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Moe Koemi

Moe Koemi is a NPC controlled by GM Fred and played by ShotJon who appears in the Black Knights plot.

Moe Koemi
Species: NH-29M
Gender: Gynoid
Organization: Star Army Reserve
Occupation: Infantry/Scout
Rank: Nito Hei
Current Placement: Fort Victory Reserve Center

Character Description

Koemi is a neko miniature, that means she never outgrown from a youngling state. Keeping at 8 inches height for the rest of the life. Ratio wise she looks like normal neko, that means a young, attractive woman. Koemi has sleak, athletic figure. Her skin is midnight black in colour, which is a bit rare for a neko. Her face is heart shaped, with a bit of a pointy chin. The neko's feature are quite sharp with her cheekbones easily seen under her cheeks and skin. She has a small nose and pointy lips. Her almond-shaped eyes are prominent red in colour.

As for Haircut, Koemi has very long blonde hair, reaching up to her buttocks. When off duty she usually wears it in pony-tail or long braid. But when she needs her hair to not be in the ways he puts it into two braids, which she clips in two circles on back of her hair, creating a sort of small bun.

Character Personality

Koemi had fair amount of experience throughout her life. Starting as a simple-minded neko, being molded into a person by people around her and situation she lived through. With that she grew into someone who tries to live in the moment. She never cares about things she cannot change and just takes them as they are, trying to live her life to the fullest, because does not know when it will come to the end.

Also after spending time among nepleslians she grew to be more jolly and carefree then other nekoes. She is still polite, but she does not take things too seriously and likes to laugh. Her motto is β€œDo your job with gusto and have fun later when you earned it.” and she tries to live by it.

History and Relationship Notes

Koemi was born in YE23 just in time to take part in 4th Elysian war and Second Draconian. She served as a scout in the infantry squad, either helping her comrades in PA, or scouting ahead using her tiny form. At the time, everything was simple. Orders came and she went and followed them. Most of the nekoes at the time were like that. Most like all of them. But there were not only nekoes around Moe. She also served with geshrins and Nepleslians who enlisted in the Star Army. In fact her squad was half composed of nepleslians.

Koemi herself had no problem with that, but it seemed all these 'natural' people had problems with neko. Most of them treated nekoes like an equipment. Which they quite frankly were at the time. Koemi had a bit of an easier time, because as a mini-neko she got to be a mascot of the squad. She quickly took a liking to her status and started even imitating the jovial nepleslians around her. To the great amusement of the nepleslians around her of course. As one example she used to pretend smoking, like they did, except Koemi used toothpick instead. Which is something that she stayed with her. It was always a great source of amusement for whole squad.

Koemi learned a lot about life and what to expect from it from her nepleslian friends. Like when you were to be killed and dragged into the afterlife, you better go kicking and screaming. To never give up was the way to go and always focus on the goal ahead and not to worry about needless stuff around. Koemi took those advises to her heart. Sadly this time was not for too long as she and many other got stuck in the so called Blue rift for years.

They were there, frozen in time until YSS Miharu and with it her captain Ketsurui Kotori came along and saved them. Kotori lead all the draconians out of the rift and back into the existence. There they got to fight once again in Battle of Yamatai. But then shock came. They were gone for so long and everything around them changed. The whole universe was not different. Those hated Elysians were now part of the empire, Geshrintall was now known as Planet Yamatai and Grand Star Army was not Star Army of Yamatai. Koemi decided to not let those things hinder her. She decided to move one, upgraded her body to newer version and remained in military service.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in yamataian. She also learned Elysian, because they were her enemies in past. Koemi made sure to learn how to use current communication devices, though most are too big for her to use. That is why she learned how to use her telepathy very well.
  • Fighting: As every neko, Koemi was born with knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, knive fighting and ability to use sidearm. She is fairly skilled in using Power Armours, suited for neko miniature as her as well as weaponry used by it. She also learned how to use a yari, mainly by donning a Sylph and learning from full-grown nekoes.
  • Technology Operation: As a scout, part of her job was also getting into places where she should not be. That meant being bale to hack open a secured doors or even computers. After leaving the rift she worked more closely upong this skill and learned as much as she could about new computers and they way they work. With this she knows a lot about computers and programming, which now makes her skilled computer technician.
  • Stealth: Her job description was to get somewhere without being noticed. Moe knows how to stick to the shadows and keep a low profile. She also learned how to walk softly and silently while in armour, being able to sneak and move in cover.
  • History: Moe did a good job on researching the history of what happened while she was gone. All those years interesting things happened and she wanted to see what all she missed. She also learned fairly well about time before she even came to this world.
  • Physical: As her most viable way of moving around, Koemi made sure to be really good at flying. It is fastest possible way for her to move around and not risk being stepped upon. Other than that, Koemi is also a pretty good acrobat which she also uses to move around.
  • Maintenance: Back in a day, Koemi was taught a basic maintenance and how to work with electricity. There were places that are hard to reach so, technicians on ship she was on taught her how to do basic repairs, thanks to which they did not have to put whole machines apart. This makes Koemi being able to do basic repairs and knowledge to change parts. She is though unable to find what is wrong with machinery on her own most of the time.


Character Data
Character NameMoe Koemi
Character OwnerShotJon
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusReserve
SAOY RankNitΓ΄ Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentFort Victory Reserve Center

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