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Rina Nematsu

Rina Nematsu is a character played by a deleted user.

Rina Nematsu
Date of Birth: YE 23
Species Minkan
Gender Female
Height 165cm
Weight 55kg
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation Star Army Clerk
Rank Santô Hei
Current Placement Fort Minori Reserve Center, Star Army Personnel Command

Character Description

Rina Nematsu is an inneffably beautiful female Minkan, she has a height of 165cm and weighs 55kg. She has golden eyes with shoulder length, wavy black hair. She wears primarily black cyber goth clothing with small pops of bright color. Her hair is normally loose or in braids when not in uniform.

Despite her appearance she has a warm yet protective personality. She considers those she works with to be part of her team, her people, and will defend them as such with a disarmingly charming smile. She finds inequality in any form to be the most annoying and will call it out every instance of suspicion. When she is not at work she likes to work on creating more outfits for social events or attend baking class.

Height: 165cm
Mass: 55kg
Measurements: B32-W22-H32
Bra Size: B
Build and Skin Color: Slim and Athletic, Pale
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Black


Rina is an ENTJ-A1) personality type. Contrary to her appearance she is an extremely intuitive extrovert enabling her to get along with all the personality types she encounters in her life. As it relates to work she is rational and impartial, which means that she would give the same quality of work to everyone regardless of personal feelings. She operates well under stress, not afraid to assert herself in the defense of others. Her family is a huge part of her life, whether it be chosen or by blood.


Rina Nematsu was born on Kyoto in YE 23 to Jumaro and Ehime. Her birth occured during the Second Draconian War, which her father Jumaro was involved in as a medic. Her mother Ehime served as a Star Army Clerk up until the birth of her brother Meiji was born in YE 30. At this time her mother was honorably discharged after ten years of faithful service. In her early years Rina showed an aptitude for personnel management. This manifested in keeping track of any and all routines, notifying her mother when she thought something was due.

Upon her tenth birthday in YE 33 she received a datapad with various scheduling and organization tools to help aid in her desire to keep track of events. Around this time she also began to develop a taste for baking comforting treats ranging from simple bread loaves to extravagant cakes. Well, as extravagant a cake as a ten year old could make anyways. During this time she began to take over simple house tasking from her mother to help aid in caring for her brother while her father was away on active duty.

In YE 44 her father retired from the Star Army of Yamatai after thirty years of honorable service. At this time he also began to become more involved in Rina's life discussing future opportunities for her skills. After much discussion requiring very little convincing, if any; Rina decided she would enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai upon her twenty first birthday. On the day of her birthday in YE 44.9 she was taken to the recruitment office by her mother and father. That was a momentous day for the family as both parents were touched that she was following in their footsteps. Her brother on the other hand was simply content to have her out of his hair.

Following initial training she was stationed at Fort Minori Reserve Center as a Star Army Clerk where she met Satake Hitomi. The two swiftly became close friends and coworkers. After a bit of time they split up tasking where Rina would primarily focus on processing personnel discharges and retirement.

Plot and Threads


Rina is or has been involved in the following plots:

Rina has not been involved in any plots yet, please check later!


  • Rina is involved in numerous Star Army Personnel Orders threads.
  • Grand Opening of Kumo No Kagayaki Station 'Cloudport' [Open RP]. 2) - CURRENT

Skills Learned

Rina has learned many skills:

  • Communication - Rina can communicate in Trade (language) andYamataigo (邪馬台語).
  • Star Army Common Skills- In addition to communication Rina is also proficient in combat, operation of technology and mathematics.
  • Star Army Occupation Specific Skills - Rina has quickly took her knowledge and applied it to the skills required of her work as a Star Army Clerk.
  • Organization - Rina is able to organize any jumbled tasking sent her way into a clear and cohesive project. There is nothing she cannot untangle.
  • Baking - Rina is an experienced home-baker with knowledge of most Yamataian techniques. She desires to pick up new recipes and techniques from Iromakuanhe and Norian cultures.
  • Sewing - Rina is an expert seamstress making her own elaborate cyber goth outfits for daily wear.

Social Connections

People Rina is connected to:

  • Jumaro Nematsu - Father.
  • Ehime Nematsu - Mother.
  • Meiji Nematsu - Brother.
  • Satake Hitomi - Friend.


Rina Nematsu's inventory.


  • 14,000 KS

OOC Notes

a deleted user made this article.

  • Main Art made by a deleted user using Midjourney.
  • Chibi Art made by a deleted user using Midjourney.

In the case nakshatra becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
  • For exceptions please see Nashatra (GingerGlitch) Will

Approved by Demibear 2023/05/27.3)

Character Data
Character NameRina Nematsu
Character OwnerNakshatra
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationFort Minori Reserve Center
Approval Thread…
Harm Limitinjury or death
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankSantô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Clerk
SAOY AssignmentFort Minori Reserve Center
SAOY Entry YearYE 44
SAOY Entry Month9
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month1

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