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NO-M1-F2900 Armor

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The NO-M1-F2900 was developed for use with the NO-M1-1a - Mantus Infantry Power Armor, it became available in YE 29.

About the NO-M1-F2900

The Armor of the power armor consists of a mixture of perfect-diamond and perfect-iron with carbon-ring making up the more damage resistant areas and plating the exterior. The combination of these materials results in a power armor which is very hard to damage, being particularly resistant to kinetic force but also being highly resistant to heat and temperature change. A centimeter of carbon ring is equivalent to one hundred centimeters of Rolled Homogeneous Armor, and given the armor plating on the power armor is three centimeters thick. To aid the armor in resisting energy or heat based attacks the armor is covered with a grid of superconducting wires built in to the armor itself. This spreads any energy based attack across the entire surface of the armor, massively reducing its effect. The combination of these means that the power armor is capable of withstanding most kinetic weapons it might encounter, and has good resistance to low-middle level energy weapons.

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