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Wormholes are topological anomalies in the three dimensional planes of space and time that connect two or more distant points. If one folds the plane of space over, it could be interpreted as a tunnel between these two separate but related points. While dangerous to late-space age vessels, such as those employed by species still in their infancy, the wormhole has become a favored method of travel by many of the established powers in the universe, in the form of artificial gates that allow instantaneous travel and communications between systems many lightyears apart.

Wormhole Types


Natural wormholes in the Kikyo Sector are few are far between, due to the excessive use of transposition and anti-FTL systems over the course of several centuries, which have all but destroyed the naturally occurring wormholes in the inner systems. They are more commonly found in the frontiers of space, where battles of this type have been few and far between. Natural wormholes do not seem to have any specific global properties, aside from acting as a tunnel that can be used to cross two predefined points nigh-instantaneously. However, certain natural wormholes have many possible exits, or occasionally, none, because their relevant exit was closed by artificial means.

Equation: Travel Time = Distance^2 x Pi

When calculating the time traveled in a Natural Wormhole, is it equivalent to the total surface area of the circle with the distance traveled as the radius, at a rate of one second per LY. As well as being unstable and occasionally dangerous to travel through without proper shielding, natural wormholes are rare in currently occupied space and generally uncharted.

'Wild' Wormhole

'Wild' wormholes are the product of advanced field technologies, allowing the creation of an entrance and exit point that may be at significant distances from each other. Considerably less safe than Natural and Gate wormholes, Wild-type anomalies require high energy field systems to prevent damage in transit, making them unsuitable for the transportation of anything other than the craft that generated the wormholes. The only known example of wild wormhole creation are the rogue Sourcian ship known as The Maras.

Equation: Instantaneous Travel; Realtime = 5-20 Minutes per LY

Wild Wormholes experience time dilation as travel is underway, as while it can be crossed instantaneously for the ship itself, time outside passes much more quickly, allowing entire minutes to pass. While this gives the ship the possible advantage of not being in real space for several minutes, pursuing ships may be able to intercept the vessel by jumping ahead and attacking them at their new location.

Gate Wormhole

Gate wormholes are the most common type of wormhole found in the Kikyo sector, due to large scale construction efforts by corporations such as NovaCorp and Nepleslian Arms and Munitions, who have been working to establish functional wormhole gate networks throughout space. Gate wormholes are characterized by their relative stability proximity to a gate-like system. If not directly inside of it, it may be in close proximity to the gate, which rarely has an impact on the relative safety of the system. Gate Wormholes lack the danger and heavy restrictions of other gate systems, but require larger, more powerful generator suites to create a larger, more stable gates.

Equation: 10 LY/S

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