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Mystic Three Four

Mystic Three Four 34-8375-2106
Species: Type 3 Freespacer
Gender: Female
Age: 7 (Physically 17)
Family (or Creators): The Free State
Height: 5'0β€œ / 152 cm
Weight: 102 lb / 46 kg
Organization Ex-Star Army of Yamatai / Nepleslian Star Navy
Rank Ex-YontΓ΄ Hei
Occupation Ex-Codebreaker
Current Placement NSS Ichaival

Mystic In Roleplay

Mystic is a Player Character originally played by Strangelove. She was involved with the Task Force Lantern plot. Adopted by ethereal.

(Note: Parts of the biography have been hidden temporarily due to potential plot spoilers.)

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'0” / 152 cm Mass: 102 lb / 46 kg Measurements: 26A-23-26

Build and Skin Color: A very petite and seemingly insignificant girl that lacks a strong presence. Her skin is very pale due to a lifetime aboard starships.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Mystic keeps much of her face covered by long hair, while her flickering green eyes often avoids the gaze of others.

Hair Color and Style: Long white hair, somewhat unkempt and usually kept in such a way as to obscure her eyes.

Cybernetic Implants


Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed at birth for childhood education. These may be used later in life to accelerate learning ability, allowing a Freespacer to learn a skill in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. These also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing one to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally one can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do. This also allows them to stay connected to Polysentience and to access the collective consciousness of their race, and to remotely connect and interface to most technology.

Note: This implant has been modified by the Star Army to provide constant tracking of her location and forces all communication with Polysentience to route through PANTHEON, in order to ensure loyalty.

Sensor Suite

Mystic possesses an delicate and finely tuned array of sensor upgrades, making her effective at detecting concealed enemies and providing early warning of targeting sensors (e.g., ambushes) nearby. The suite has its effectiveness greatly reduced by nearby weapons fire, which tends to overwhelm the sensitive detection equipment, so cannot provide effective early warning during the fighting. She also has the ability to use her own sensors' processing power and optimization algorithms to other sensor systems when linked with them, thus boosting their range and capabilities.

Advanced Cloaking

This special system provides not only optical camouflage and sound dampening, but stealth across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The also utilizes thermal capacitors which store body heat internally rather than radiating it so as to hide heat signatures. Unfortunately, these capacitors can only store a few minutes worth of heat before filling completely, after which the safety systems shut down to prevent heat stroke (as the system stops the body from radiating heat naturally). For this reason the camouflage system works best when used in short bursts of a few seconds each to permit the release excess heat in between, rather than attempting to sustain a constant cloak.


Mystic's electronics suite can be used a simple ECM generator. Typically this can be fired in a brief high-intensity burst to break the lock of targeting sensors in an emergency, or alternatively to provide sustained jamming local surveillance and communications equipment.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mystic an extremely shy girl who avoids confrontation whenever possible. This would be problematic for someone in the field of intelligence if not for the fact that her sense of curiosity tends to overwhelm her fear. Still, she is very jumpy and will attempt to flee when her efforts are discovered unless explicitly prohibited to do so by orders.

The prolonged periods of isolation that followed in her line of work left her not only shy, but emotionally needy as well. She tends to cling to others whenever possible and avoids being alone whenever possible. Her profession has also left her paranoid; she instinctively distrusts anyone she is no familiar with, and tends to assume the worst when a problem arises.

Likes: Her A.I., voyeurism, collecting things, the occult Dislikes: Being the center of attention, being cornered, isolation, combat, YSE uniforms, warm temperatures Goals: None apparent



After Freespacer Massacre and Related Battles, many of the remnants of the largely destroyed fleet sought retribution against Yamatai, and to this end would eventually join the Independent Worlds League. Although only a child at that time, Mystic and many others opted to join their older family members out of a sense of kinship, and were raised in a more militant upbringing than most Freespacers. Since they had been raised in times of peace, many found themselves ill-suited to paramilitary service, so those that could not fight were pressed into a number of support or specialist roles instead.

Mystic was one of these specialists. With a natural knack for observation and signal intelligence, she was recruited into the ranks of the IWL's spy and saboteur program. After sufficient training and an array of cybernetic upgrades, she began her deployment as an agent.

