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Morgan Mackenzie

A player character used by that anthropod Primitive Polygon.

Species: Nepleslian Mutant.
Gender: Androgynous.
Age: Twenty Eight.
Height: 5'4โ€œ ft
Weight: 140 lb
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Demolitions Expert / Corporate Saboteur / Weapons Designer
Current Placement: Crimefest Sood Zadra
Natural Bad Influence Tame Impala - Mind Mischief
Rabbit Vs The Hounds! Shohei Tsuchiya - Hinder One

General Description

Build and Skin Color: A mischievous-looking thing with both wide shoulders and hips, overall quite lean and athletic. Light pink-beige skin. Their height is below average for a Nepleslian, but the dumpy body type combined with a thin neck and waist makes them look a little lanky.

Eyes/Ears and Facial Features: Sharp, angular green eyes and a small but pointed nose. Eyebrows are light but equally angled, doing justice to the rather large and flexible rabbit ears sticking up from the top of their head. Both cheeks have dark green eyeblack set as solid rectangles. They have regular ears too, but these tend to be hidden underneath their hair.

Hair: A short bob of grey-silver, the same colour as the fur on their ears. Reasonably well kept, but not obsessively.

Distinguishing Features: There are large repeating rectangles of dark green on the left thigh, and a barcode formation on the right. Their hands and feet are a little too big for a body that is otherwise feminine, and, indeed, they are predominantly male physiologically.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Morgan would like to think of themselves as calm, sophisticated and demure, but the reality is a shifting landscape of neurosis and twisting emotions. They can be caring and attentive at times, but are also known to have quite a sinister-looking smile, and a truly Machiavellian streak when they feel like they have been personally wronged.

A willingness to appear effeminate is also rather spoiled by the actions they take as a criminal, perfectly willing to get into firefights and cause large explosions just for the thrill of it. Perhaps their most positive feature could be thus be said to be their bravery, and a willingness to stand up for their friends, but an awkward and rather intense sense of humour means such a sentiment may not always run both waysโ€ฆ

They can also be pretty easy to manipulate with flattery, and thus sometimes turn rather dense right when the rest of the crew really needs those brains for something useful. The lewd clothes are really more of a conscious choice to imitate Yamatai fashion (badly) than a call for attention, that said, as Morgan's movements and general demeanour have the sexuality of a brick either way.

  • Likes: Fighting, loud noises, explosions, money, exercise, cute clothes and trinkets.
  • Dislikes: Forgiving grudges, stuffy or 'proper' clothes, flying.
  • Goals: Make enough dirty money to buy a paradise island somewhere. Anywhere but Nepleslia.

Images from the threads


Family (or Creators)

Born in YE 11, to mother Nancy Mackenzie and father Troy Mackenzie. They have two sisters, Laura and Francia.


Just another ordinary family in Funky City, lower class and living near slums, but better off than some. Morgan's parents were workers at a local PCB factory, sometimes taking a second job as waiting staff or porters for some of the upper scale establishments, when budgets were tight.

Morgan themselves was born a boy and spent most of their childhood with relatively good grades in school, often rewarded with video games. Nothing special.

YE 26, however, was the year of the battle of Nepleslia. Caught outside during a Mishhuvurthyar chemical weapons attack, their mother was killed, and Morgan themselves left in a critical state of multiple organ failure. Gene therapy was required to set the problems right, but seeing as how their father was now a single parent, dubious backstreet doctors were the best service that the family could afford.

Genes bodged back together but hormones completely out of wack, fifteen year old Morgan was now gender confused, sterile, and pretty damn angry about the whole state of affairs. They became more prone to street hooliganism and thievery, blaming their crumbling, corrupt society and it's useless protectors for even letting the attack happen in the first place.

Time and determination soon set to creating explosives, they were a rebel without any real agenda, and ended up shot to near death again during a tremendously fierce riot.

And then again, getting blast lung from their own bomb blast, in a revenge attack against a police station.

Loan sharks paid for their bodily repairs, and any disillusion of changing the world was replaced with mocking cynicism instead. The deeper they got involved with corporate sabotage, the more random drug tests and experimental performance enhancing alterations they got involved with. Their body kept getting weirder each time they screwed up, but hey, the more their face changed, the more they could try and avoid old debts, too.

Their dad and two sisters are still alive and in contact, unaware of what the bunny does for a living. They think they Morgan has lost their mind, sure, but still try their best to put on a brave face whenever the weirdo turns up with presents.

