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Tomori Rina

Rina Tomori
Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5'2โ€ / 158 cm
Weight: 100 lb. / 45kg.
Organization United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces
Rank Fleet Admiral
Occupation Harbor Master
Current Placement Leo Star Fortress

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2โ€œ Weight: 100 lbs Measurements: 34-23-35 Bra Size: A Cup

Build and Skin Colour: Rina has a toned build, denoting her implementing some physical training, but not enough to appear overly muscular, but a woman with some tone to her. She has a tanned complexion, not too dark, and not too light. Kind of like Coffee with cream in it.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Rina has the typical beauty all neko's have with a few small exceptions. From her high cheek bones to her small pointed nose, to her almost pouty rosy red lips, and almond shaped sapphire blue eyes.

Hair Colour and Style: Rina's hair is the color of polished silver, with darker blond streaks running through it in a bobbed hairstyle. Her hair is longer in the front, and shorter in the back.

Distinguishing Features: Has a tattoo on her lower back of a series of scroll work that spreads out from the middle of her lower back, to her sides like a pair of wings.

Psychological Characteristics

Rina's personality has not changed much since Taiie's destruction. She still remains a calm, and cool individual, and a little on the analytical side. When focusing on a task she has a large amount of determination, and is fairly intelligent to boot. She can be a little sly at times, and even more so, cunning. Rina more often then not can come off as slightly, mean, hard edged, aloof, and even cruel sometimes due to her job. She does have a softer side when the moniker of the 'Shรดshรด, and feared Offensive Operations Director' is not needed. And can even be fairly sensual, and affectionate depending on the person.

When it comes to Jun, Rina is like any mother, protective of her child. If her dear daughter has a lover, Rina will often take on the over-protective parenting role, but she loves Jun very much, and wishes she could only spend more time with her.

Likes: Good wine, Dark Chocolate, Caligraphy, Flower Arrangement, Music, Dancing, Spicy Foods, Reading

Dislikes: Bland food, a few types of sweets, Rain, Overbearing people, Incompetence

Goals: To protect, and better the Fifth Expeditonary Fleet


Rina was born like most of her kind, and was inducted into the SAoY right after she'd matured to adult size. After her training in basic, she was enlisted, and sent to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet where she started off as a meager Santo Hei, Combat Arms. During this time she quickly rose through the ranks, and by the time of the Battle of Taiie, had attained the level of Chusa and was thusly commanding her own ship. Partly due to her unwavering diligence, and competence on the field of battle, and in leading. She fought in the Battle of Taiie, and would eventually arrive in Jiyuu after the twisted turn of events that led to Taiie's destruction. Something that seemed to have left an emotional scar on the rest of the fleet.

She was promptly inducted into the Special Training Program, and quickly achieved the rank of Taisa, and from then on Shรดshรด after a small, but decisive victory in keeping Jiyuu out of harms way of the Mishhuvurthyar. Since then she has been included into the Tange Family, and thusly is a part of the Motoyoshi Bakufu. She then became the Offensive Operations Director of the fleet, and literally became Katsuko's closest military adviser. When Katsuko assumed the throne, and Motoyoshi Saito assumed the role of Taisho of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet she was elevated to the rank of Chujo, and put in command of Hotaru Star Fortress. Times seemed good until the incident at Halna in which everything seemed to spin out of control. She'd been put in charge of building Leo Star Fortress, the then intended third star fortress for her fleet. It was then that a sudden change occurred, the United Outer Colonies were formed. Her command of Hotaru was terminated due to it having to be returned to the Star Army of Yamatai, and her rank changed from Chujo to Admiral of the new United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces. Since then she has also been offered the new occupation as 'Harbor Master' as per the new Harbor Master Act.


Communications: Rina is very familiar with communications operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Rina is fluent in English, (and if a Nekovalkyrja, Japanese). She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Fighting: Rina received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. And has taken it further by implementing an even more harsh program on herself. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, power armor, energy rifles and grenades. She is also proficient in a small variety of bladed weaponry, and solid round pistols.

Technology Operation: Rina is fairly capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is also proficient in entering and/or searching for information.

Mathematics: Rina received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. And has some basic knowledge in dimensional theory.

Leadership: Since becoming a Chusa and from then on a Shรดshรด, and Offensive Operations Director, Rina has honed her leadership, and public speaking skills. She is a very competent commander, and has a very good grasp of tactics, and strategy. And if the occasion should arise, she is also capable of diplomatic negotiations.

Knowledge: Rina is familiar with the laws, and history of Yamatai. She also can recite some reference material if needed.

Starship Operations: With Rina becoming a ship commander, then a commander of the 5th XF, she is more then competent in the day to day runnings of a starship, from piloting, to astro navigation. Since she is the Offensive Operations Director, she has also familiarized herself with stellar cartography in case it should be needed in the field of battle.

Personal Items

Peacekeeper Uniforms

  • (2) โ€“ Peacekeeper Uniforms.

Outdoor Gear

  • (1) โ€“ black rain poncho with the UOC logo printed on the the front left chest.
  • (1) โ€“ extreme cold-weather jacket, with gloves and headband/hat.
  • (1) โ€“ pair of leather boat shoes.
  • (2) โ€“ pairs of sandals. (female or male version).
  • (1) โ€“ pair of insulated winter boots.
  • (1) โ€“ pair of dress shoes (female or male version).
  • (1) โ€“ khaki-colored outdoor hat.

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • (5) โ€“ light-purple or dark purple cotton undershirts, UOC logo printed on the back.
  • (5) โ€“ Dark-purple double string-bikini panties.
  • (10) โ€“ pairs of water-proof Socks.
  • (1) โ€“ bikini come in black or purple with the UOC logo.

Grooming Supplies

  • (1) โ€“ container of Cleansing Ointment.
  • 1 bottle of Strawberry Scented shampoo
  • 1 bottle of Apple scented liquid body soap
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • (2) โ€“ washcloths, black
  • (2) โ€“ towels, black
  • (1) โ€“ 4oz Container of moisture absorbing powder
  • (1) โ€“ make-up kit
  • (1) โ€“ manicure kit
  • (1) โ€“ hair brush

Accessory Items

(1) -- Peacekeeper Card
Character Data
Character NameTomori Rina
Character Ownersoresu
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use

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