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NO-M1-E2902 Sensors

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The NO-M1-E2900 was developed for use with the NO-M1-1a - Mantus Infantry Power Armor, it became available in YE 29.

About the NO-M1-E2902

The system is equipped with the following components with the stated capabilities:


Manufacturer: NovaCorp Nomenclature: NO-M1-E2900 Type: Package Class: Sensor Designer: NovaCorp

Wide-Band Optical Array

Effectively the eyes of the power armor this sensory system is capable of seeing in to the entirety of the electro-magnetic spectrum, all of which the AI monitors but which it normally only shows the pilot the normal human range (and infrared upon request). The power armor can give a steady view of up to 250x magnification. There is an LED light which can emerge from the side of the head when required, in order to assist in low light conditions. The brightness of the light can be decided by the pilot, but it is capable of going up to a degree which can cause temporary or not so temporary blindness to the naked eye.

Complete Optical Cover

For the use of primarily only the AI, given that the pilot would not be able to cope with the data input the Complete Optical cover consists of tiny cameras all over the surface of the Mantus and providing complete 360 degree by 360 degree cover of the surroundings in visible, infrared, ultraviolet and microwave wavelengths. This is used by the AI to make sure that no-one and nothing sneaks up on the armor and to help it in mรชlรฉe.


This sensor functions much as radar does, but is not limited using only radio signals, but can also use visible light spectrum (the so called ladar), ultraviolet and infrared. This allows it to make very precise readings of gas and meteorological features. It has multiple other functions and advantages over radar, although tactically it is less significant. Understandably it is microwave and radio which are most usually use. The pulses are sent pseudo-randomly and last for less than a nano-second, the energy level making it very difficult to distinguish from noise and thus very stealthy.

Distortion sensor

This rather advanced sensor was created in order to defeat certain varieties of cloaking device as well as be a useful sensor. Simply put it is capable of detecting distortions in space such as those formed by a distortion based device, shield or cloak. It is not capable of detecting the more advanced versions, but constant refinement of the technology means it does not linger far behind. This distortion sensor has a range of 300 miles.

Gravitic Distortion sensor

A rather more difficult to use, the Gravitic Distortion sensor is capable of noticing the warping of space time due to mass, and both tell how large the mass is (roughly) and the location. This is rather difficult to use for the Mantus because it is designed for use on a planet โ€“ one of the largest gravity wells there is. However within five hundred meters it is capable of noting any object the weight of a man or above โ€“ beyond this range it can only distinguish ever increasingly large things. The sensor is capable of detecting several forms of cloaked vessels which can find it hard to disguise their mass perfectly. In space it is more useful and significantly more capable of detecting an object (even dampening systems will create a noticeable disturbance) and the range increases to twenty kilometres for an object with the weight of a man or above.


The Mantus is capable of picking up a whisper at five hundred meters when at its maximum sensitivity, and a conversation a kilometer away.

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