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NO-M1-1a - Mantus Infantry Power Armor

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

NovaCorp had never made a power armor, despite a vicious rumor about a system called โ€˜Scytheโ€™ which no-one in NovaCorp has any memory of. Looking for a niche they noticed that there was a lack of Infantry power armors that were actually in use, and because of this suggested that Ephesus might want to design one. He had actually already designed a power armor, but not one that was exactly going to be common, and so did in fact want to. And did. And so came Mantus came in to being.

About the Mantus

The Mantus is an Infantry Power Armor, designed almost completely for use on a planet or possibly on a space station of some variety. As such it lacks any form of FTL propulsion, has poor STL propulsion and lacks weapon systems that would be of much use outside a planet. It does not have the sort of weaponry that can take on a starship, or the sort of body that can withstand ones weaponry.

However it is very well suited for combat on a planet โ€“ it has a very high speed in atmosphere as well as the ability move underwater at high speeds. It has considerable defenses and offenses, high range, and is both strong, fast and with an AI which is highly capable of close-combat. The armor is significantly larger than other power armors.

The Mantus has the capacity to be almost as agile as a Mindy, but unfortunately the pilot is incapable of thinking and reacting at this speed. To make up for this the AI of armor often handles melee, which makes the Mantus a very able combatant with access to an enormous data-base on combat and moves along with learning and predictive programming which helps it โ€˜suss outโ€™ an opponents fighting style. The preferred situation is when the pilot and the AI work in tandem. The Mantusโ€™ joints are less flexible than a Mindy, given that it relies on a somewhat sturdier construction, but it is strong โ€“ capable of lifting six tons with its arms and of dragging or pushing ten. With clever use of its dampening field and gravity control it can lift more than this, something which it often uses in combat. The Mantus is designed to be a devastating force on the ground, and as such its expertise is in 2D fighting โ€“ something which it is supremely good at.

Statistical Information

Government: Not restricted. Organization: NovaCorp Type: Power Armor Nomenclature: NO-M-1a Designer: Ephesus. Manufacturer: NovaCorp


The Mantus is a large power armor, but is graceful looking โ€“ it is all smooth curves rather than hard lines, and sticks fairly true to the human form โ€“ although it is 8ft tall and usually a very dark green (color can vary). There are significant bulges in the forearms.


Length: 1.75 ft. Width: 3 ft. Height: 8 ft.


STL: 0.17c using Gravitic Drive. Running: 110 mph (assisted running with gravity manipulation) Flying: Mach 5 (using shields in order to make the armor perfect aerodynamic) Underwater: 105 knots.

Range: Theoretically unlimited due to it being able to move without a pilot. Limitations on the pilot limit it to 32 days (human standard) before food runs out. Lifespan: Twenty years before significant repairs need to be made.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Armor: 9 ADR
  • Shields: 12 ADR (Threshold 3)

Inside the Mantus


The inside of the power armor consists of a great deal of cushioning polymer which molds to fit the pilots body. This serves the purpose to massively reduce the effect that kinetic impact has on the pilot. The polymer encompasses the entire body including the face, oxygen being supplied by a tube in to the mouth.


To enter the Mantus the torso opens up and you simply ease yourself in backwards before the torso closes and seals itself, and youโ€™re left in darkness for a moment before the interface is activated. To exit it simply happens in reverse.

Weapons Systems

NO-M1-W2900 Xaser Pulse Cannon (2)

The Mantus is equipped with a pair of NO-M1-W2900 Xaser Pulse Cannons. They are installed in the forearms of the power armor.

NO-M1-W2901 NovaCorp Micro-Missile Launchers (4)

The power armor has four sets of NO-M1-W2901 NovaCorp Micro-Missile Launchers: one on each shoulder and one on each upper arm.

NO-M1-W2902 NovaCorp High Kinetic Rifle

The traditional firearm used with the Mantus is the NO-M1-W2902 NovaCorp High Kinetic Rifle.

NO-M1-W2903 Field Reinforced Sword (2)

The Mantus is equipped with a NO-M1-W2903 Field Reinforced Sword in each forearm.


In order to make the power armor somewhat more dangerous, there are a number of semi-retractable perfect diamond blades in certain places over the armor. These are actually blades despite being referred to as spikes, and have a cutting edge. There is a spike on the elbow (two inches), knee (two inches) and feet (from the soles of the feet, two 3 inches, one out the front one out of the heel).

Systems Descriptions

NO-M1-F2900 Armor

The Mantus is equipped with the NO-M1-F2900 Armor for its structural integrity and defense.

NO-M1-V2900 Life Support

The NO-M1-V2900 Life Support provides all the necessary life support for the operator.

NO-M1-S2900 Shield System

The Mantus is equipped with the NO-M1-S2900 Shield System to protect the armor and the occupant.

NO-M1-G2900 Generator

The Mantus uses a NO-M1-G2900 Quantum Foam Generator for its primary power requirements.

NO-M1-R2900 Dampener Field Generator

The NO-M1-R2900 Dampener Field protects the armor from scalar weapons and allows the unit to negate the effects of gravity.

NO-M1-P2900 Gravitic Drive

The Mantus uses as NO-M1-P2900 Gravitic drive for propulsion in the air and in space.

NO-M1-E2904 Volumetric Projector

The Mantus is equipped with the NO-M1-E2904 Volumetric Projector to help with camouflage.

NO-M1-E2903 Conformal PSC Device

The Armor is equipped with a NO-M1-E2903 Conformal PSC Device to protect the user.

NO-M1-E2900 AI

The Mantus is equipped with the new NO-M1-E2900 Power Armor AI.

NO-M1-E2902 Sensors

The Mantus features the NO-M1-E2902 Sensors suite for its operation in the field.

NO-M1-E2901 Communications

The Mantus is equipped with the NO-M1-E2901 Communications System for its needs.

OOC Notes

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