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Ke-M2-P3001 Energy Cloak Shield Projector

Built into the shoulder pad of the armour, with a projector facing back and front, these produce a tight-fitting energy “cloak” over the armour’s surfaces to protect it from energy-based weapons. The shield is not as powerful as the Barrier Shield Module (which offers superior CFS-style protection), but still soaks up to about 300 megawatts of energy damage. The shield recharges after about 15 seconds and, like the Barrier Module, it does so progressively.

Extra shield projectors do not increase protective strength due to the additional drain of more units decreasing the efficiency of the first. Also, the Cloak Shield Projector cannot be used while energy intensive backpack equipment (like the Barrier Shield or Teleport Unit) is actively drawing power – the energy drain is too great for the Mindy’s power plant to handle.

Shield Rating: 6

Date entered service: YE 30

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