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YSS Sakishima Plot

Originally started it in March 2013 by Gamerofthegame, the current Game Master of the plot is paladinrpg, who took over from longtime GM Gunsight1. The plot itself follows the continuing adventures of the YSS Sakishima, a rowdy little Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer that is often underestimated, but never outdone. The action is intermixed with social themes out of combat and fierce ship to ship combat in. It also prides itself in being largely at the direction of the players; there are no NPCs on board the Sakishima. Everyone is a player and every outcome was and is the result of their choices and actions, from command down.

The infamous classic SARP plotship returns! Freshly refit to the Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer, the flagship of DESRON 2 is thrust into the chaotic Battle of Hanako's Star… with everything lost to the Kuvexian armada, can you help the scattered remnants of the Tenth Fleet escape to safety through now-conquered territory of the southwest frontier?

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join, as long as they have an IC reason to be in the Battle of Hanako's Star.

Plot Overview

(draft) With all of Tenth's readily available 112 ships rapidly deployed as reinforcements to the battle this would also include the Sakishima being there. Due to the fight quickly going downhill for the SAoY, and nearly all hands of both 10th and 6th being lost, we have a very cool rescue and retreat scenario that could play out! Imagine the plucky little Chiaki destroyer that was defending flagship suddenly is thrust into the role of dodging Kuvexian waves as its bare bones surviving crew rescues escape/soul savior pods, armor, fighters , etc adrift in the battlespace in a desperate attempt at withdrawing and somehow getting back to Yamatai held territory without support.

This opens up possibilities cobbling a largely new crew together from ragtag survivors, tasked with limping home to friendly space with its refugees while evading Kuvexian patrols and repairing themselves, as well managing under poor conditions and limited supplies. Eventually it could lead to a counter-attack down the line to perhaps bail out Hanako's World from its occupiers, or small skirmishes etc, but the main focus is the initial SERE action.

Rules and Pacing

YSS Sakishima is normally run as a Play-by-Post RP plot within a single GM-run thread, but feel free to utilize the JP format for more intimate character development & relations.

  • All members of the plot are expected to post as often as the plot permits…
  • …and at least once every 7 days.
  • Do not wait on another player to post for more than 7 days.
  • If you will be absent or cannot post as often as required, post notice in the OOC thread. Common courtesy goes a long way!
  • Players who have not posted in more than 7 days may have their characters' actions posted or chosen by the GM to keep the plot moving.
  • Players who have not posted in more than 14 days, without any notice to the GM, may be removed from the RP. Your character may fade into the background, be sent home, or become target practice for the enemies.
  • Characters should follow the standard Star Army Regulations or expect IC punishment. If rules are not followed due to lack of knowledge OOCly - or players are OOCly ignoring or flouting rules their characters would ICly know to follow - OOC coaching, assistance or punishment may be required instead of IC consequences.
  • We will generally work along these guidelines and Readiness Conditions.


This has historically been an 18+ plot, so mature content is to be expected!

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Characters and Players

Open Positions

Former Crew


Pre-RP History

The YSS Sakishima, ND-S10-577, was a Chiaki-class (1A) Escort Destroyer created and assigned in early YE 35 to the Tenth Fleet and served most in the turbulent Yugumo Cluster.

Prologue: And so they met in a tavern...

The crew of the newly commissioned YSS Sakishima meet for the first time in the Motorboshi bar. There they get to know each other for the first time and discover they have no Captain assigned. After an encounter with a unforgiving station clerk they also receive their first mission, to escort a convoy of transports to their new home base, Leo Star Fortress. Boarding their new ship, they discover their as yet unassigned captain aboard.

Episode 1: To The Stars

Departing, the Sakishima meets up with her convoy and fellow escorts. The collection of ships sets off on its short journey. Nearing the end of the trip disaster strikes, all the escort ships save Sakishima are destroyed by internal detonations. In the ensuing chaos a single ship, commandeered by mercenaries planted in its crew makes a break for it. Sakishima intercepts, disables, boards and recaptures the ship, which is discovered to be carrying a secret load of Aether Shock Arrays for Leo's re-armament.

Interlude 1: Leo Star Fortress

Having safely delivered its convoy, the Sakishima rests in port at its new home base at Leo Star Fortress and the crew is granted a few days shore leave. During this this time, the crew takes time to relax and party and get to know each other better, some positively, some not.

