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OIF Salvation

Oif Salvation is a roleplaying plot created July 7, 2015 by Syaoran.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

The OIF Salvation was launched by Origin Industries with the purpose of not only testing their new Assayer Class Starship in a real world environment, but also to extend Origin's field of operation. The Salvation was given the primary duty of responding to distress signals as well as performing search and rescue operations, but will gladly spend their down time conducting salvage operations.

Due to the policy of the captain the ship is open to any one free from political or governmental ties that wants to help. This has created a rather diverse crew with many different skills to aid the ship as they struggle through all sorts of mysteries in remote sections of space and try to conduct rescue missions involving unknowns creatures.

Rules and Pacing


Posting will take place primarily in SP format on the forum, however if the players want to do a JP it can be arranged if enough people can get together at the right time. All players will be expected to post within 5 days of a post requiring their reaction, GM or player. Of course if something comes up and you can't make it for a while try to tell everyone before hand if possible.

If a player does not post within 7 days they will be contacted by the GM, as well as having their character auto moved if a GM post is being made. Repeated infractions will result in the character being left out of post and moved to inactive members. Characters can then only return at story appropriate areas. If a character that has been inactive multiple times continues to miss the posting requirement it could result in death of the character.

====Content==== The OIF Salvation is a 18+ rated plot, though almost any content is permitted players are asked to show maturity and a measure of restraint. The high rating is so that restrictions do not get in the way of story telling, if the allowed content gets in the way of the story the rating might be changed.

Roleplay Reviews

  • Current Score:9/10
  • Previous Score: 100%


Episode 1- Geting Their Feet Wet(Current mission)

After a welcoming party for the new crew, the OIF Salvation launched on it's maiden voyage. However it launched in direct response to a distress call, there was no time for the crew to take it easy. Arriving in the Claw Nebula, the crew were quickly met by the ISC Sugar Glider, a ship besieged by pirates for its cargo. The first order of business was to launch several fighters to control the air space and then they launched an away team to board the Sugar Glider and take control of the whip. However while the away team was working, a second team had to be deployed to attempt to seal a hull breach.

With some struggles the away teams were able to put a stop to the pirates on the ship, apprehending many, and killing others. A dud torpedo was also diffused and removed from the ships hull to allow it to be repared and depressurized.

OIF Salvation Inventory

This page lists items carried by the OIF Salvation.

General Inventory




Drone Hangar

Frame Bay


Shuttle Bay

Fighter Accessories

Medium size

Light size

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