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NO-M1-W2902 NovaCorp High Kinetic Rifle

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The NO-M1-W2900 was developed for use with the NO-M1-1a - Mantus Infantry Power Armor, it became available in YE 29.

About the NO-M1-W2902

Carried by the power armor this large bulky looking rifle functions by firing a spike of tungsten-carbide encompassed in a perfect iron shell at supersonic velocities using a coilgun system of electromagnets. The rifle relies upon its own power source in the form of a fist sized quantum foam generator which provides it with all the energy it requires. The power of the round is exceptional, capable of penetrating considerable armor and with very high kinetic energy transfer causing great damage. It is very capable of being an anti-material rifle as well as used as a sniper rifle, making use of its great range. The weapon has a 0.60 calibre, and needs servicing every other combat situation to compensate for coil decay.


Manufacturer: NovaCorp Nomenclature: NO-M1-W2900 Type: X-RAY Class: Weapon Designer: NovaCorp


  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Infantry
  • Secondary Purpose: Assault/Tactical.
  • Damage: 5 ADR Heavy.
  • Range: 10,000 metres.
  • Rate of Fire: 300 rounds per minute. Capable of both automatic and semi-automatic.
  • Payload Uses a large clip with 1000 rounds. More can be carried by the power armor.

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