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Dimitri S. Rogues

Dimitri S. Rogues is a player character played by SentientRace and is currently involved in the Bounty Hunter Series roleplay plot run by Scot and the Taking It Back plot run by Lamb.

Dimitri Spiek Rogues
Real Name: Avel Ryndenko
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 12/12/YE 07
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Handedness: Right
Height: 6'1“
Weight: 178 lbs.
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Theme: Am I Lucky?
Battle Theme: C'mon, Bounty Hunter!

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'1 (185.42 cm) Mass: 178 lbs. (80.7 kg) Build and Skin Color: Dimitri's body build is fit, with muscles shown throughout his body. His skin tone is intermediate, what would be considered in the old ages of ancient Earth, light intermediate or 'dark skinned European'. A good 13-14 in the Von Luschan chromatic scale.

Eyes and Facial Features: One of his eyes is bionic, and is colored black instead of his natural eyes' color dark brown, though from afar they both look black. Upon further inspection, people might be fooled into thinking he has heterochromia, as the eye color difference is noticeable. He has a bit of a sharp jaw, and tends to have a very bored look on his face when he's serious.

Hair Color and Style: Black, eye-length on the front, short on the back.

Distinguishing Features: Dimitri has a bionic right eye and right arm. He tends to wear a black formal suit with a blue tie when he's working, often loose. He has a tattoo of a red dragon on his left shoulder blade.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: When he is not working or practicing martial arts, Dimitri is very laid back, sarcastic, and lackadaisical, to the consternation of others. He is typically found either resting on the couch, reading a magazine or browsing the InterNEP while taking a drag from a cigarette. Dimitri has a habit of being very indirect with his emotions; for example, he may behave antagonistically towards someone he actually likes.

While it doesn't mean he has a death wish, Dimitri tends to find death as a release more-so than something to avoid. Even though he won't speak about it to anyone, he feels his life is a waste, and that he shouldn't have lived through that explosion that blew out his eye and arm. The only reason he still lives is to redeem himself, to make amends for his past and to make his sister proud… but he has not been able to find his sister, so this leaves him with an undetermined time after which he will have redeemed himself.

These mixed feelings of remorse and regret makes Dimitri reflect a lot on his life, which in turn makes him take drags of his cigarettes and enter a state of melancholy. When these thoughts don't cross his mind Dimitri is actually very sociable. He tends to casually talk with people he comes across on the streets while searching for bounties. Other than smoking, Dimitri has three more detrimental habits to his pockets: getting his future read by clairvoyants, gambling and video gaming online. He justifies the first two habits by saying that he is testing Lady Luck, who he is convinced is haunting him. The third one is just a hobby.

Likes: Digs (cigarette brand), his starship Foxgale 3, weapons & starship magazines, webcomics such as 'Bounty Satire', starship races, starships in general, gambling and online video games.

Dislikes: Black Syndicate, Kain Boticelli, commercial spaceshuttles and the food they serve there, bounties that make it hard for him, goodie two shoes, deep waters, pets and most aliens (anything outside the Yamataians and Freespacers species).

Goals: To avenge the death of his fiance, to disassemble the Black Syndicate, to find his sister Nika and to make up for his past crimes.



Ivan Ryndenko, father (deceased); Morgana Rydenko, mother (deceased); Nika Ryndenko, older sister (status unknown); Lylia Summers, fiance (deceased)


Roger Ziez, lifelong friend (deceased); Kain Boticelli, ex-partner, now arch-nemesis (Black Syndicate member); Faust Grey (fellow bounty hunter); J.V. Dalmont (starship mechanic).


Dimitri was born into a poor family in Nepleslia. He was a mistake of sexual activities between his unemployed, sad mother and his alcoholic, wife-beating father. With a mother that looked at him as an error and a father that beat him, his sister and his mother every other week, Dimitri only relied on three things in his life: his sister Nika, his best friend Roger who helped him when he got beat up at school, and himself.

