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Electrified Knuckledusters

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

These are a nice new product from Emrys Industries for the brawler that lies in the center of everyone. Or more specifically, someone that really likes to use their fists. In form they look like standard knuckle dusters, a one centimeter thick strip of metal that runs around the knuckles, and back behind the fingers and the center of the hand. Next to the fingers there is some padding designed to make sure the hand isn’t damaged. The metal is slightly more protruding in front of the first two knuckles, which reduce the size of a blow, increasing pressure and as such damage.

This in itself would make the weapon a considerable threat, capable of shattering bones, especially with the lead centered hand-grip, but in addition to that, the front of the knuckleduster is two electrodes, which discharges a considerable voltage of energy every time it comes into contact with an object, using it to finish the circuit. This discharge is not enough to kill a healthy person, but keeping contact for more than the length of time a blow takes could be fatal. The batteries are in the grip, and have enough energy in them for five discharges, and charge up slowly from body heat, taking around ten minutes to charge up a single discharge. They can also be attached to an exterior charger that fits into a small socket at the side, at which case it only takes five minutes. For an additional charge you can have a battery which straps onto your body in a variety of forms (covert that will hide under clothes, or version that is worn over clothes, that connects to a cable supplying the knuckle dusters, supplying enough energy for them to be used continuously (as many blows as required) for two hours. The battery attaches by hook and loop straps.

Price: E-knuckleduster: 30 KS each Battery: 20 KS

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