With the new gig as a part of Ayla Sozon's gang, the rabbit's exploits became more and more unhinged and dangerous. Both a bank job and a drug heist ended up in major firefights.

Only time will tell if Morgan's drug abuse and total lack of self control will end in their brain turning to mush, them becoming a statistic, or some actual good fortune for once in their life.

YE 43 Update

Making the big money with various crimes, including the robbery of a massive shipment of androids from another gang, Morgan gained a lot more confidence, but none the less continued to duck out of repaying old debts. They also began a strong friendship with Remy Belmont, at first simply working as their house keeper in exchange for drugs (Morgan was running a 'hot maid who will beat you up' service at the time).

When Remy's business ambitions took off, Morgan simply tagged along, finally getting the chance to move off-world and apply their trade of explosives handling to much bigger game. They are currently on Sood Zadra, attempting to make a deal with Soon Bardoon.



Morgan likes things that go bang. Always has, always will. It's taken a long time (and a lot trial and error) to get up to the knowledge level they are at now, but their lack of professional training also means they are perfectly capable of crafting their art from household items, regardless of access to proper munitions. All sorts of plastic and fertilizer explosives are well within their grasp, as are remote detonation systems, trip wires, and movement-based trigger systems. The very strategy involved in creating a maze of traps is one of their life's more intense obsessions.


Smaller things that go less bang, but more often. Of course Morgan likes them too. They are mostly experienced with cut down or easily concealable weapons for obvious reasons, but can figure out a rifle or the like with reasonable ease. Their favorite load outs tend to include silenced pistols, SMGs and sawn-off shotguns, regardless. Accuracy isn't hugely impressive, but they have a lightning-fast quick-draw.

Fighting & Fitness

More likely to clunk someone over the head with something heavy than get them in a choke hold, but Morgan is none the less capable of at least basic self defence. This is at least aided by the fact that they are distinctly in shape, and can run akin to a professional sprinter for a block or two, if called upon; Which has more than a little to do with their constant genetic reorganization and repair, despite the shortcomings.


Climbing gutters, jumping from roof to roof, squeezing into vents, general breaking and enteringโ€ฆ It's pretty hard to keep Morgan's hands off of a prize once they've got their eyes set on it. Their slight of hand isn't that great, but in terms of sneaking around and not being spotted, they are definitely proficient. Acting innocent (or extra slutty) is definitely in their repertoire, but they don't really have enough patience with gross or uncouth people to really make it as a successful con artist.


They can only speak Trade, but have somewhat of an understanding of radio transmission standards and protocols, as it is useful for remote detonations. Asking them to hack into something is unlikely to bear fruit, but if called upon to stop an enemy explosive device from going off, they are capable of jamming it through electronic means. Some terms of shady company lingo and backstreet dealings are also pretty familiar to them, at least to the point when they might realize a meeting between too corporate goons was taking place covertly.

Urban Engineering

Definitely not proficient in actually building anything, Morgan's interests lay purely in how construction standards can be be predicted and abused for gaining unlawful entry. This includes a limited degree of knowledge of cooling systems, elevator operation, electrical junctions, subway tunnels, and even sewers. Knowing about a getaway route is just as important as knowing how break into somewhere, after all.


They can drive both civilian cars and motorbikes, but it's normally with a forged licence at best. Military land vehicles might be possible given the similarity, but definitely not flying ones. They have literally never been anywhere near a spacecraft.


Morgan has the following items, broken up for visual convenience;

(Carried) Weapons and Equipment

(Carried) Explosives

(Carried) Drugs

(Stored) Resources, Weapons, Equipment, Tools and Paraphernalia

  • About 1,005,000-ish DA.
  • Two extra magazines for each.
  • Earplugs. Lots and lots of earplugs.
  • Needle nose pliers.
  • Ball hammer with a shortened handle.
  • A ball of wires and alligator clips.
  • Vials of liquid nitrogen and hydrofluoric acid.
  • Military grade medical pressure suit, missing arms and lower half (used as stab-proof dress).
  • Lots of stupid nick-nacks and keychains, varing in motiff from cartoon bunnies to skulls and sharks.
  • Beige wellington boots.
  • White sneakers.
  • A can of pepper spray.
  • Various messy T-Shirts and cut down jean-shorts.
  • Both transparent and opaque rain macs, with hoods.
  • Underpants, Socks, stockings, e.t.c.
  • Dark grey swimsuit, single piece.
  • Pajamas, white with beige cartoon owls.
  • Hygiene stuff.

OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameMorgan Mackenzie
Character OwnerPrimitive Polygon
Character StatusActive Player Character

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