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YSS Ravisher

YSS Ravisher is a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards at the First Expeditionary Fleet's Ketsurui Star Fortress (Iori-Class Star Fortress) as a Sakura-class Light Gunship in YE 29. Like most Star Army Intelligence ships, it has a black hull and an alternate interior color scheme with gray walls, black carpeting (blue on the bridge), and SAINT logos placed throughout the ship (including a huge one in the lounge carpet). The Ravisher's wardroom's center tables are made from black granite slabs. It is a more sober scheme, with less decoration overall.


Ravisher's motto is “Penetrate and Exploit.”

Ravisher in Roleplay

At the start of YSS Sakura's Mission 9, Taisa Hanako and crew stayed aboard the Ravisher while the Sakura was undergoing repairs (to fix damage caused by the former chief medical officer turning against the crew). Under Hanako's command, the ship participated in first contact with a Daiclonius-class Amelliaus. Once the Sakura's overhaul was completed, the crew returned Ravisher to the shipyards, where it entered service under a SAINT crew.

In YE 33, the Ravisher was rebuilt from the Sakura-class to a heavy weapons Plumeria-class.

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