Task Force Lantern

As an embedded agent Mystic spent a considerable amount of time aboard the YSS Motome to gather intelligence on the newly formed task force's mission, and if possible, to delay their operations so that the IWL could adjust its plans accordingly. It was not until two weeks after embedding that she was finally detected and apprehended, as the result of a failed hacking attempt.

She was then brought before Fujiwara Miu (θ—€εŽŸ 美羽) and interrogated, pending her execution as per Yamataian Star Army policy. In a plan devised by Morioka Naoko she was executed and revived with modifications to her neural implants which routed all her long-range communications through PANTHEON, effectively cutting her off from the Freespacer networks and making her permanently traceable. Thus unable to rejoin her people and unable to escape, she was left with no option but to join Task Force Lantern in exchange for a vague promise of freedom after several years service.

NSS Ichaival

After years of service, she broke free of the Star Army. Making her way around the universe, she came across the Ichaival in port and joined to try and return her integrity to her. A ad-hoc jammer for her modifications was gifted to her via the combined efforts of the crewmembers.


Starship Operations

As someone born and raised aboard starships, Mystic is naturally adept at general starship operations and comprehension, at least insofar as Freespacer designs are concerned. But with the tendency of 'Spacers to adopt foreign technologies in the last decade means she also has a basic understanding of Yamataian, Nepleslian, and Mishhu starship systems.

Technology Operation

Sensors and Reconnaissance

The majority of Mystic's specialized cybernetic systems are related to scanning and detection. She is extremely adept at detecting the use of a stealth-related technologies and breaking through attempts at signal jamming. Her internal AI and algorithms can also optimize the effectiveness of other sensor systems she interfaces with, giving it the same abilities and even boosting their normal ranges while she is linked and can concentrate on the task.

Stealth Technology

Mystic has a great understanding of how jamming and stealth technologies' weaknesses are exploited, which means that when she uses stealth or jamming technologies herself she can provide educated estimates of what sort of methods and countermeasures the enemy will use, and adjust her programs accordingly.


Mystic more adept at hacking than many Freespacers, although her abilities are still outclassed by those of Hacker Cultists. She can remotely break into most systems designed to keep out individual hackers, such as vehicle or building security systems. However, she lacks the sheer processing power to take on hardened systems such as starships or AIs without physically hacking the hardware.


Mystic has a full set of combat software for her Mindware implants. However, her meekness is reflected in her fighting style, or lack thereof. She prefers to avoid confrontation by using mines and other traps, long-range sharp shooting (assisted by her personal sensor suite), or using stealth and a knife to go for vital organ.

Unfortunately, if she is forced into a position where the enemy can strike back her combat performance degrades rapidly. Weapons fire or physical trauma tends to cause excessive feedback to her delicate and finely-tuned sensors, meaning she must disable them to avoid damage and is left much more β€œblind” and vulnerable than she is normally comfortable with. This problem is only compounded by her easily-shaken nerves, ultimately making her an ineffective soldier when under intense enemy fire.


As someone who strongly prefers to avoid direct contact with the enemy, Mystic has a strong preference for sabotage and laying traps. Since carrying actual mines tends to add a lot of weight to a field kit, she has instead become familiarized with rigging improvised explosive traps out power cells, explosives, or artillery rounds that she may find in the field.

However, she has a very hard time actually disarming these devices safely due to her easily-shaken nerves. She can detect hi-tech traps due to her scanning upgrades, but has problems with detecting improvised or low-tech explosives.


Her disarming appearance combined with her specialization in stealth technology and tactics – not to mention her overly curious personality – all means she has a knack for getting into the places and belongings of others. Objects that spark her interest have a tendency to vanish if the owner looks away for but a moment. Even simply locks aren't enough to dissuade her.


As someone who specializes in stealth and infiltration, Mystic is adept at acrobatics, climbing, and running, all of which sometimes necessary to avoid being caught by the enemy. She can maneuver through confined spaces both due to her training and small physical stature, whether through the crowded plaza of the city or the maintenance tunnels of a starship. She also has a knack for dodging attacks, which is a necessity given that she's usually physically weaker than most soldiers and is almost always unarmored.


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Character Data
Character NameMystic Three Four
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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