Episode 2: The Long Patrol

The Sakishima is tasked with patrolling Misato's Passage, her deployment rushed due to an attack on the ship she is ordered to replaced, the YSS Mogami. While the Sakishima flew to assist, Chui Katai Yoshi is held back and tasked with putting together a solution to assist with pulling together a rag-tag drone fleet to help manage the sudden aggressiveness of the pirates. The Sakishima arrives to find the Mogami boarded and moves in. The Mogami's crew is spaced and a short battle ensues between the two warships before a passenger aboard the Mogami, Anzu, manages to kill the pirates in the engine room and turn the ships engines off.

From there, Misha and Milo board the Mogami after cutting a hole in the hull at the bridge and spacing the remaining pirates. The Mogami's crew is recovered and revived by Saya and the ship secured. The pirate ship, docked to the Mogami's underside airlock is captured and brought aboard the Sakishima for investigation.

At this time Yoshi arrived with the YSS Yurei and a flotilla of drone ships to assist the Sakishima in securing the sector from pirates.

Soon the Mogami's crew is restored by Saya and returned to their ship. After some short repairs to the sister Chiaki class ship, Mogami prepares to head home. The small pirate ship is transferred over to be taken back to Leo and soon the Mogami departs for home, leaving the Sakishima and her small flotilla to patrol the passage.

While they patrol, the pirates operating in Misato's Passage decide it is time to drive all Star Army fores from the area and clear the way for their operations to grow. They begin massing all of their forces in a preparation to ambush and destroy the Sakishima.

Meanwhile, life aboard the Sakishima starts to settle back into what could pass for normal with its crew. After some quiet, a distress beacon was detected by one of the drone ships. Sakishima and her fleet moved in to investigate. What they found was a large star liner that had been attacked, raided and destroyed by pirates. There were no survivors. The Sakishima moved in close and deployed an away team to investigate and recover the liner's black box, not knowing this was the trap set by the pirates to lure in and destroy the Yamataian task group.

The trap was detected just in time. A large snti-ship mine planted in the wreckage and set to a timed detonator. The away team rushed back to the Sakishima and cleared the area just in time as the mine detonated. The battle was on.

Episode 2.5: The Battle of Misato's Passage

The massed pirate fleet attacked as soon as the mine exploded, coming out of the left over electro magnetic disruption left by the nuclear detonation and attacking the Yurei, the drone control ship, first. Sakishima rushed in to aid her fellow ship, along with all the drones. The battle was short and deadly, all ships involved taking heavy damage. Several of the drones were blown away and the Yurei was put out of action during the firefight, but the pirates took the bulk of the losses, nearly all of their ships were blown away entirely. Momoka was badly injured and incapacitated at this time.

The Sakishima took severe damage to her port side, loosing both engines and all weapons there when her port ammunition magazine was detonated. Power armored infantry was deployed against the pirates during the fight, notably when Misha killed the crew and captured a single enemy gunship, the only enemy vessel that would survive the battle.

The Sakishima's shuttle was employed as a kinetic missile against an enemy vessel in the final moments of the battle when Goto had a moment of rage in seeing so much harm done to his shipmates and damage done to his ship.

The battle ended with the destruction of the enemy flagship. Shortly after reinforcements arrived from Leo and Sakishima and her surviving task group returned to Leo Star Fortress for repairs and shore leave.

Interlude 2: Halloween and Drama

Back at Leo Star Fortress, the Sakishima put into port for repairs to her battle damage. While she was in the yards, the crew was granted extended leave over the Halloween holiday. During this time new crew arrived and various exciting social encounters transpired, including a fight between Dakura Dakura and the Yuu, Goto and Momoka's first date among other events as the crew took their time off and generally terrorized the station.

Interlude 2.5: The Sakishima Holiday Special

With the Sakishima repaired of all damage and upgraded, her crew was ordered back aboard and sent to Yamatai to test out the ships new engines, pick up a new shuttle and enjoy the Yule holiday on the homeworld.

Episode 3: A Fistfull of KS

While on rout back to Leo Star Fortress the YSS Sakishima is disabled and boarded by an unidentified alien vessel. The aliens, unseen behind a black cloud of gas that renders all who breath it unconscious, take the ship after the entire crew is incapacitated.

