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NO-M1-P3501 Flight Package

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The NO-M1-P3501 was developed for use with the NO-M1-2a - Mantis Power Armor, it became available in YE 36.

About the NO-M1-P3501

The NO-M1-P3501 is designed to give the armor atmospheric flight only. Useful in civilian roles such as security, and law enforcement. It consists of a pair of folding wings that attach to the back of the unit. When engaged the wings extend. There is also a pair of electric turbine jet engines powered by the armor's power system.


Manufacturer: NovaCorp Nomenclature: NO-M1-P3501 Type: Atmospheric Class: Drive Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D


  • Atmospheric
    • Min: 160 kph (100 mph)
    • Max: 1,225 kph (761.3 mph) Mach 1 max

It was built to the ThorCore Design standard.

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