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Yinsar "Mouse" Kine

Yinsar “Mouse” Kine is a player character played by Malefic.

Yinsar “Mouse” Kine
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 20 - (19 yrs old)
Organization: Sky Guard
Occupation: Heavy Weapons Specialist
Rank: Guardsman
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

Physical Description

Greasy black hair frames a pale face as it flows down to dance on thin shoulders. Dirty brown eyes shift from side to side apprehensively, searching corners for threats. His gaunt face reveals years of a depraved lifestyle, a single scar stretching from a bony chin to a bonier nose. Yinsar's somewhat hunched posture highlights his suspicious, frightened nature. Though he often finds himself on the wrong side of the gun, Yinsar's body is slightly muscular, with all the running he does. Born frail, these muscles fail him when he tries to express too much force with them.

He is clothed with a somewhat stained uniform, perhaps some engine grease. It is evident that the young man prefers function over finery, judging by the map of wrinkles spread across his clothes.

He is 5' 4“


Yinsar, in a word, is twitchy. Raised among violent gangs yet separate from them, Yinsar struggles to avoid those with dominant personalities, preferring his own company. His mind is stained with an apprehensive outlook on life, though he secretly wishes it weren't so. Those trying to start a conversation with him are likely to find him very quiet and reserved. When spoken to, he will respond, though if given the option he flees from conversation, eager to avoid hints of confrontation. Trust does not come easily to him.

Yinsar has always found machines to be better company than people. He often reveals his true nature while along among them, muttering to himself and makes jokes to them.

His eyes grow starry, his face gleeful. The steady, rhythmic scrub of cloth on metal gives him a canvas to paint his thoughts on without worry of interruption. He enjoys maintaining his own equipment and is very uncomfortable with others touching his equipment.

He is a completely different person in the cockpit.

He is convinced that machines have some sort of “soul,” or at least personalities.


Yinsar “Mouse” Kine was born in YE 20 on the planet Neplesia, capital of the Nepleslian Empire.

Yinsar was born into a world where his parents didn't want him, a world where nobody wanted him. The son of a prostitute and a stranger, his birth gave evidence to a failed birth control plan. As was the way of things in this slum, he was given away to an orphanage. It was in this orphanage that he became awakened to the true, corruptible nature most humans were victims to. Small and frail, he became an easy target for the older orphans to express their frustration upon.

Many days, Yin would sit upon the steps among his ruined slum, watching the occasional aircraft fly past. How he yearned to be like them, those graceful metal wings soaring gloriously, a hint of beauty against gray skies, a fragment of hope among a sea of those that spend their days hiding the light. It did not take long for Yinsar to develop a lust for piloting.

He began to spend the majority of his days avoiding studies, choosing instead to investigate the intricacies of engineering and what makes a clock tick. Many times he would be beaten for this, but every strike served only to harden his will.

In his beginning of his teenage years, the orphanage he called home burnt to the ground. Some of the nearby gangs fought turf wars, and one such gangster managed to get a hold of a dangerous weapon. A home-made flame thrower finds easy fuel among heaps of rotting garbage, and the orphanage built adjacent to these heaps burnt just as brightly. Yin's scavenging in the junkyard had saved him from curling flames that consumed his home.

Distraught, he wandered the slum, friendless and homeless both. From then on, he would sleep whenever he could lay safely. Many times the junkyard would provide sanctuary, comforting him with its many scatterings of scrap metal and torn wires. With these, he would create small devices. These brought him peace, like strange little charms sent from some machine god to stave away his ever mounting panic and desperation. This and the thought of soaring through the sky drove him on.

Yinsar often found himself being beaten by different gang members from varying allegiances. Many of those with pent up frustration at their situation found exhilaration in power. The youth would often stumble home to the junk heap bruised and battered. The little machines he made would always be waiting to greet him.