The crew awake one by one finding themselves in a strange world, an archaic town in the desert. They also awake to new memories and personalities fitting with the new setting and no memories of their real identities. They went about their new lives in this western world, dealing with the growing tensions between factitious crime syndicates that vied to control the town.

Meanwhile on the Sakishima the aliens were examining the Yamataian ship that they had taken for a prize. The MEGAMI Jeeves and the three androids, Ichi, San and Potato remained hidden and plotted to take back the Sakishima from the aliens and soon the three mini androids were venturing onto the alien vessel still docked with the Sakishima. Soon they found the crew in some sort of research lab, all hooked into machines that were keeping them in a shared mental simulation.

In the simulation the programmed disputed between conflicting factions were deteriorating with the Sakishima crew stuck in the middle. At one point, Doctor Eir, the medic assigned to the Sakishima at the time was shot and killed in the simulation world and died in the real world too, her body taken away for who knew what. From here things just got worse as the computers controlling the sim worked them towards the ultimate end and what would be all their deaths in a major gun battle.

Outside, Ichi, San and Potato, aided remotely by Jeeves worked to extract the crew, getting Dakura out first. The system, thinking Dakura dead, dispatched its great mechanical arm to take her body. The SAINT Operative was forced to fight it off, destroying it then using it to defend herself from one of the aliens sent to investigate what was happening in the lab.

The androids worked fast to extract other crew, who, while disoriented, worked fast to get the rest of their fellows out. A battle ensued as the crew fought their way through the alien vessel to the connecting airlock to the Sakishima, all of them making it over just before the aliens detached their ship. Now free, the Sakishima maneuvered and engaged the enemy vessel, destroying it before it could destroy them.

Interlude 3: A Short Rest

The Sakishima returns to Leo, the crew quarantined and interviewed after their disturbing first contact with hostile insectoid space roach aliens. After this and a stern warning that all they experienced and saw was ultra classified, they were relieved for a shore 24 hour leave before being called back for a new and important mission.

Episode 4: Operation Anvil

The crew of the Sakishima are gathered together with all the others of DESRON2 and briefed on their mission, dubbed Operation Anvil. The mission: to assault, board and capture the pirate star base located in the nebula traversed by Misato's Passage. The entirety of DSRON2, two additional cruisers, Amaterasu and Oni, troop ships and the Yurei make up the strike fleet. The plan for the cruisers to sweep the station's protective minefield with heavy bombardment from their main batteries, clearing mines, defense platforms, then for the Sakishima to lead a section of DESRON2's destroyers into the cleared path and secure a beachhead in the station's main launch bay. Once secured, troop ships would move in to offload the main assault force. Meanwhile, Dakura was given separate orders to infiltrate the station's main computer mainframe and retrieve specific important files.

The briefing completed, the fleet deployed from Leo Star Fortress and moved out. The trip was completed quickly and soon the assembled strike fleet was approaching the pirate star base. The cruisers moved into position and opened fire, hammering the station defense line hard, wiping a wide swath of mines and orbital platforms out of existence in minutes. Then the order was given, Sakishima and her unit moved in, facing little resistance till close to the station, where short range defense batteries were dealt with. The unit was soon down, deploying the initial wave of troops onto the station.

The launch bay was lightly guarded and soon fell under Yamataian hands as the pirate defenders fell back into the station proper to regroup. Beachhead secured, the two troop transports, Nagara and the Kamo, moved in. Sudden fire from enemy ships deployed from another hangar struck the Nagara, causing the troop ship to crash in the secure beachhead next to the Sakishima. Operations to rescue the troops and crew inside were undertaken immediately, lead by Misha, Goto, Anzu and Zuyev from the Sakishima.

About this time Dakura Dakura made her move into the station, heading for her mission goal. She was quickly followed by Goto.

In the crashed troop ship, Infantry including Alva Lenasdottir, Goto Daisuke and some of his Legionnaires quickly worked to escape the burning wreck. Outside, Sakishima, Izumo and Soryu lifted off to take on the new pirate threat.

Once the Nagara was opened up and the infantry aboard rescued, proper operations began. Sakishima's infantry leading the first wave into the station proper to meet the enemy.

