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Ke-B5-W3909 Type 39 Defensive Countermeasure Launcher


Designed in late YE 39, the Ke-B5-W3909 Defensive Countermeasure Launcher brings the aspect of deployable countermeasure units previously in use by the Star Army of Yamatai. In basic terms, the W3909 launches small, self contained, high-energy countermeasure pods designed off of the Ke-V10-E3900 Multirole Sensor's Pod, specifically the Electronic Warfare suite.

Reprogrammed, the Electronic Warfare suite works on the differently than its mainline sister: it broadcasts itself as a target. On most sensor screens the countermeasure pod looks like a positive IFF signal, which can be programmed to look like a myriad of different ships depending on the power given to the pods. The larger the power draw, however, the more power it takes to continuously broadcast. Because of this, the pods only have a life of approximately four minutes on full power.1) The lifetime increases by approximately thirty seconds the smaller the projected object gets. For example three and a half minutes lasts for Battleship size, two minutes for Cruisers, and one and a half minutes for destroyers, frigates, and gunships.

Another method designed for the pods is a jamming setting, designed to scramble incoming munitions. This works by transmitting a high-powered jamming signal from the host-ship to the pod, which then boosts the signal for 500,000 meters. The jamming signal specifically targets two things: the targeting hardware and the warhead itself. In this setting, the pod will transmit for four minutes before ceasing to transmit.

The W3909 deploys the pods by expelling them from the launcher one at a time. After two seconds of travel time, the countermeasure begins broadcasting the desired signal at the set strength. After ceasing operation, the pod lays dormant. On command order, these pods may be detonated by a small Aether charge designed to destroy the pod and hardware to prevent capture of technology.

OOC Notes

Enough to give off a false positive of the Izanagi

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