Time passed, and his quality of life dropped as his mechanical skill rose. Now he could make functioning devices of note. Things like basic computing systems, small vehicles, and weapons. With this level of skill, he couldn't help but catch the attention of two rivaling gangs - the Steel Serpents and the Red Hands. They began to harass him more often, demanding he join a side and create weapons for their use. The beatings increased dramatically, often ending with him lying senseless in an ally. They called him 'mouse,' poking fun and insulting his size and build. His rage increased, but he could do nothing. He was weak. “This is the way of the world, and it must be so,” he told himself.

Yinsar Kine, the Mouse, became a favorite target for picking on. Since he was so frail and small, nearly anyone could best him if only they could catch him. “Exactly like the mouse, frightened and skittering among the trash,” they shouted. “Run away, little mouse! We'll find you in due time.”

One day, after awakening from one of his beatings and shambling home to the junkyard, his greatest fear was realized. All of the machines he created were torn asunder, their metal bodies flung carelessly among the trash. One of the gangs had found where he lived, and torn up his sanctuary.

Yinsar Kine rage exploded into a frothing hatred. Until now, he was satisfied. He got to crafting once more, but this time, he did not create with glee and love. This machine was forged of steel, wires, and the writhing lust for revenge. Something within him had snapped.

A cornered mouse is very dangerous, you see.

Though Yin was small and frail, the weapons he could create and command were not. The Steel Serpents and Red Hands soon discovered many of their members dead, large hunks of shrapnel lodged in their sorrowful bodies. More and more by the day, the gangs dwindled in number, clueless to what was preying upon their ranks. They discovered soon enough.

Rumors began to spread. Some thought there was a vengeful ID-SOL bent on “cleansing” the slum of gangs. Some postured the possibility of government forces finally taking action to help, though many were easily able to dismiss this as hopeful guessing. Yet another rumor spread, the tale of a mad genius testing new weaponry on anyone he could get his hands on. No one quite knew for sure, however.

The Iron Serpents and Red Hands gathered together in congregation, setting aside their differences to unite against the mysterious threat that plagued them. While their leaders shook hands in agreement, the building collapsed upon them, crushing bones and metal alike.

Afterwords, a few would claim to have seen Yinsar strolling away from the ruined building's direction, smiling gleefully while covered head to toe in dust. “The Mouse” became a somewhat feared name.

He dusted his hands of the ordeal, his burning rage satisfied. But as his fury retreated, he began to realize just what he had done for the first time. Murder.

Distraught, he ran from the slum district, carrying only a few of his creation with him. Miles away, breathless, he sat hard on the sidewalk. Yin gazed upwards, knowing full well that he was bound to be caught for his crimes. Once again, a lone aircraft stone his pitiful gaze from the gray skies and showed him the brilliance of flight. He got an idea.

Quickly, he got to creating more machinery. He spent the next few weeks hiding, building, and researching. Yinsar was going to build an aircraft. He toiled and toiled, spending the entire next year avoiding the invisible pursuers he knew must be following and creating his best work yet.

Finally, it was complete. With a sigh of relief, he climbed into the cockpit. The clank of a levers and the purr of motors shouted his victory to all who would listen.

The aircraft shot out from the heaps of trash of which it was born, rocketing through the sky.

Never had Yinsar knew such exhilaration, such glory. In that moment, he felt like a god. Never before did Yinsar feel the exquisite caress of the sky. However, it was short lived.

Though he was a genius, he had underestimated flight. After but a moment of flight, the aircraft plummeted, hurdling back down to the surface of the planet with a resounding crash. Yinsar fell unconscious.

When he awoke, he found himself on a table in a strange room. Evidently, a Freespacer witnessed his glorious rise and his pitiful fall. Yin was brought back to their ship where he was treated professionally for his wounds. He was respected for the first time in his life, and was even invited to come aboard the “The Green Ghost” to fly with them. Without hesitation, he agreed, joining in with one of the Viridian Array's merchant ships.

And so, Yinsar Kine, known as The Mouse, entered space for the first time. Aboard this ship, he eagerly learnt of technology, taught by the Freespacers.

Yinsar Kine was a remarkable student, learning that which was taught easily and quickly. Many of the Freespacers took it upon themselves to dedicate much time to teaching the young Neplasian of the art of machinery and it's operation.

