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OI-M1-W3106 Plasma Pistol/Saber

Designed in YE 31, the Plasma Pistol/Saber was designed by Origin Armor Works as a close range, hand-held melee weapon for the OI-M1-1A Ashigaru. The W3106 is a hybrid weapon that coalesced into existence as OAW's design teams independently worked on both a hand-held plasma pistol, and a form of plasma saber. In order to save space and money, the two projects were combined into one.

As a short ranged pistol-like weapon, the W3106 fires magnetically contained plasma provided by the frame. Due to its size, is magnetic containment field is somewhat small, causing it to have a short range, with less penetration and damage. The saber mode generates a stable magnetic field in the shape of a cylinder, one to six meters in length from the barrel, which is filled with constantly recycled plasma. The magnetic field allows the saber to 'clash' with similar plasma blades. When in contact with a solid cutting surface, the magnetic field is disrupted, letting the superheated matter cut through the material. Due to it's design, the saber cannot operate unless it is being held by a compatible powered frame.

Weapon Specifications

  • Purpose: Anti-Mecha Pistol, Plasma Saber
  • Range: 900 meters in atmosphere. 2000 kilometers in space. 1-6 meters in Saber mode
  • Damage & Muzzle Velocity: Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor Pistol, Tier 7 or Tier 8, Light Anti-Mecha or Medium Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) Saber
  • Rate of Fire : Semi-Automatic Pistol, Constant Beam Saber
  • Payload The pistol/saber has no internal payload, and requires a connection to the frame for use.
  • Muzzle Flash: The Plasma Pistol/Saber fires beams or emits of beam of blue, green, red, or pink plasma

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