Into his teenage years, Nika got a boyfriend in the ghetto by the name of Kain that was involved in a gang. His father became so enraged that he almost beat her to death, and Dimitri was forced to save her. In the fight he accidentally killed his father, for which his sister's boyfriend invited him into the gang so that he could get some income for his family and for saving his girlfriend from imminent death. The Boticellis, Kain's gang, were part of a criminal network run by the Black Syndicate. The gang did so well, that some members were selected to join the syndicate, including Dimitri and his partner, Kain. With their income generously increased, they bought a mansion and moved Dimitri's sister there.

Little did they know that Roger was actually having an affair with Nika. When Kain found out, he killed Roger infront of her and beat her up only to have Dimitri run into him as it happened. Dimitri knocked Kain unconscious and ran away with his sister to find his fiance to leave the syndicate for good. When he got there he was met with resistance, and in an intense explosion his whole life went to waste.

When he woke up he only remembered watching as the flames of the explosion engulfed his fiance in flames and feeling his sister's hand leave his. He was in a hospital, and although they didn't know who he was, they accepted his money and made the bionic replacements for his arm and eye, which had been severely damaged. He decided to become a bounty hunter in YE 27, and since then has been hunting bad guys to redeem his past crimes.

Role Play: Taking it Back

After the events of the Nepleslian Senate Bombings in YE 32, Dimitri joins up with a team of rebel Nepleslian residents to rid the planet of all NMX infiltrators at petition of a close acquaintance. Soon after joining it becomes plain to see that he is the driver and pilot of his crew. Being somewhat reluctant of fighting for his home planet, he often meets the rest of his team with bitter sarcasm and antagonism, though still forcing himself to work alongside them even if it hurts… if only for her sake.

Role Play: Bounty Hunter series

Shortly after those events, Dimitri resumes his bounty hunting business. He travels to New Kohana, New Aio city, where he hopes to get lucky…

Prologue - Bounty: Rescue Rin Carpenter

The moment Dimitri arrives in New Aio, he finds a bounty regarding the kidnap of the mayor's daughter. With that in mind, he set out to find information in the streets of the city, until he finds a group of thugs from a local gang that might've known where the girl was being held. The interrogation went by smoothly and awarded him with a new handgun and map of the city from a rather dubious source where he could find the warehouse where the girl was. That done, he went to the warehouse where, after quite a bit of silent infiltration and some gun fighting, the girl was finally brought back to safe hands by himself and another bounty hunter named Atverm. This was Dimitri's first bounty in a long time…

Bounty 01: New Kohana Blues



Dimitri knows Nepleslian (Trade) and Yamataian. He is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from others through headsets and standard starship systems in both combat and non-combat conditions. He also knows morse-code, and can use it to make laser transmissions and other kinds of emergency communications.


Ever since he entered elementary school Dimitri has been fighting hand to hand combat, so he had already learned a lot on his own through street fighting by the age of 16. While he was in the Black Syndicate, he got trained by Shinchiro Nobumoto, a geshrin martial arts teacher that taught him how to use his full potential. He made him proficient in the use of Sante Do, a martial art that Nobumoto developed on his own using quick blocking and counter-attacking techniques, and generally quick yet hard to miss attacks that will stun the opponent to deliver the final blow. He is also proficient in the use of handguns, shotguns, rifles, knives, staffs and dual fighting sticks, all of which were taught to him by his martial arts mentor and some VR simulations.

Maintenance and Repair

Ever since he fell in love with spaceships, he has always considered spaceships interesting; from head to toe. Having very little to spend on new materials has made Dimitri Rogues an extremely capable starship repairman, knowing the electronics of the ship and being able to discern what parts of a ship are working and which ones aren't merely by looking at the problem. Maintenance checks and other such things are also crucial, daily activities he runs to ensure the ship is in tip top conditions and ensures that none of his captives have put anything suspicious or potentially dangerous on his ship. He also runs constant maintenance of his small arsenal of firearms to make sure they're in good conditions when they're used.


