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Shield Boosting Pods

These Pods were designed in YE 31 in order to boost shielding capabilities of small craft.

Designer: Origin Industries Fleet Yards
Nomenclature: OI-V1-S3100
Manufacturer: Origin Industries Fleet Yards
Fielded by: Origin Industries, Independent, Various.


Designed as a way to increase the survivability of the Scimitar Starfighter, these pods were developed alongside the craft and put into service in YE 31 along with the fighter. As they are capable of being utilized on many small craft, the pods are mass-produced and sold separately. They continue to be popular as a cheap way to add extra shielding to a small craft such as a starfighter.

Function and Design

The Shield Boosting pods are medium-weight pods to be attached to hardpoints on fighters and small craft which augment existing shield types. These pods boost shields to the maximum amount a small craft can sustain. In terms of extra capacity, it automatically makes a secondary shield bubble of the same strength as the craft's own shielding systems, and can even function when the original shields have been overloaded. There is a major drawback, however, and that is that these pods take a major energy draw. As such, when the Shield Boosting Pod is activated, a craft's speed will be reduced by around 15%, trading speed for protection, in essence.

Multiple pods may be added to a single craft, if it can mount them, but each additional pod reduces top speed by 15% again, though no more than four total pods may be added to a single craft.

Starfighters and small craft with no shielding may mount these pods to give them a single shield per pod, but output is limited to the same tier as the craft due to the power output available.

The pods contain generators for two types of shielding:


The Shield Boosting Pod is essentially a Durandium Alloy tube with rounded ends and an attachment point on the top so that it can be affixed to hardpoints on small craft.


The Shield Boosting Pods are available only for starfighter use from Origin Industries. They are often sold with new starfighters.

  • Recommended Retail Prices
    • Shield Boosting Pods: 4,500 KS each.

OOC Notes

Created by Kai.

Updated 2020/03/29 by Kai

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