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Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit

Jay Nagato in a Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit
Araxie Serai in a Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit

The Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit is the standardized flight uniform of the Sky Guard. It was designed to be both stylish and functional. It is manufactured in the OSO or the Exodus Fleet and only available to pilots in the Sky Guard or the Exodus fleet.

More about the Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit

The Sky Guard introduced the standard flight suit in YE 39 in an attempt to provide its pilots with flight suits that were both functional, and at the insistence of many of its more fashion savvy members, stylish.


The flight suit is best described as a lightly armored skintight jumpsuit. It is made of carbon nano-tubes that provide good small arms protection whilst remaining lightweight. The outer layer is composed of microscopic scales of Graphene for additional protection. The Standard Flight Suit is also designed to be airtight and is environmentally sealed for the user's safety.

Aesthetically, the suit is designed to emphasize the hips and chest area of its pilot, though this occurs somewhat naturally due to its skintight nature. It is often two toned, mainly white with colored highlights of its user's personal preference. It can accommodate features such as tails and wings in its pilots.

Outstanding Features

Some features of the suit that stand out are the fact that it has several offset lines running on it, which all meet up in a downward facing V shape on the chest. This V shape may become distorted if a pilot's breasts are too large. The stripes are about two centimeters in width and two millimeters โ€œaboveโ€ the surface of the suit. They are what is colored for highlights, and there is a stripe running down the outside of each leg and arm.

The suit has built in boots, which include magnets for spacewalking on the surface of a ship. These boots are most noticible where the stripe on each leg narrows to a point just above the ankle. The suit is noticeably thicker here.

The suit also has built in gloves, which are most noticeable where the stripe on each arm narrows to a point just above the back of the hand.


The Standard Flight Suit comes with many features that are important to its pilots performance in the field, such as a backpack which provides power, life support, comms and maneuvering gear, as well as a helmet with a comprehensive heads up display.


The flight suit comes with a small pack which, when put on, is located in the small of the back. This pack provides life support, power, communications and zero-g maneuvering gear.

Smart fabric extremity coverings

The smart fabric extremity coverings are coverings that can be attached to the suit with airtight adhesive patches. This fabric shrinks to fit the form of whatever it is covering, providing vacuum survivability while maintaining flexibility. this works for extremities such as tails or wings.


The flight suit also comes standard with an accompanying helmet that mimics the shape of a humanoid head with the exception of a pointed chin. This helmet also provides a radio and both air filtration and internal to external pressurization when taken on and off. The helmet also serves as an interface for a thought interface system to read the pilot's thoughts for ease of flying.

The HUD, or Heads Up Display is located throughout the visor, and retina trackers allow pilots to target quickly and with ease. There is a radar display which is used for navigation and threat identification.

On the HUD contacts are colored.

  • Red icons denote enemy or hostile contacts.
  • Yellow icons denote unidentified or neutral contacts.
  • Green icons denote friendly contacts.
  • Bright flashing orange icons denote incoming ordnance.

The shape of an icon denotes its classification. For instance;

  • Attack craft are identified by a delta shape in their respective colors.
  • Ships of 100 meters in length to 500 meters in length are identified by an icon the shape a blocky rocket ship in their respective colors.
  • Ships of 500 meters in length or larger are identified by an oval in their respective colors.
  • Stations or defense platforms are identified by a square in their respective colors.


After each mission the flight suit is checked by skilled technicians who ensure that it is in working condition, with any minor and major damage quickly taken care of in an orderly fashion.

OOC Notes

Alex Hart created this article on 2017/04/21 14:09. Approved by Wes on 2017/04/25 Art Credit: Skyguard uniform art by Tutti-Fruppy.

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