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Yugumo Corporation Headquarters and Operations

In YE 43 the Yugumo Corporation moved its Headquarters to Port Jiyuu from Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori".

Station blueprints and information can be found in the Ge-H1-7A - Kลdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation article.

History and Background

As soon as Port Jiyuu was proposed1) in YE 42, the plan to move the Corporation's Headquarters and the primary Yugumo Fleetworks Operations to the new station was in place. Fuku-Kaichล Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka confirmed the the move at the end of YE 42 after construction had already started and announced that Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori" would be moved to the Shugosha System once the new station was completed.

The Yugumo Corporation would be the first tenant of the station in YE 43, even before it was completely finished or functional. It ensured that they could oversee the finalization of the sections of the station that they would ultimately control and utilize. The love to the station would mean a huge increase in construction capacity for the company's growing Yugumo Fleetworks division, and allow them to take larger contracts from the Star Army of Yamatai for support ships as well as increase their ability to penetrate new areas of the civilian market.


Yugumo Corporation Headquarters at Port Jiyuu is spread across several sectors.

Red Sector Operations

Red Sector on Port Jiyuu is the Command and Administration area that is jointly handled by the Yugumo Corporation and the Yamatai Star Empire. The station's administrative process is frequently audited by both parties to ensure that business and life on the station is maintained at a quality level for its population.

Green Sector Operations

The few Green Sector regions in the upper towers serve as the physical administrative and operations offices for the Yugumo Corporation. From these areas the day-to-day business of the entire corporation and all of its ventures and projects across the Yamatai Star Empire are supported. The management and operation of Asagumo City, the massive mega city in the Green Sector is managed by the Yugumo Corporation similar to how they manage Tokyo on Jiyuu III. They also manage buildings, construction projects, leasing and rental business in the city in addition to the maintenance and operation of the city and its systems.

Gold Sector Operations

Yugumo Fleetworks operates three of the massive Gold Sector production bays; 01, 02, and 03 for itself. The other massive production bays are currently open for lease, as of early YE 43. Their three bays are utilized for the design, construction, and repair of starships, smaller space stations, and platforms. Bay 02 is restricted for vetted personnel only as it is used for research and development for Star Army of Yamatai contracts.

Blue Sector Operations

Blue Sector's Transportation HUB is managed by the Yugumo Corporation; they handle the contract for traffic control, customs and the station's police force and security. Concourse space for businesses is available for lease.

The Yugumo Corporation operates:

Restaurants and Cafes
Kikyo Pie Company Multiple Locations 24 Hours
Sea Of Plenty Multiple Locations 24 Hours
Tachi's Multiple Locations 24 Hours
Takeda House Multiple Locations 0700-0200
Tokyo Brewing Company Multiple Locations 24 Hours
Storm Chasers Ticket Sales & Gift Shop Multiple Locations 24 Hours
Jiyuu Maritime Fleet Ticket Sales & Gift Shop Multiple Locations 24 Hours

Orange Sector

Twelve of the forty-eight Orange Sector Bays and their associated facilities are used by Yugumo Fleetworks for the construction of smaller starships, small craft, and other projects. The remaining thirty-six bays are open for lease to other corporations.

Brown Sector

Brown Sector is managed by Yugumo Fleetworks's engineering division. They handle management of the station's subsystems, support systems, and warehouse areas.

Grey Sector

Grey Sector is still under construction. The city plan for the station's second city will be finalized once Asagumo City is further ahead in its initial development phases.


Transportation to all Yugumo Corporation areas is available through Port Jiyuu's network of lifts and trains.

RP Opportunities

Roleplay Opportunities.


Yugumo Corporation employees can be found at the Headquarters.


These Characters are present in the Yugumo Corporation's Headquarters:2)

Nothing found

Local Rumors

Maybe true, maybe not.

  • The headquarters areas of the station are new so there are no rumors yet.

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