The Mouse had difficulty trusting anyone other than himself or his machines. Towards the beginning of their endeavor, the Freespacers found Yin to be aloof and shy, silent except for when he was being taught of engineering concepts.

Eventually, one of the Freespacers discovered Yinsar's immense interest in spacecraft. A quick mental vote later, they began to focus on this section of technological study, in hopes that it would help Yinsar open up to them.

It worked, spectacularly.

In only a few days, Yinsar was speaking excitedly with his fellow crewmembers about various ideas and concepts he was throwing around about the designing and operating of spacecraft.

And so, Yinsar learnt how to operate, maintain, and optimize a spaceship. His education continued for a series of years, as the Freespacer ship made it's way to the OSO in anticipation of trade.

Upon their arrival some time later, Yin was intrigued greatly by the OSO - it's air force in particular. He learnt of the existence of the Sky Guard, and the decision to join their ranks came easily to him.

And so, he joined the OSO, training with them for the time it took to get a hold on what it meant to be a pilot for Variable Type Fighters. He learnt quickly and smoothly, though his socialization and interaction with others was limited at best. He spent the majority of his free time staring and admiring the Variable Type Fighters in their hangar, conversing very occasionally with the maintenance staff about their repairs and operations.

Yinsar found himself very fond of heavy weaponry. Though he tried very hard to hide his past, the now vague memories of the heavy weapons he constructed to tear apart those who wronged him gave him no small amount of satisfaction. “In many fights,” he thought, “he who has the bigger stick wins.”

Social Connections

Yinsar “Mouse” Kine is connected to:

  • Spacecase Karan Six Eight 68-8734-8571
  • Druidess Inna Four Two 42-8873-9701
  • Foreman Odin Nine Nine 99-8254-9980

Skills Learned


Taught initially by Freespacers and then trained in the OSO, Yinsar is competent with piloting fighter craft of various sorts. He has some expertise is in piloting Variable Fighter/Mecha. He is specialized more specifically in heavy weapon craft.

Maintenance and Repair

Taught by himself and Freespacers, he has learnt to quickly and proficiently analyze damage and repair it. While this proficiency stretches over various areas, most of his formal training resides with maintaining and repairing fighter craft.

Starship Operations

Through many years of tutoring by the Freespacers, he's learnt the basics of operating larger ships, though his command of it's operation is very limited. However, he is far more skilled in the manipulation of Variable Type Fighters, due to basic training and assistance from the Freespacers. He has a natural talent for this.


From a very young age, Yinsar has had a peculiar familiarity with machinery, it's operation and construction. In his youth, he spent almost every day creating various machinery of simple function. Is in incapable of creating anything too complicated, because he hasn't had very much formal education. Aboard the Freespacer merchant ship, he learnt what it meant to engineer spacecraft of simple functionality. Additionally, and though it was very hesitantly taught, he learnt of the crafting of heavy weaponry, both that wielding by ground infantry and spacecraft. He is adept at modifying and optimizing ship weaponry.


His knowledge with demolitions is somewhat limited. Yinsar - as a youth - used what knowledge he could gain from the limited research options available to him to discover the appropriate places to place explosives. He also knows how to engineer functioning explosive devices, though they are unreliable.


Born and raised in one of the worst slums on Neplesia, he was forced to learn the way of the underworld or be stamped by it. He learnt how to pick up ques and information from among those around him, deriving what was to happen. He learnt how to lose people who followed him, twisting through alleys and juking about areas to avoid being seen. He understands and is adept at charming pockets and picking locks to get access to things he normally wouldn't be allowed.


Aboard the Freespacer ship, Yinsar Kine learnt of how valuable mathematics were. Before this, he had always had to imply, guess, or use what limited knowledge of math he had to construct his machinery. With the art of numbers at his back, his proficiency in engineering and design have increased dramatically.

Inventory & Finance

Yinsar “Mouse” Kine has the following items:

OOC Information

  • Art by tutti-fruppi on deviantart

In the case Malefic becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameYinsar "Mouse" Kine
Character OwnerMalefic
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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