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NO-M1-2a - Mantis Power Armor

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The M1-2a Mantis is the second power armor NovaCorp has constructed; it became available in YE 36.

About the Mantis

The Mantis is a re-purposing of the NO-M1-1a - Mantus Infantry Power Armor; that enjoyed a profitable production run until the collapse of the United Outer Colonies. The Modular Armor NovaCorp Tactical and Investigation System (MANTIS) is intended for use in both military and civilian roles. The Modular nature allows the customer to purchase specific configurations, or a basic configuration with a selection of modules for later use.


Work on the Mantis began in the middle of YE 35 during reassessing the NovaCorp product line. A number of the predecessor the NO-M1-1a - Mantus Infantry Power Armor where put into limited service when the corporation began looking into adding to its onsite security resources in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in response to growing anti-Yamatai sentiments.

The TC R&D team decided to re-purpose the original series and upgrade certain systems with newer equivalent. They also wanted to expand the customer base for the unit.


The Mantis looks very much like the earlier Mantus large power armor, but is graceful looking โ€“ it is all smooth curves rather than hard lines, and sticks fairly true to the human form โ€“ although it is 8ft tall and usually a very dark gray base color. There are significant bulges in the forearms.

Statistical Information

Manufacturer: NovaCorp Type: Mantis Armor Nomenclature: NO-M1-2a Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Price: 50,000 KS


Depends on drive system

STL: 0.17c using Gravitic Drive. Running: 110 mph (assisted running with gravity manipulation) Flying: Mach 5 (using shields in order to make the armor perfect aerodynamic) Underwater: 105 knots.

Range: Theoretically unlimited due to it being able to move without a pilot. Limitations on the pilot limit it to 32 days (human standard) before food runs out. Lifespan: Twenty years before significant repairs need to be made.


Length: 1.75 ft. Width: 3 ft. Height: 8 ft.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Armor: 12 ADR
  • Shields: 12 ADR (Threshold 3)


The Mantis reuses a number of the original system components, and offers options for other systems.

NO-M1 Common Systems

NO-M1-V3500 Life Support

The Mantis is equipped with an upgraded life support, the NO-M1-V3500 Life Support to take care of its user.

NO-M1-A3500 Armor

The Mantis features an upgraded armor package to increase durability; the NO-M1-A3500 Armor was created for it.

NO-M1 Power System

The Mantis is built using the ThorCore Design allowing it to use a variety of power systems.

NO-M1 Propulsion

The Mantis is built using the ThorCore Design allowing it to use a variety of propulsion systems. They cannot be used in conjunction.

NO-M1 Forearm Systems

The Mantis is built using the ThorCore Design allowing it to use a variety of forearm systems. Each arm can be equipped with one of the following:

NO-M1 Shoulder Systems

Currently the Mantis is only able to be equipped with the following:

N0-M1 Sensor Package


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