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NO-M1-X3500 Service Armature

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The NO-M1-X3500 was developed for use with the NO-M1-2a - Mantis Power Armor, it became available in YE 36.

About the NO-M1-X3500

The M1-X3500 is designed to allow personnel to make repairs in space. It takes up the forearm slot in the Mantis.

The X3500 has the following integrated tools. The tool arm retracts to change tools.

  • Arc Welder
  • Pneumatic spreader
  • Impact hammer
  • Reciprocating saw with multiple blades.


Manufacturer: NovaCorp Nomenclature: NO-M1-A3500 Type: Armor Class: Frame Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D

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