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Aavi Vinaka

Aavi Vinaka is a player character played by Ametheliana.

Aavi Vinaka
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Female
Year of Birth: AR 910
Organization: None
Occupation: None
Rank: None
Current Placement: Anticipating Deployment 1)

Physical Description

She has the blue eyes that are common to the Eyr Ranr as well as grayish silver hair that she has used Somatic Tuning, an Iromakuanhe form of bodily alteration, to change her hair from silver to orange until it finally faded to red at the bottom of her hair, which goes down past her hips. She has well defined facial features that are held up by sharp cheek bones and in the center, a pouty pair of lips can be seen which are usually rouged. She has permanent smokey eye makeup thanks to somatic tuning and her horns are also pitch black due to a procedure of horn resurfacing. She has no chest to speak of and is peculiarly narrow in the hips. She stands at 5’6” and weighs 140 pounds. She is heavier than she looks due to Iromakuanhe’s bone structure.


Sharp-witted and even sharper tongued, she likes to be the first to a punchline and the last to laugh. She, like most Eyr, is a wanderlust at her heart and dreams of sailing the skies. For that reason, she is often seen contemplating what lays beyond her grasp while looking out at the stars.

Goals: To have a pile of money. Likes: Rysari, loud noises, fighting, and Sky Sailing Dislikes: Ash Garlic, quiet people, and the color blue, like her eyes.


Born in AR 910, she is now 32 AR old, but because of the Iromakuanhe aging process, looks much younger. She was born to a family of two mothers and three fathers and a whole lot of siblings. Her family owned an airship business that took tourists above Maekardan. When she was very young, only ten, she became a professional Sky Sailer. She rode the winds high above her planet and was famously plastered on CFN.

When she was twenty-five, she was touring the xxx when she happened upon the opportunity to go out of the system. She took it, not looking back, and since has been a barista at a She Brew Coffee location in Funky City. While there, she became involved in the more underground sports and worked towards becoming a fighting champion in her own right.

She has recently been fired for brawling while on duty and is looking for work. She then joined up with some criminals. Morgan, one of them with a knack for explosions, slept over at Aavi's apartment for the time before the crime and while laying low after, became close, if not intimately private, lovers. Additionally, they soon became roommates.

Aavi didn't take many more jobs save for a mission for the blonde boss that she participated in by taking the pedals of a vehicle while morgan took the wheel. Or it was the other way around…? Regardless, the feisty Iroma liked Morgan and let her lay low in her relatively secure apartment and live there as her partner, just not in crime. Her familiars enjoyed the extra person to dote attention on and eventually the bunny-eared criminal became one of the few people beyond Aavi that they showed positive attention verging on affection to. Because both Skin and Bones, the cat-like but symbiotically paired familiar and Aavi herself liked Morgan so much, they made a small space for her in their independent life so that it could be one that fit her in it. Aavi even bought a new dark iron skillet and larger sauce pan now that she was preparing to cook her meals for her solo fighter's diet to one where she accounted for the wacky taste beyond plain oiled pasta and spiced baked Bread with Coffee like what Aavi liked most. While Aavi expanded her recipe rotation

In YE 42, she cleaned out a well kempt storage space and had a mass amount of furniture and helpful additions to a room to be worked in for Morgan. Aavi wanted the two of them could live a life together while having the space to live out their own hobbies and sometimes passions apart from one another. Aavi herself has a room for herself that has a few nooks for her Neesh to sleep or lounge in and, a desk with paints and work of that nature of Aavi's, and symbiotic supplies near a workbench. She likes to know that she has any equipment to maintain or repair herself easily within her room there as she is so far from most reputable Iromakuanhe bodily symbiotic doctors and repair workers, but there are some threads of Iromakuanhe merchants everywhere in the Kikyo Sector, by now, she has sources for supplies and more if needed of exotic Iroma symbiotic supplies. In her time away from work and brawling, which she still does both barista as a paying job and fight clubs along with training for it as if it is her other part time job, though it doesn't pay, it just calls her every day to train or win.

Skills Learned

Aavi Vinaka has the following notable skills:

  • Rogue
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Sports: Sky Sailing
  • Making Coffee
  • Painting
  • Hair styling
  • Crime (through Crimefest knowledge and experience gained)

Social Connections

Aavi is connected to:



Aavi has two familiars tied to her through a independent symbiotic pairing. Her two familiars are a pair of neesh, bright golden in color throughout their bodies save for their nose, paws, and ears which are dark gold and bellies, which are paler. They have striking green eyes and two very distinct personalities. The more outgoing neesh is named Bones and the more reclusive one is Skin. Both work off of her guidance and commands and have a link to Aavi unlike that of pet and master and much more so as if Aavi, Skin, and Bones were one.


For giggles, mostly, Aavi had a grappling hook installed in her left wrist by way of a Coralian-Type Symbiote. It looks metallic grey and has at the end of it four prongs which can wedge themselves inside of nooks and crannies. In her left, a razor-tipped whip of the same nature which looks like brown leather until the ends, which are shiny silver and tipped with razors.


Aavi's Progressive-Type Symbiote is a number of subdermal plates woven from flexible organic alloys on her arms, legs, back, torso, knuckles, and even head. This allows her the greater ability to take impacts well and hit hard when it counts. She has had these since she was a professional Sky Sailer, though the knuckle subdermal plates were added later.

Inventory & Finance

Aavi Vinaka has the following:

  • Several flannels (red, white, black, grey)
  • Skinny jeans (black, blue)
  • Tank tops (black, grey, slate blue)
  • Crop tops (one dozen)
  • Slip on flats
  • Exercise shoes
  • Socks (twenty)
  • Panties (varying)
  • Short shorts (black with “go faster stripes”)
  • 1 pint Prajna Gel
  • Purse
  • Backpack
  • Luggage boxes
  • Crate for neesh familiars
  • Apartment in Funky City
  • Food to last her the week
  • Hair accessories
  • scarves (Red, brown, blue, back, grey…)
  • Toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste and brush)
  • Beanies (One is grey with little ghost patch on the front and one is black)
  • Several dozen paintings, canvasses galore, paint, and brushes
  • Cups, plates, cutlery, and pans
  • Blankets, bed, pillows

Aavi Vinaka currently has 13000 KD and 160,250 DA.

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAavi Vinaka
Character OwnerAmetheliana
Character StatusActive Player Character
Not really deployment, just placement in a plot

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