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Transuniversal Expanses

Transuniversal Expanses is a plot run by Andrew, Dyshanka and a deleted user, it is centered around Star Army of Yamatai Transuniversal Operations and the state of Tsenlan. It is set to start in February of 2023. It will have elements both in the SARPiverse as well as the Elysium Universe where Ayenee is located. The plot was subsequently canceled.

Transuniversal Expanses
Faction Yamatai Star Empire, Tsenlan
Game Masters Andrew (Tsenlan/Yamatai/U'rsthollosha), Dyshanka(U'rsthollosha) and a deleted user(Tsenlan/Yamatai)
Pacing 1-2 Posts A Week on Ayenee and some on Star Army.
Accepting New Players Interview Required on Discord

Plot Overview

It turned out the threats relayed by Bothosar on the behalf of Minjun Kiri in the Arrival of the Norians were not empty after all. In fact, the Devourer had been sent to its death as part of a bigger plan. This story will explore the aftermath, and the resulting pressures on Ayenee. The invasion is already in progress. The goal is to prevent all-out war, but the fates will decide if that hope comes true.

Joining the Plot

Joining the plot will require an out-of-character interview. Ayenee can be a brutal place and there is a risk of character death. It is recommended for people who are confident in their writing skills and who are prepared for a more outside-of-the-box type of roleplay.


A historical account of this plot:

Operation Fireplace

Operation Fireplace

During the Arrival of the Norians, an Asune Entity of the Devourer Type named Bathosar attacked the Star Army of Yamatai and their allies. It delivered a vague and obscure threat from Minjun Kiri, the Crowned Prince of the U'rstholloshan Empire in regard to Ayenee. At the time the threat seemed to be pushed as an afterthought as the people of Tsenlan were taken to safety and joined the Yamatai Star Empire.

Deck These Dark Halls

Deck These Dark Halls

During the former Tsenlan celebration of Chrystmas Winter Festival, the U'rstholloshan's Dac'kelacha Military Arm under the leadership of Crowned Prince Minjun Kiri makes their first move on Ayenee. Using the lack of Tsenlan involvement they brutally defeat the MERN soldiers guarding the City of Jahae in Surrune, a region inhabited by Norians on the Eastern-most continent of the planet. The presence of Minjun escalated with the arrival of his parents Empress Xytrinah Equinius-Kiri and her husband Emperor Koshiro Kiri. As the population is subjected and indoctrinated, their Chrystmas celebration is veered to the worship of Asune Enetites known as the Outer Gods.


Postcard to Airwin Caeyara and Ysi

On the first day of YE 45.1, Tetsuya Eitan (Airwin Caeyara) receives a coded postcard message from his former head of Yaducath Intelligence. The coded postcard includes information about the U'rstholloshan invasion, as well as images of the U'rstholloshan Leviathans which arrived in force at Ayenee.

Reading Postcards and Nature Pictures

Reading Postcards and Nature Pictures

In early YE 45.1, Tetsuya Eitan (Airwin Caeyara) meets with other members of the Caeyara and Eitan Ysi and officials in Tsenlan to discuss possible plans of action. A decision is made to share the intelligence with Taisho Ketsurui Yui and they travel to Yamatai (Planet) to meet with her1). The members of the Caeyara and Eitan Ysi who travel with Tetsuya Eitan (Airwin Caeyara) stay at their Ysi's home at Saleloria while they await the meeting.

  • This thread is in progress.

Your Time Has Come Again

Your Time Has Come Again

Uaeso Eitan and Naika Eitan help prepare the MERN War Titans for possible service again.

  • This thread is in progress.

The Battle of Ulian Veldt

The Battle of Ulian Veldt

  • This thread is in progress.


A level of high-quality writing is expected in this plot.2) Due to the โ€œtransuniversalโ€ nature of the plot, it takes place partially on another forum. Although Ayenee may be run by Wes right now, it maintains its own independent flavor and has its own history which has been roleplayed out by many people over the years. It is expected that those involved in this plot will act as good ambassadors of the Star Army site, as well as be respectful of the non-Star Army side of the plotline. People who enjoy bashing Yamatai or Star Army as a whole, please refrain from applying for an interview in this plot.


Characters Wanted

We prefer Norian who have joined or will join the Star Army of Yamatai.

  • MOS preferences will be discussed at the interview.

OOC Notes

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