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NO-M1-W3501 EMP Weapon

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The NO-M1-W3501 was developed for use with the NO-M1-2a - Mantis Power Armor, it became available in YE 36.

About the NO-M1-W3501

The M1-W3501 is an Electron Magnetic Pulse weapon designed to disable vehicles, robots, and drones. It generates a focused EMP charge that is fired. The charge discharges when it strikes an object creating an affected radius. If the object is not hardened against EMP damage. It will suffer damage. The weapon has three power settings.

  • Location: Incorporated in to the fore arms of the armor.
  • Blast Radius
    • Low: 5 meters
    • Med: 10 meters
    • High: 25 meters
  • Charge time is 10 seconds.
  • Range: 500 meters


Manufacturer: NovaCorp Nomenclature: NO-M1-W501 Type: EMP Class: Weapon Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D

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