Outside, the pirates opened up a devastating attack with nuclear missiles. While most of the missiles were shot down in time, two detonated. The first struck the Soryu directly and vaporized the ship. The second detonated within a few thousand meters of the Sakishima and melted away all of the ships underside anti-armor cannons and flooded the lower deck with radiation.

The infantry spearhead, lead by Anzu, Misha, Yuu, Goto Daisuke and Moose met the enemy, a collection of unarmored fighters supported by several dozen pirates in IMPULSE power armor and one, the leader, in an AIR power armor. The fight was on.

In space aboard the Yurei, technician Kaname began operations to hack into and assume control of the station's higher command functions, quickly slicing her way through lines of defense and into primary command systems.

Meanwhile, Dak Dak and Goto arrived at the station command level after fending off a grenade attack and blasting away an unsuspecting pirate. They moved into the main computer center, where Dakura plugged in her data recovery chip and recovered her data.

The fighting below was heavy, but the enemy defenders were not a match for the Yamataian assault force. That said, the AIR armored pirate was capable enough to cause a lot of damage and threaten the invasion troops, enough so to gain the personal attention of Yuu, followed by Daisuke and Moose. Meanwhile, Anzu and Misha waded her way through enemy troops and power armor, tearing all asunder with skill.

Aboard the Sakishima, the minions aided Jeeves in rescuing Pike from the radiation flooded engine room, then Potato helped to ventilate the lower level. At the same time, the Sakishima moved again, firing on the enemy, taking out two enemy vessels, including the one that had nuked the Soryu out of existence, with a well placed shot of the main aether shock cannon by Asrid.

Kaname secured command of the stations systems now. This combined with the infantry gaining the upper hand in the fight below and the destruction of all remaining pirate vessels signaled the end of the fighting. The surviving pirate fighters surrendered to the Yamataian troops. The Battle was won.

Interlude 4: Hanako's World

Returned from the successful assault on the pirate star base and the successful conclusion of Operation Anvil, the crew of the Sakishima has been dropped off on the resort planet of Hanako's World for some much needed shore leave while the Sakishima herself returns to the yards for battle damage repairs. During this time, Asrid and Yoshi held a beach party to announce their engagement.

Episode 5: The Turning Point

After three months of extended leave on Hanako's World, the Sakishima and her crew were finally recalled to service. Tasked with meeting up with a SAINT operative on assignment and to conduct her to a covert meeting, the Sakishima sets off.

Meanwhile, on the world they are supposed to rendezvous over, the ship conveying the agent, the YSS Enshu, is shot down by an unknown enemy, stranding the operative and medic, Caroline Ragadottir on the surface.

The Sakishima arrives in orbit shortly after and dispatch a landing party, including Yoshi, Anzu, Mishu, Suzue and Ichi, who go down in armor and deploy the TASHA tank. In orbit, the Sakishima falls under attack by enemy vessels, an old former Yamataian destroyer and a heavily refit and armed yacht.

At the same time, on the surface, the landing party and survivors also fall under heavy attack by a unit of soldiers with power armor and armored vehicles. On the surface, the landing party encounters hostile forces who attempt to wipe them out and the remaining survivors of the Enshu

Meanwhile, in space the Sakishima is attacked by multiple hostile ships, some old retired warships, some converted privateers. The battle rages and Sakishima is badly damaged in the fighting, her main reactor crippled and overloading.

On the surface, the fight with the hostile ground forces continues, the landing party gaining the upper hand having superior firepower, they eventually overcome and wipe out the enemy ground forces, though several members of the landing party and survivors of the Enshu are wounded.

In orbit, the crew evacuate the Sakishima, taking one of the escape pods and jettisoning from the doomed warship, all save Momoka, who is trapped under a pile of wreckage. She says her goodbyes and vows to protect the escaping pod as long as she is able before the reactor blows. As the pod rockets away, the battle rages on, shrinking into the distance and culminating in a series of massive explosions, then nothing.