Rigorous training exercises gave Dimitri excellence in physical performances. He can be a bit of an acrobat, sometimes in unorthodox ways. His sense of balance is amazing, considering one of his arms weights more than the other, and athletics-wise he has a remarkable amount of stamina. Considering he's a regular smoker, he can, incredibly enough, hold his breath for a total of 12 minutes.


When he joined the Boticellis, Dimitri was taught how to pickpocket, how to launder money, trade drugs without being detected, how to lie, how to sell, how to negotiate. These skills got him to rise up the ranks in the gang and become part of the Black Syndicate along with Kain, so making up stories on the fly, acting and convincing others is something that comes to him by nature. He is very 'street smart' and knows how underground operations work, and also knows a lot of names within the criminal rings the Black Syndicate dealt with.

Starship Operation

During his stay in the Black Syndicate, Dimitri learned how to use shuttles and small freights for Smuggling and trafficking. While he usually had a co-pilot, at times he had no assistance and had to make due on his own. Upon learning how to use spacecraft, Dimitri basically fell in love with ships. When he had enough money he bought himself an expensive geshrinari freighter and began outfitting it with weapons and advanced engines and STL propulsion methods little by little through black market deals. He used this ship in starship races to get some money on the side, but never for actual missions. Eventually he applied it to space fighting roles. To this day Dimitri still uses the Foxgale 3 for bounty hunting purposes, which has given him additional experience with his ship and has made him exceedingly good in operating it.


Much like starships, Dimitri was pretty much forced to learn to use these for dealing and trafficking. He never had an actual license to drive until he became a bounty hunter and started doing things through legitimate means. He has proficiency in driving small and large civilian vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, hovercycles, hovercars, boats, hydrofoils, etc…) on land and water. He is particularly good at driving hovercycles.


Right Eye: Dimitri's right eye is bionic, but it is visually unnoticeable unless the eyeball is taken out and inspected. It's only added feature is night vision, where he can see in diminished light scenarios (but not when there is no light at all).

Right Arm: With his right arm shredded by the explosion in which he was supposed to die, Dimitri was forced to amputate. He had a bionic arm replace his old one which, again, looks completely human unless his shoulder is carefully inspected (where the division between real skin and synthskin can be told off). The arm is very strong, and can withstand hits and blows normal arms couldn't. Because of his right arm's strength, hitting someone with his right arm in the right place can usually 'one hit K.O.' anyone within one size range larger than himself.




  • 1 Blue brand shirt
  • 4 T-Shirts, black
  • 2 blue jeans
  • 1 pair of sunglasses


  • 2 formal black tuxedo uniforms (white buttoned shirt, blue tie)
  • 1 formal blue uniform (mustard yellow buttoned shirt, blue tie)


  • 5 Sleeveless shirts, white
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, dark blue
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black

Workout Clothing and Swimwear

  • 2 Work-out shorts, dark blue
  • 1 Pair of swimming trunks, blue with white palm tree silhouettes on it

Weapons and Accessories




Dimitri S. Rogues is currently a Bounty Hunter in an Independent plot run by Scot. He only receives money per bounty captured; prices vary.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
46000 DA +40000 DA (20000 KS) Bounty: Rescue Rin Carpenter
-700 DA Zen Armaments Covert Ops Pistol
-120 DA Electrified Knuckledusters
41025 DA -4155 DA Styrling Longbolt (+Accessories)
25780 DA -15245 DA Gambling
-8500 DA Ship Maintenance
15482 DA -1798 DA Miscellaneous
692 DA -14790 DA Airbike (+Gear)
7492 DA +6800 DA (3400 KS) Bounty: Escort the Girl
Character Data
Character NameDimitri S. Rogues
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Bought/obtained in plot Bounty Hunters: New Kohana.

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