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Cassandra Demascus

Cassandra Demascus is a Characters played by Leonardo.

Cassandra Demascus
Species & Gender: Female Human
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Frame Pilot (Ghost)
Rank: 01-Ensign
Current Placement: NDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)

Physical Description

A phisically fit and attractive young looking human woman (5β€²9β€³ x 168 pounds), she has slightly tanned skin marred by small scars on her back and her arms, her bust is well equipped with a c-cup. She has bright green eyes and her face is framed by her long white hair, loose but always well-kept. A round, well sculpted rear, lightly pronounced hips and toned, slender limbs make up an unexaggerated, average figure, capable of impressive feats of flexibility. A tribal tattoo of a desert crow is visible on her left bicep. Her posture is always straight and confident, and her gait radiates decisiveness and strong-headedness, and a no-nonsense attitude.


Behind her usually grumpy expression lays a kind heart, although somewhat toughened up in a stoic manner. When set on a goal she is driven towards it with a tenacious intent. She is more relaxed in casual settings 2) and can be generous once she warms up to others: Subtle things like having an almost imperceptibly softer expression, particularly her eyes, which shine a little when she is engaged in conversation with someone she appreciates, being much more talkative, being much more comfortable with looking people in the eyes while talking, and gesticulates. If someone gets too friendly without having met her before she gets much more stern and stiff and maybe even downright hostile. She is also very professional and business like when it comes to jobs, to the point that she can become reckless when her mind is too focused on carrying out her objective.


Things she enjoys:

  • Movies: despite not having watched that many given the low standards of living on Osman, she is catching up on them;
  • Exotic Blades: If she could she would collect every single weird yet functional sword that catches her eyes;
  • Gentle touch: Because of her rough past she prefer people with a gentle touch;
  • Books: It was one of the few things of entertainment back on Osman, but also their shape and cover;
  • Mechas: It was love at first sight.


Things she does not like:

  • Humidity: Because of growing up on a dry climate she literally despise muggy environments;
  • Slavery: Not only because she was enslaved once, but the mistreatment of human lives itself drives her mad;
  • Coffee: Do not ask why, she just don't like it;
  • Snobs: She detests people who treat anyone as inferior beings, even more from those who didn't earn their social status;
  • Yellow: yellow… ugh the colour alone itself.


Cassandra Demascus was born 31ζ—₯ 8月 YE 16 in Planet Osman. Cassandra and her younger brother Drake, hails from a long lived tribe of Human descendants from the group of colonist that came to the world over two decades ago. She has lived a harsh and tough life in the scorching desert where one of the few things of entertainment was reading books which she deeply enjoyed. At the young age of 13 she was sent as a scavenger as by tradition of her tribe, and during one day of scavenging she was found by slavers and captured to be selled on a slaver's hub. Her parents never searched for her even before the false rumors of her death arrived.

The young girl suffered under the abuse of the slavers for more than a three, until one day a mysterious man posing as a knight intercepted the caravan. Having left IEDs along the path, and struck in the ensuing chaos, killing the slavers and freeing the slaves. The picture of the brave knight remained stuck in her mind and became a goal for Cassandra, to try and become a knight like her saviour. After the dust had cleared, she asked the man who saved her, for his name. The wander went by the name of Rorik Istavan, who was in search of those who needed his skills and service.

After a couple of months from the rescue, Cassandra made up her mind and decided to find the knight. The long journey full of perils and dangers, brought her to a settlement which had direct contact to Osman City, a place where surely a man like her saviour would be. She lived for a couple more years in the City as a scavenger, because of her beauty and efficiency she was nicknamed Iron Rose by the other scavangers, a nickname that she kept up until today. Unfortunatly she never heard any news about either the knight nor her lost brother.

In YE 38 the young woman joined the newly found Skyguard at the age of 22, a local powerful militia. Where she trained and became a promising fighter pilot. She fought in the Skyguard for the next couple years in their battles to protect the OSO and its people. The more the time passed the more the organization became more corrupted and Cassandra realized that if she kept staying in it she would have never achieved the dream to become a true knight. It was in the year YE 42 that everything changed. A monster by the name of Murder managed to rise a large band of warriors and brought destruction to the vicinity of the city. Cassandra was assigned to find and eliminate this warlord, now corporal she led a regiment of local militia on the search of Murder but instead of finding him, he found them. A massacre ensued, and only her was spared by the warlord as an admonishment for those who went against him.

She was rescued by some NPS agents and returned to the Skyguard HQ, but that was the last straw, Cassandra had enough of all that and only wished to leave that place. She resigned from the Skyguard and immediatly left the planet in search of the S6, and she soon found a interstellar transit to the Sanctum System.

Skills Learned

Here are the skills and related educations that Cassandra has been trained in.

  • Vehicles: After more than 4 years in the Skyguard, Cassandra has become a peculiarly skilled mech pilot.
  • Fighting: Living in the wasteland teaches you how to fight both melee and with guns, and the military training in the Skyguard only make it better
  • Physical: The life on Osman is a tough one, either you build yourself or you perish. Physical training is a priority in Cassandra's life.
  • Communications: The Skyguard teached her the basic uses of communications, but being a scavanger made her know how to make them from 0.
  • Technology Operation: Cassandra has a solid knowledge on the use of both digital and analogical devices.
  • Starship Operations: As a fighter pilot, she knows full well how to use small spacecraft.
  • Domestic: She is not a great cook, but she knows how to make simple meals and keep her home (apartment) in order.

Social Connections

Cassandra Demascus is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Cassandra Demascus has the following:


  • Assorted bras
  • Assorted panties
  • Assorted lingerie
  • One piece designer swimsuit, open sides held by straps, turquoise
  • Black bikini
  • black leather jacket
  • Assorted shirts
  • Assorted tank tops
  • Several pairs of black jeans3)
  • several pairs of blue jeans
  • Grey hoodie
  • Sneakers, red
  • Hiking shoes, grey
  • Boots, steeltoe, dark leather
  • black sunglasses
  • Datapad
  • Purse
  • Cellular device4)

Issued Items(keepable)

Issued Gear

Vehicles and Property

  • TBA


Cassandra Demascus currently has 12,000 DS.

OOC Information

This page was created by vergan on 02, 06 2021 at 12:46 using the Character Template Form.

In the case Leonardo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes
Character Data
Character NameCassandra Demascus
Character OwnerLeonardo
Character StatusActive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchNavy
NDC RankO1 Ensign
NDC Job CodeWG Ghost
though still appears somewhat grumpy
some with rips across the legs for style
smart phone/mini datapad

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