deemed it as “The work of the Devil and a fountain of evil and cowardice”. Yet at the same time there was a distinctive need for a new long ranged weapons system where there was a severe lacking of new innovations in firearms technology, thus with the coming of the development of “The Devil’s Fountain” as it was soon called, there were many more technological developments researched along with it, this giving rise to a series of after market modifications that would increase the weapon’s performance and effectiveness. Yet even with such an efficient weapon, it remains hated and shunned by much of the Warrior house, yet at the same time it is used in situations where melee combat would simply not be practical. Meanwhile, other members of the Lorath race, outside of the Warrior house, are often known to show no malice towards the “Devil’s Fountain” and show no hesitation to use it.

With the results of the research on the “Devil’s Fountain” weapons system, new production efforts have been made to increase the size of the weapon for a larger application…

OOC Notes

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