Meanwhile on Leo Star Fortress, a terrorist attack strikes the military complex, bombs detonating all of the remaining ships of Destroyer Squadron 2 and blowing up the headquarters facility as well as taking out all of the station's Soul Savior Pods. With DESRON2 in flames, Shoi Bubblegum and Pike, along with newcomer's Merna, Aevar rush to the ex-YSS Yurei to set out and find the Sakishima and make sure she and her crew are safe. While prepping the retired communications ship they encounter Koko, a fighter pilot aboard to salvage hardware from the ship before it's scrapped. After some convincing, Koko joins them and the Yurei departs.

The escape pod arrives at the planet about the same time as the Yurei and reenters the atmosphere, landing near the away team. It's then that the away team learn the fate of the Sakishima and all board a captured shuttle and fly up to the Yurei. With everyone aboard, Bubblegum plots a course back to Leo Star Fortress and they return.

Back on Leo, the entire surviving crew is brought in for debriefing with Chusa Tomohiro in a temporary office complex, since DESRON2 HQ is a smouldering husk of it's former self. Interviews begin with Yoshi. During the process of the interview Tomohiro reviels that she is the leader of the secret organization that the Sakishima has encountered and foiled on several occasions in the past. Tomohiro shoots and kills Yoshi, then informs the security in the waiting room where the rest of the Sakishima crew are that they are all traitors and to kill them immediately.

After a short and violent fight, the Sakishima crew prevail and subdue the guards just before proper base security arrive along with Bubblegum and Pike.

Elsewhere, Yoshi comes too, regenerated in a new body aboard the presumed lost Sakishima. She is greeted by Momoka and Jeeves, who survived the battle and won. The Sakishima had been limping back to Leo and had just come into range to Yoshi for her to regenerate on the ship.

Episode 6: Proving Grounds

After time spent recovering from the ordiel with the traitor Tomohiro Mai, the crew of the Sakishima return to duty. With Katai Yoshi promoted to command the rebuilt DESRON 2,Kanuhiro Goto takes the repaired Sakishima and crew out for a shake down cruise.

While outbound from Leo Star Fortress, the Sakishima encounters an unregistered fuel depot and investigates. Upon attempting to board the depot for an inspection, the landing party finds themselves under fire, as does the Sakishima and DESRON 2. Both the landing party and ships fend off their attacks without loss of life or significant damage, but not before the crew of the fuel depot are able to make their escape via a hidden escape ship.

Investigating the now abandoned depot, the landing party find a high tech command center for intelligence gathering at the heart of the station and are almost blown up as the depot's auto destruct is triggered, if not for Anzu brute forcing her way through a bulkhead and severing the command lines to the destruct system, halting the countdown at the last second. Going back to their investigation, Misha locates the covert intelligence gathering center's intact data banks.

Soon the information was recovered, the station turned over to Star Army forces and the YSS Sakishima departed. With orders to return to the capital to deliver the gathered intelligence, the Sakishima returned to Yamatai and was granted shore leave on the capital world.

Interlude 6: Sakishima's Day Off

Their mission complete, the crew of the Sakishima is granted some time off on the capital world.

Episode 7: Unnatural Selection

Their leave completed, the Sakishima begins the trip back to Leo Star Fortress. Their commanding officer, Yoshi Katai back aboard and in command once again. En route, the Sakishima detects and responds to a distress call from a civilian transport in distress. Coming upon a civilian transport ship with a reactor malfunction, the crew rescues the single crewman and cargo just before the cargo ship's destruction. The crewman is brought aboard and checked out by medical and the jettisoned cargo module docked to the Sakishima's main airlock.

With the rescue complete, the Sakishima gets back underway for home and the crew return to their usual evening routines. As they're relaxing, all ship's power goes out and their new guest holds a gun to the back of the Doctor's head. Through the ensuing chaos, a small team of mini terrorists attempt to take the disabled ship and disoriented crew. Firefights erupt in the Onsen and outside engineering and another hostile attempts to capture Ichi and San in the ship's ventilation ducts, but all enemies are eventually driven off with the arrival of the YSS Takamagahara and her infantry unit, sent to investigate loss of contact with the Sakishima.

Interlude 7: What the Future Brings

Back on Leo Star Fortress, the Sakishima crew relax as they await their next mission.

Current History

Episode 8: Paradise Lost

In YE 41 she and her other sister ships of DESRON 2 were refit to the new Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer standard at Leo Star Fortress. Thrust suddenly into the Battle of Hanako's Star, will they survive…?

Art & Creativity

OOC Notes

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